JNTUA 4-2 Exam Center Options & Guidelines & Procedures for students who are COVID-19 positive



JNTUA Guidelines to conduct 4-2 examinations in view of Covid-19 pandemic July 2021

JNTUA Vide reference (1) cited, Higher Education Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh issued guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for conducting final examinations by the universities.

Vide references (2-4), the examination branch of JNTUA has already communicated guidelines and SOP to all the institutions under JNTUA. And it is also observed that most of the guidelines and SOPs are included and are strictly following by all the institutions. In view of forthcoming examinations scheduled in the month of July 2021, some more instructions and measures are included before conducting and during the conduction of examinations and same are provided for your reference.

1. Shortage of Answer booklets: The University has identified some of the Colleges as centers in every district and will send the answer booklets to the identified centers. The colleges having shortage of answer scripts are informed to collect the booklets from the identified centres and are sanitized before distributing to the students.

2. The temperature of the students’ has to be checked at the main gate itself and avoid any group gathering before and after the examinations.

3. Principals are requested to permit the students of other college centres with scanned copy of hall tickets. However, they are requested to verify the student’s college identity card & Aadhaar card and also requested to inform the same to all the students who are writing the examinations in other centres.

4. Payment gateway option is provided in Examination Management System (EMS) of the University. So, all the Principals are informed to pay all the examinations related payments through this payment gateway.

If any guideline or SOP is missing in the guidelines communicated earlier, so, it may be incorporated and also informed to follow strictly in conducting the examinations and academic calendar.

This is for your information and necessary action.

JNTUA CIRCULAR for Students place of option for 4-2 Semester End Examination July 2021


JNTUA In view of COVID-19 pandemic, the university has taken a decision not to implement jumbling for B.Tech and B.Pharm IV Year II Semester regular examinations scheduled in the month of July 2021 and students have to write the examinations at their parent institutions only.

However, the university has given an option to the students to choose the nearest place from their residential address to write the examinations with the consent of the Principal of the college concerned but it is not permitted to the students whose parent institute district and native district are same. Therefore, the Principals are requested to verify the address of the students with their address proof like Aadhaar card, etc., if any student of their college gives an option of any place other than the parent institution to write examination.

The Principal has to submit a mail to CE (UG) with all the details like the name of the student, admission number, place opted for writing the examination, course of study and branch, etc. Principal are further requested to check/verify the details carefully before sending the data of the students to the examination branch of the University.

Please send the data on or before 07.07.2021 by 5PM.

JNTUA Standard operating procedures for students who are COVID-19 positive

1. Students who are COVID-19 Positive must inform their colleagues about their status and the desire to attend examinations, at least 2 days in advance. Such students must submit a copy of the test certificate to the college for these procedures to be applicable.

2. In case test results are received just prior to examinations, such students must inform the college as soon as test results are available and submit a copy of the test certificate.

3. Colleges must arrange for additional rooms to accommodate such students. Such rooms must be distant from the rest of the examination halls to the extent possible.

4. One student shall be accommodated per room [alternatively-not more than 4 such students must be accommodated in one room].

5. Staff entering and supervising such rooms shall be provided with personal protective equipment [PPE] to ensure their safety.

6. Availability of the Medical Doctor with necessary medicines in the institute during the examinations is recommended.


Option to students to write exams-2021.06.21_Sign

Circular-IV-II-End Exams-Conduction-Guideline1

Circular-SOP for students who are COVID-19 positive_Sign

Proforma-Students Option Details


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