TS SBTET Detained & Condonation students list March/April Exams -2019

TS SBTET Detained/Condonation Notification 2019: SBTET TS released the TS SBTET Detained students list For March/April Exams 2019 and TS SBTET Condonation students list For March/April Exams 2019. SBTET Board decided to conduted the extra classes for the  Detained Students. In below jntufastresult.com updated the Detained & Condonation students list as per the SBTET World updates official portal.

TS SBTET Detained/Condonation Notification 2019

TS SBTET Notification 2019:

Students those who are Detained & Condonation have followed the SBTET guidelines and all Detained students can attend the TS SBTET Special Classes for improving the attends 75% and then apply for the supply exam as conducted in June 2019. Follow this page we inform the TS SBTET supply exam fee notification June 2019.

  • TS SBTET Detained students list For March/April Exams 2019
  • TS SBTET Condonation students list For March/April Exams 2019

TS SBTET Detained students list Extra class:

  • TS SBtet conduted the extra class from 03-04-2019 to  31-05-2019
  • students can get in 75% then they attended the supply exam as conduted by June 2019
  • All Detained students can must attend the class and get 75% above and eligible for June 2019 supply exams.


TS SBTET  Conduct extra classes for detained students during summer vacation – Download

TS SBTET Detained/Condonation students list For March/April Exams 2019 – Download

TS SBTET Reg/Supply Exam Fee Notification (C18/C09/14/16/ER91) – April/March 2019

when will conduct the diploma exams for detained students?

Yes, Exams will be conducted the sbtet board for all Detained/Condonation students before conduting the exams All Detained students can attend the class and get 75% above and eligible for June 2019 supply exams.

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  1. Please keep exams for condonation students with regular students I.e on 22nd march 2019 please take payment

  2. Sir the website is not loading now please help me sir i have not paid the fees yet and the last date is today not loading the website

  3. Sir Ian a regular student why iam detainee sir …..please tell me put exams on March only sir..

  4. Consult your regarding college exam cell to get the reason for your detain list…Tq for commenting

  5. The fee payment portal is open now check it once and pay your fee immediately…Tq for commenting

  6. Sir, Nenu mobile Lo exam fee kattanu.
    Account lo money cut ayyayi.
    Kani receipt am rale..
    Nen eligible ha kadho Theliyatle Chala tension GA vundhi Sir

  7. In collage telling that sbtet list their is ditinde I will attend the collage 100 days why should I attend in summer please put exams now.

  8. Sir Wt about the below 50% attendance peoples. they Attendeds all exter class but those peoples can’t get 75% na sir

  9. Sir Ur added both regular percentage + extra working days (45)
    Otherwise ur consider only extra working (45) percentage

  10. Wt about?
    after completing all the extra cls they get 65% b/w 75% attendance.
    Those peoples_”Detain” or they pay condonation fee

  11. sir e okkasari last chance icchi next semister nundi biometric strict chayyandi sir summer lo avaraina classes paduthara sir. …..Andarini March lone exam raayanivvandi sir plzzz

  12. sir i had paid the condonation fee from my computer by online transaction i didn’t get any receipet or any message but from my bank account they have debbited the money i had tension that iam elligable or not

  13. SIR ,I have paid the condonation but the site is showing server failed after paying the money and the money is deducted.when i enter my pin number again in the sbtet condonation fee column its showing that to pay option .so what should i do now sir and i even checked my hal ticket but its showing not generated.i have paid the condonation yesterday evening

  14. Sir , extra class start but unfortunately any one parson physically problem not attend in special class and exam he parson permotted. Are not

  15. I am a diploma student 16s batch in our college our faculty informed us that the Biometric attendance is mandatory for all the students uh have tou maintain minimum 6 hrs gap between login and logout i respected to my faculty order and i got 92% biometric attendance Tysm TS SBTET 😊

  16. Sir last time I got 51persent so now it would be continuing from 51 only or from 1 biometric

  17. Sir my name is vaishnavi i have 63 percentage of attendence so i’m detended how many days i have to attend the classes to write the exams

  18. Will u take the average attendance of both old one and summer one orelse only summer classes. Please tell. Is there is any chance for condonation even if detained now

  19. Sir we have paid our exam fee 4sem already but it showing to pay again sir plzz reply me

  20. 17481-EE-037 PIN number not existed I have Attended the college from 03-04-2019 to till now But PIN not existed …

  21. I have attended the clg summer classes from starting to now but pin does not existed due to shortage of attendance iam attending the total 45days summer classes so please enable the pin 17481-EE-037
    Already the fees payment time is over now I will pay it with the penalty so today however enable my PIN
    to write the fourth semester examinations.. WAITING for your reply

  22. Sir
    I’m c18 batch diploma i will attend summer special classes(April 3rd to may 31st ). Can you take average old attendance and new attendance and display the new detained list
    Give web link or your repaly

  23. sir i did not pay condonation fee sir will i be elligable or deetaind
    sir can i have any other of for not geeting detaind now
    please reply sir very much scared

  24. Sir in this month November 2019 6th SEM is there any excuse for detend candidate please reply


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