JNTUA HelpLine Numbers & Support Mail


Examination Helpline

Center Off: 08554-242438

Email: [email protected]

Nellore District: Indusekhar-8985728676, Raghunatha Reddy-9948675158;

Chittoor District: Viswanath-8985533836, ACE-II – 8008802337;

Kadapa District: Sreekanth-9000565767, ACE-IV – 9000551429;

Kurnool District: Rayudu-6304938041, ACE-III – 9000551724; A

Anantapur District: Kavitha-9182076628, ACE-I – 9000551424

Postal address:
The Registrar,
JNT University Anantapur,
Andhra Pradesh,

Contact Details of University Officials

Designation Phone/Fax E-mail Id
Vice-Chancellor Off: 08554-272438
Fax: 08554-272436
[email protected]
Rector Off: 08554-272451
Fax: 08554-232451
[email protected]
Registrar Off: 08554-272433
Fax: 08554272437
[email protected]
Director, Academic and Planning Off: 08554-272432
Fax: 08554-272432
[email protected]
Director, Academic Audit Off: 08554-273433
Fax: 08554-273433
[email protected]
Director of Admissions Off: 08554-272450 [email protected]
Director of Evaluation Off: 08554-272442
Fax: 08554-272442
[email protected]
Director, Research and Development Off: 08554-273006 [email protected]
Director, Industrial Relations and Placement Off: 08554-273007 [email protected]
Director, School of Continuing & Distance Education Off: 08554-273007 [email protected]
Director, Industrial Consultancy Services Off: 08554-227433 [email protected]
Director, Foreign Affairs & Alumni Matters Off: 08554-273005 [email protected]
Director, Faculty Development & IQAC Off: 08554-246796 [email protected]
[email protected]
Director, Skill Development Centre & Incubation Centre [email protected]
Principal, JNTUA CE, Ananthapuramu Off: 08554-273013
Fax: 08554-272098
[email protected]
Principal, JNTUA CE, Pulivendula [email protected]
Principal, JNTUA CE, Kalikiri Off: 08586-510402
Fax: 08586-510151
[email protected]
Director, JNTUA OTPRI Off: 08554-220376 [email protected]
MBA Dept. Off: 08554-230158 [email protected]

Examination Branch

Designation Phone/Fax E-mail Id
Controller of Examinations (PG) Off: 08554-272452 [email protected]
Controller of Examinations (UG) Off: 08554-272452 [email protected]
Additional Controller of Examinations-1 Off: 08554-272122 [email protected]
Additional Controller of Examinations-2 Off: 08554-272123 [email protected]
Additional Controller of Examinations-3 Off: 08554-272123 [email protected]
Examination Helpline Center Off: 08554-242438 [email protected]

Engineering Cell

Designation Phone/Fax E-mail Id
University Engineer Off: 08554-232437 [email protected]


Designation Phone/Fax E-mail Id
Women Empowerment Cell [email protected]
MSIT Coordinator [email protected]
Co-ordinator, SC & ST Cell [email protected]
NSS Co-ordinator Off: 08554-230159 [email protected]

Sports Council

Designation Phone/Fax E-mail Id
Secretary, Sports Council Off: 08554-272784 [email protected]


Designation Phone/Fax E-mail Id
Public Relation Officer Off: 08554-272449
Fax: 08554-272449
[email protected]


Designation Phone/Fax E-mail Id
PA to Vice-Chancellor Off: 08554-272438 [email protected]
PA to Rector Off: 08554-272451 [email protected]
PA to Registrar Off: 08554-272433 [email protected]

Administrative Office Staff

Designation Phone/Fax E-mail Id
Finance Officer Off: 08554-272439
Deputy Registrar(Accounts) Off: 08554-272439 [email protected]
Deputy Registrar(Estt.) Off: 08554-272439 [email protected]
Assistant Registrar (Estt) Off: 08554-272439
Assistant Registrar (DAP office) Off: 08554-272432 [email protected]
Superintendent (DAA office) Off: 08554-273433
Assistant Registrar (DE office) Off: 08554-272442 [email protected]


  1. Hi,

    I am B.Tech 2008-2012 passed out from JNTU Anantapur Affiliated college in Nellore district P.B.R.VITS Engineering collage.

    I want to apply for Original Certificate, please advice when can i apply, Is there any time limit .Please advice me.


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