Cognizant Interview Experience By Students Words

Student Cognizant Interview Experience

Firstly they asked me…about yourself I replied
Next question which concept u know about C?
I told
Again the concept of c++??
I told
What is the inheritance with example?
I told
Then they asked me 2 queries
1.find the greatest salary in the list
I write correct
2.they, give me one employee id then find the all detail of the employee id no?
I write but he says not correct
After some time I am selected in
Technical round
Then after hr round
They asked me
Where r u from?
I told
Then asked me what is the distance from ur location to Bhopal
I told
What your hobby?
I told and he smiled
Do they say any question?
I ask what’s my job location they say I don’t know
Then they handshake with me and  say wait for result


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