JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 Sem Results April 2021 (Links) – Regular/Supply Exams

JNTUK 4-1 Results 2021: All students write JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 semester Examination in March 2021. Here we are informed that JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 Sem Regular/Supply Exam – March 2021 Results For R16/R13/R10 Regulations are being updated soon. Accordingly, the Univerity, the JNTUK 4-1 Results March 2021 are expected to release in April month. So Follow this jntuk B.Tech 4-1 results 2021 or jntuk b.tech 4-1 sem regular exam results For JNTUk B.Tech 4-1 Sem R16 Results for Regular and Supply Examination and JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 Sem Supply Exam Results March 2021 for R13/R10 Regulations.


JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 Results 2021

jntuk results

JNTUK 4-1 Regular/Supply Results – March 2021 | JNTUK 4-1 Result 2021 Information:

University Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada.
Examination JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 Sem Regular/Supply Results March 2021.
Regulation R16/R13/R10
Exam Month March/April
Category Results
Status Released on 14th July 2021


JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 Sem (R16/R13/R10)  Results 2021:

jntuk 4-1 Sem Results 2021: jntuk b.tech 4-1 regular Exam results 2021: The Following JNTUK B.Tech  4-1 Regular / Supplementary Examination Results 2021 Has Been Released By The 4-1 sem results 2021 JNTUK University is conducted on March & April 2021:

  1. JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 Sem (R16) Regular Exam Results, March 2021.
  2. JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 Sem (R13) Supply Exam Results, March 2021.
  3. JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 Sem (R10) Supply Exam Results, March 2021.


JNTUK 0.15% Adjustment Grace Marks Rules/Procedure

JNTUK B.Tech Important Questions – Download

JNTUK Syllabus books 2021

JNTUK B.Tech Academic Calendars 2021


JNTUK 4-1 R16 Results 2021 Released Date | JNTUK 4-1 Results For R16/R13, R10 March 2021:

JNTUK Procedure to Check JNTUK 4-1 Results Through Online – In Below we provided step by step procedure to check JNTUK 4-1 Results and also provided how to download JNTUK 4-1 Results 2021 in pdf format.



How to Check JNTUK 4-1 Results 2021:

  • Below we provided the Official website @ jntukresults.edu.in
  • Click on below “JNTUK 4-1 Results” link to check jntuk Results
  • Submit your Hall Ticket Number in the box and click on the “Submit” button
  • Finally, you got JNTUK 4-1 Sem Results 2021 will be displayed on the screen.
  • You may take a printout of jntuk 4-1 results using “CTRL+P” for a further important purpose
  • If you are not satisfied with the display results then apply for jntuk Re-evaluation/Recounting/Challenge valuation online.



Step -1: Exams – Completed

Step -2: Valuation – Completed

Step -3: Results Sheet Send to Colleges – Done

Step-4: Results Upload – Done



JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 Semester Regular/Supply Exams Results March 2021

Below we provide jntuk 4 years 1st-semester exam results. here we provided all fast and updated results. This jntuk all results are check for jntuk B.Tech 4-1 Sem R16 Results and jntuk 4-1 Sem R10 results, jntuk 4-1 Sem R13 results


JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 Semester (R16, R13, R10) Regular/Supplementary Examinations Results March 2021” are declared on 14th July 2021. The jntuk 4-1 Sem result sheets have been sent to respective college principals. Students concerned are requested to contact their college principals/exam cell staff for knowing the results.


Check –  Fresher IT Jobs Openings – 2021 PassOuts

JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 (R10) Supply Results March 2021 –  Results Link (Released 21st June 2021)


JNTUK B. Tech 4-1 Sem (R16 – Regulation) Regular Exam Results March 2021 –  Results Link (Released 21st june 2021)


JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 (R13) Supply Results March 2021 –  Results Link (Released 21st June 2021)


Last date for Applying Revaluation/ Recounting is: 21/06/2021

To Apply for JNTUK Revaluation/Recounting/Challenge valuation.

  • “-1” in the field of externals indicates student ABSENT for the respective subject.
  • “-2” in the field of externals indicates student WITHHELD for the respective subject.
  • “-3” in the field of externals indicates student MALPRACTICE for the respective subject.

Apply for jntuk 4-1 Re-evaluation.

Click here for Apply for jntuk 4-1 Recounting.

Apply for jntuk 4-1 Challenge valuation.

JNTUK Fast Updates Results | Manabadi JNTUK Results | JNTUK 4-1 results | Manabadi Results:

Don’t Forget To Share This JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 Sem Regular/Supply Exam Results, March 2021. Among All Your Friends & Colleagues and social media. Here we provided all Manabadi jntuk Results, Manabadi b.tech Results, jntuk all results r13, jntuk r10 all results, manabadi jntuk b.tech results, jntuk exams, jntuk updates exam timetable, manabadi jntuk, jntuk exam fee notification, jntuk fast updates r16, jntuk online bits, jntuk fast updates 2021.

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  1. Sir please conduct Grand supply for R16 Regulation students 2020 passed out batch or else please provide Grace marks for R16 Regulation students 🙏🙏
    One backlog students are suffering a lot
    Please Respond sir,🙏🙏

  2. Jntuk university ki call chesanu idey e week lo vastayi anta results confirm don’t worry .All the best all of u

  3. Is it fair in regarding of these results by taking this much of time ?!!.please release the results sir…

  4. Few hours back jntuk exam cell variki Call chesa….
    Ee Week lo ne Results release Chestum antunnaru…
    Ee 3days lo eppudaina Release Cheyyochu…
    All the best👍

  5. Exams ayyi 80 days ayyindhi…inka ralay results…valuation sarigga cheyandi..pls release asap

  6. Sir okasari today date chusukondi yeppudu March lo exams jarigayi Inka results release cheyaledu

  7. Jntuk was released 4 2 exam fee notification. But still it doesn’t announced 4 1 results.

  8. Results are released tomorrow or Thursday..ma sir chepparu chudali confirm aythey Kadu just Naku telisina information…

  9. Results release chesthay maximum 8-12 time lone ga ivvali..bcz curfew timings…amantaru friends..r u agree this question..?

  10. The results are going to be released on or before Saturday 4-1 results information given by jntuk head office
    Already we all are waiting from 2 weeks now there is no wait after this week

  11. Bala bro before Tuesday anav e roju raledhu kadha bro 4-1 results ? Epudu 4-1 results ?

  12. Freinds the Jntuk 4-1 results are going through be released before Tuesday official information from jntuk controller

  13. Oka video lo chusanu jntuk dhi covid center chesaranta anduke results inka release cheyaledhu ankunta😢

  14. Results are released in pdf format or links format…y r u too much of time..? 2-1,2-2,3-1,3-2,4-1 75+days ayyay inkeppudu….

  15. June 12 lopu vasthayyi results …. corrections and results upload completed ayyindi Inka data base ki connect cheyyaledu so inko 10 days wait cheyyali…..appudu icchina andarini pass chesthey adey happy😀

  16. Sir, please release the 4 1 result I am from the 2020 passed out batch and having a single backlog. I was placed in the top MNC company but they are asking to submit the certificates. If I am unable to submit the certificates before the deadline. I will definitely lose the job due to a single backlog. that job is very important to my life. kindly mention the date or give any update about the 4 1 result.
    4 1 result will decide my future sir please don’t ignore it.

  17. 3-2 results released in December 31st so 4-1 results released in may 31 st may be …aaroju ayina ivvakapothay nenu inka comment cheyanu…ok na…@romeo,cool

  18. sir pls release the results ASAP…its nearly 70 days from completion of exams..Already we have lost many oppurtunities till now..its been waste of 20 years education by late of a single sem results….

  19. Sir 4-1 Results release chestharaa cheyyaraa chii jntuk ante chaalaa manchi nammakam vundi ippatidaka ila chesthe inka vunna nammakam koda pothaaadi

  20. Results releasing June 1st or 2nd week anta….call cheysa. Chala darunam 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  21. Results Release chese varaku Doubt ye…
    Evaru Hopes pettukokandi😔

  22. Jntuk was different compared to jntuA.
    Jntua released 4 1 results with in 35 days(15/04/2021) after completion of exams. And 3 1 results was also released with in 62 days(26/5/2021) after completion of exams.
    But jntuk was still delaying in announcement of 4 1 results only .already it’s 63rd day after completion of exams.

  23. Sir, please release the results after may 31st at any case ee lopu eppudu ventane release cheyyakandi pls …🙏🙏🙏

  24. Vaddu results inka release cheyyakandi… Vellu alage antaru kani next month release cheyyamdi results… Kangarem ledhu

  25. 2-1,3-1,4-1 results released combinedly …no pain to the clg staff…due to Corona staff not available in clg…as soon as possible we get the results fast if ur released in this format…

  26. Results are going to be released this week…be patience..all students…this time pass percentage will be more compared with other semesters…😀😀

  27. Jntuk was always doing late for releasing results for 2017 to 21 admitted batch only (present final years).
    Coming to 3 1 results they take nearly 65 days(10/01/2020 maybe)to announce the results.( 3 1 results was released after announcement of 2 1 results).
    Coming to 3 2 results they take exactly 56 days( 31/12/2020) to announce the results. (So because it’s pandemic situations we understand that).
    Now Coming to 4 1 results they will announce on 25th day after completion of exams.
    Now in this pandemic situations it leads to delay in announcement of 4 1 results but it’s 60th day ( 23/05/2021) after completion of exams.
    So be patient about results. Don’t worry about it. Already it’s 2 months. I think that results was released within 5 or 10 days .(no exact date ).( only expectations).

  28. We are eagerly waiting 4-1 results I’m also one. I never see this much time Taking jntuk near 70 days. Some peoples are put comment here today, tomorrow results releasing till now where? Please don’t give tension to everyone…

  29. Guys don’t believe saying results today release, tomorrow release…. I contact jntuk they saying 24,25,28,29 any of these dates…

  30. Jagadesh garu we can’t expect when results was going to be announced. Don’t believe the comments read here.

  31. Hi Bhargavi garu. Are wearing a mask 😷? How u are came to know that results was going to be released on Friday or Saturday.
    First u told that results was going to announce on 2nd week of May.
    2nd time u told that results were released on 1st week of May and be alert 📢.
    3rd time u told that 2 1 ,3 1, 4 1 corrections completed and mark sheets were preparing for that it take some time .
    4th time u told that results were released on 2nd week of May and esari corrections baga tough gaa chysaruu.
    5th time u told that results was released after curfew (after 18th May).
    Finally, now u are telling that results was going to be released on Friday(21st may) or Saturday (22nd may) conformed.

  32. Results are released in tomorrow or Saturday confirmed…be ready ..be safe wear mask…

  33. Exams pettinantha fast ga ….results ivvalekapothunnaru..villu..okavela Ichina maximum fail …future lo AP autonomous clgs vi miray correct cheyali paper lu Avi ala chestharo anto…Avi radaniki antha time thiskuntaro…?

  34. Sir., Migatha ye sem late chesina parvaledhu., But final year vi late chesthe ela sir., Memu jobs ki apply cheyyalemu., Drives jarige time idhi., ivi pothey malli 1 year dhaaka ravu., Plz 4-1 results release cheyyandi

  35. Results epudu date chepandi please… Inka enni days please fast release cheyandi… We are eagerly waiting…..

  36. Results are expected to be released after curfew was suspended after 19th may..asap to release in last week of may .don’t worry about ur results.. .56 days over…

  37. Endukandi babu asala 4th year vi fastga release chesteyneyga menu chadavali mali pothey subjects anni online classes antaru em ardmavatala sir konchamayna alochinchandi andii. This is not fair we are final year students time ledhu maku

  38. Firstly Release Results, After that ask About Fees😒
    One of the Worst University Jntu k🙏

  39. Sir..4-1 R16 batch results epdhu release sir…plz sir tondrgaa release cheyandhi…Rply ivandhi sir..plzzz ma frnds andarki chepali..me rply ma andariki chala valuable…plzzz sir😞

  40. All the B. Tech. IV, VI and VIII semester students are hereby informed that
    bases on the parents request the last date for payment of tuition fee (excluding hostel /
    bus fee) is extended up to 21-05-2021. The defaulters will not be allowed for online
    classes with effect from 22-05-2021.

  41. Results may be released tomorrow expected…but not tomorrow results released in last week

  42. Results are going to be released in the 3rd week of May
    So please check the this page time to time

  43. We expected today you will release our results….but upto now …you didn’t not released yet….it’s not fair …it’s already been completed kore than one month…how many days you will take to release our results

  44. Sir andharini pass cheiyandi sir …… god bless u sir …..sir meru pass chesthey me kana devudu evaru undaru sir … students life kapadatharu sir meru .. malli Corona time lo exams raiyali antey ebadhi ga untadhi sir ….

  45. Job vachindhi., Unnadhi okate supply but adhi clear aithenw naku aaa job untadhi.,. So please 4-1 results release cheyyandi🙏🙏.,. Vaallu ekkuva rojulu wait cheyyaru na job pothadhi🙏

  46. Meeku ma baadha ela ardham avthadhira babu.. 4-1 results release cheyyandi ra babu🙏🙏🙏🙏

  47. Very great University. No words to describe it., Almost 2 months (4-1)but not yet released results

  48. 4-1,3-1,2-1 results are combinedly released by jntuk in 2nd week of may…be ready…e sari correction chala tough ga jarigindhi..

  49. Sir 4-1 results release chayara enti meri inkaeppudu release chastaru sir. please please sir 4-1 results release chayandi sir we are waiting almost 45 days ayayi sir please thodaraga release chayandi please at least date ayina chapandi sir.

  50. Baita freshers ki drives jaruguthunnai, 4-1 exam petti one year avthundhi malli monna pettaaru., ippudemo results vadhalatledhu, supply unte drives ki not allowed., E drives pothe next maku calls undavu inka,
    Adhe jarigithe maku chavuthappa vere margam kanapadadhu., Ma bathukultho adukovadhu🙏,
    Results announce cheyyandi🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  51. 4-1 results endhuku release cheyyatledho kaneesam reason aina cheppandi., we have right to know

  52. Yesterday you said that ,4-1 results are releasing today, why don’t you release it , can you release the results fast

  53. Around 45days avutundi 4-1 Results Complete ayyi.. Inka Results release Cheyyaledu🤔
    Asalu ee Month lo ine Results release chestara?
    Update Result Releasing Date..please🙏

  54. sir can you please say the exact release time of 4 1 result. we are eagerly waiting for that and my job is depended on that result.

  55. Please provide Grace marks for R16 Regulation students please help in this pandamic situation
    Already one year lost to R16 2020 passed out batch and now this time exams get postponed again
    This Will shows more impact on Supply students who are having only one backlog in postponed exams.

    I Request jntuk please think about the Future of R16 Regulation students and please provide Grace marks for atleast one subject 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 please help us sir

  56. Jntuk 4-1,3-1,2-1 reg/sup spot valuation completed and mark sheets are preparing so some time to get results…in this time not only based results but also ur lives due to covid …in outdoor situation is dangerous so pls wear mask,use sanitizer…u can leave in protected way…your livelihood can be protective…🙏

  57. could you please give us information about 4-1 results when you are going to announce them? I’m daily checking about them in jntufastupdates but no information I have got., as the days are going on it decreasing my confidence levels

  58. Anni universities 4-1 results vadhilaaru okka jntuk thappa., Ma jeevithalatho adukuntunnaru

  59. Sir please 4-1 results release cheyyandi ippatiki 1 year avthundhi 4-1 exams conduct chesi., Monna march lo conduct chesaru.. ippudemo results late chesthunnaru., Ma lifes sir meeru vadhile results., Please ma life tho aadukokandi 🙏🙏🙏
    Begging you😔

  60. I didn’t even get to know why this university not releasing 4-1 results even knowing that this is a crucial time for final year students and also for passed out batches who are having only this semester supply

  61. 4-1 results Maa seniors ki too early ga icharu..
    Make enduku ila late chestunnaru🤦‍♂️

  62. Hi sir,
    Please, try to release 4-1 Results
    Atleast Update Results releasing Date..
    Thank you👍
    👉Stay Home, Stay Safe😷

  63. Hi sir,
    Please, try to release 4-1 Results
    Atleast Update Results releasing Date…
    Thank you👍
    👉Stay Home, Stay Safe😷

  64. Sir andarni pass cheyyandi sir….. R13 batch inka rastunnaru…… Koncham chusi andarni pass cheyyandi sir

  65. Jntuk 4-1 results comes suddenly and will be released any time…pls stay tune ..released in 1st week

  66. Respected sir ,

    We are final year students we are eagerly waiting for our 4-1 results and we are waiting for advance supply exams please sir release notification about advance supply exams because person like me is having single backlog. I couldnt know that having single backlog is ruining my partcipation in campus drives . Please do something sir…

  67. 4-1 results relese cheyyandayya babu correction eppudooo ayipoyina release cheyyataaniki teratleda meku lekapovadam mamlani wait cheyinchatam miku happy haa😔😔

  68. For R16 students
    1.no subject assumption
    2.no grace marks
    3. 4-1 supply exam delay and held in 2021
    4. Delay in 4-1 results announcement
    5. PC gets as passed out in 2021 march
    Anybody of students are there who thinks 20 years of study just spoiled due to a single backlog that too because of held late?

  69. Please provide Grace marks for R16 Regulation students why jntuk is showing negligence on R16 students
    Please help us we want Grace marks for R16 Regulation

  70. 4-1 R16 results are released very soon…and everyone wear a mask and use pocket sanitizer regularly to avoid corona and be protected ur life…

  71. Sir, plz release 4-1 results and in pc plz provide the date of last exam with year 2020 and any month even if it is december. University not held those exam in 2020 so it is not our mistake., With pc showing 2021 passed out we will face lot of problems , plz understand that🙏

  72. Sir, please release the results and please in cv put as 2020 sir . Because of covid already we lost alot atleast do this favour sir.🙏

  73. JNTU Kakinada University Results for IV B.Tech I Semester (R16, R13, R10) Regular/ Supplementary Examinations March 2020 are Going to Released in April Last Week (or) First week Of May 2021.

  74. Sir,
    Please release 4-1 supply results r16 in this month only., i have a big offer from an mnc company and they are pressuring me to submit the pc,. I’m begging you that’s my dream job and my future., Please don’t spoil it🙏

  75. Sir, as we don’t have any eligibility for grace marks or subject assumption atleast provide us provisional certificate as we are passed out in 2020 instead of march2021 as that is not students mistake., Jntuk not held exams in 2020 November., Due to that postpone we are getting our certificate as 2021 , companies consider that as we wasted a year for a single backlog.,. So please do that favour as your responsibility for saving students future who are passed out in 2020

  76. Sir kindly request to JNTU K University, please provide the Grace Marks for R16 Regulation Allredy we are loss due to Covid 19. Actually we should not asking for Grace Marks because JNTU H University is provided. why are you not provide. Please try to understand our problem Thank you sir

    Read more at: https://www.jntufastresult.com/jntuk-4-1-results/

  77. Sir kindly request to JNTU K University, please provide the Grace Marks for R16 Regulation Allredy we are loss due to Covid 19. Actually we should not asking for Grace Marks because JNTU H University is provided. why are you not provide. Please try to understand our problem

    Thank you sir

  78. Sir please provide Grace marks for R16 Regulation or atleast please provide one alternative way like grace points in R16 Regulation
    There are thousands of students are not Get their provisional Certificate due to one backlog

    Please help students of R16 Regulation by providing Grace marks 🙏🙏

  79. Why jntuk is not providing Grace marks for R16 Regulation
    JNTUH is providing Grace marks for R16 Regulation students having Grades in their marks memos like us.
    So it is possible to give Grace marks for R16 Regulation for Jntuh

    But here it is not possible for Our JNTUK university..

    We want grace marks for R16 Regulation
    We want justice

    Many of the students are facing problems due to one backlog.

    Please help us by providing Grace marks for R16

  80. meeru 4-1 supply exam october 2020 lo jaragalsindhi march2021 lo pettaaru.. dhanialla ma provisional certificates lo one year extend ayyi vasthadhi ippudu., ma carriers nasanam avthai dhanivalla., already oka job poyindhi., inkoti podaniki ready ga undhi., good and great university for spoiling students future

  81. meeru 4-1 r16 supply october 2020 lo pettakapodam valla ma Provisional Certificate lo oka year extend ayyi vasthundi(march 2021)., so memu ye year passed out kinda vastham 2020 or 2021?

  82. Sir links are not working properly please check the links as soon as possible I’m waiting for my previous results

  83. Please release revaluation result as early as possible sir because we have to pay advance supply fee. In our college today is the last day to pay fee.

  84. Sir Iam lateral entry student,I want to add the grace marks for my subject 1-20 and subject 2-22,i want 4+2 is it possible

  85. Revaluation link isn’t working results aren’t posted in official website, today is last date for revaluation what should we do now please let us know what to do

  86. Hello everyone one,
    This jntuk results are wrong and they are already informed by lot of people and failed people you also pls inform to the your college principals immediately….Fast…Fast.


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