JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Sem RC/RV Results July 2023 – Info

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Revaluation Result 2023: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada has released 1st year and 1st-semester results (R20,R19,R16,R13,R10) Regulation on October 2023. Students who are applying for JNTUK Revaluation and JNTUK Recounting Procedure are waiting for JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Semester Revaluation Results 2022 and JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Semester Recounting Results 2023 for Regular & supply (R19, R16, R13, R10) Regulation. Below JntuFastResult provided Updated information for JNTUK 1-1 Revaluation results.


JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Sem RV/RC Results 2023

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JNTUK 1-1 Semester Revaluation Results 2023

University Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada.
Examination JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 RC/RV Regular/Supply Results 2023
Category RC/RV Results
Status Released Soon 



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HOW TO Check JNTUK RV/RC Results 2023:

  • Candidates can check the JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Sem Recounting/Revaluation Results 2023 from the official website or from the link which we are given in below.
  • Click on the “Download Link”.
  • Now save or take the printout of the PDF.


when will release JNTUK Revaluation and Recounting results 2023:

Students who are applied for Revaluation and Recounting Procedure to increase the marks for regular and supply results as released on July 2023. So those are applied JNTUK 1-1 sem Rv/ Rc on or before the dates Are eligible to check this JNTUK B.Tech Recounting/Revaluation 1-1 Sem Results July 2023. So JNTUK starts the Valuation Process after the Last date of payment receives and with 45 to 50 days results are expected.


JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 RC/RV Results July 2023

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Sem R20 Regulation RC/RV results 2023 – Results Link 

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Sem R13 Regulation RC/RV results 2023 – Results Link 

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Sem R19 Regulation RC/RV results 2023 – Results Link 

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Sem R16 Regulation RC/RV results 2023 – Results Link 

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Sem R10 Regulation RC/RV results 2023 – Results Link 

JNTUK B.Tech Exam Fee Notification 2023 – OUT


JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 RC/RV Results Sept 2022

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Semester (R20, R19, R16, R13, R10) Supplementary Examinations Recounting/Revaluation Results September 2022” are declared on 21st Dec 2022. The JNTUK 1-1 RV result sheets have been sent to respective college principals. Students concerned are requested to contact their college principals/exam cell staff for knowing the results.

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 RC/RV Results March 2022

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Semester (R20, R19, R16, R13, R10) Regular/Supplementary Examinations Recounting/Revaluation Results April 2022” are declared on 19th July 2022. The result sheets have been sent to respective college principals. Students concerned are requested to contact their college principals/exam cell staff for knowing the results.

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 RC/RV Results Dec 2021

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Semester (R20, R19, R16, R13, R10) Supplementary Examinations Recounting/Revaluation Results for December 2021 are declared on 28th Feb 2022. The result sheets have been sent to respective college principals. Students concerned are requested to contact their college principals/exam cell staff for knowing the results.

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 RC/RV Results August 2021

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Semester (R19, R16, R13, R10) Regular/Supplementary Examinations Recounting/Revaluation Results August 2021 are declared on  13th August 2021. The jntuk b.tech 1-1 Recounting result and jntuk b.tech 1-1 Sem Revaluation result sheets have been sent to respective college principals. Students concerned are requested to contact their college principals/exam cell staff for knowing the results.

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 RC/RV Results Oct/Nov 2020

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Semester (R19, R16, R13, R10) Regular/Supplementary Examinations Recounting/Revaluation Results November/December 2020” are declared on 4th April 2021. The jntuk b.tech 1-1 Recounting result and jntuk b.tech 1-1 Sem Revaluation result sheets have been sent to respective college principals. Students concerned are requested to contact their college principals/exam cell staff for knowing the results.


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  1. Hello sir good evening my 1 subject back lock please sir pass in computer programming please sir aejest in 9 marks this is last chance for my already I am pass out students in r13 batch so please sir I request to you I am not pass this subject my life is end so please sir

  2. Sir Students kii class lu kuda sarriga jaraga ledhu carona valla. Konchem correct easy cheyyandii sir papam.

  3. Sir Students ki exams postponed cheyyandii please. Because of carona cases increasing now.

  4. Sir emi rayanivallu pass chesaru related GA koncham iyena rasina vallani fail chesthunnaru copy kottinollu pass avuthunnaru chupincheyvallu fail avuthunnaru ikkada pass fail imp kanna life sir e Btech certificates tho chinna job chesthu iyena families ki help avvataniki chusthunna vallu lakhs lo unnaru sir CSE core subjects kuda at a time s grades tho pass iyyanu sir okka m1 subject tappa Ade na health Bagokapothe 1year lo rayaledhu ippati nunche ippativaraku 12times rasanu sir na paper Lo chusi rasthunna andaru pass iyyaru nenu tappa ????

  5. Hi sir we want to known the result of 1-1 RV because the exam fee of 1-1 date announced is tommorow 30-03-2021 so we want to know sir can release thank you

  6. Sir revaluation results relies cheyakundane 1-1R13 exam fee date echaru 30 march last date for appling the exam fee hot to possible sir

  7. Sir please release 1-1 r13 revolution results ,,,,, naku 1 sub matrame undhi sir bagane rasina fail chesaru oka 2 marks add chesty pass avvutha sir please

  8. Sir I m r13 I wrote m1 so many time revolution pettine failed nenu chala badha paduthuna e Corona tho e failed badha akkuva ,job cheyaleka chala krungipothona chala jobs loss ayanu r13 batch kuda vadhalara pranalu pothunai enka ani rojulu rayali devuda

  9. Sir I am failed in m-1 subject how can I check my internal marks of that subject r16 batch plz give me the solution pin 166R1A0402 still I have one backlog of this subject ..I wrote it well but till now I am failed so plz give tell my internal marks

  10. So selfish jntuk they want students money without even know how can I pay 1-1 supply fee .such a shame and irresponsible jntuk

  11. 7 times chemistry rasanu baga rasina fail chesaru 7th attempt lo Naku nyayam jarigindi
    Thank you so much sir/madam

  12. I have only M1 subject.. I wrote m1 very well.. But I don’t know y I failed?.. I applied for revaluation.. But my clg couldn’t update the link until now.. Plz update the results link in ur page

  13. Jntuk done good job in passing M1 of 80% of the students but endulo nenu kuda unte bagundedi missed in 1 mark sooo sad…

  14. Rey eppudu ra release chestav enti vetakaram ga unda mem ante ni ha ..
    dabbulu kattinchuko daniki ki matram punctuality results release cheyadaniki punctuality undada ha em anukunntunnav

  15. Sir. ..plse release the R/Rv results date sir . Because , supply fee date also released.. we don’t know the RC/RV results to pay the supply fee …plse sir …plse release these results as soon as possible before 20th date. Plse sir …so many students are waiting for these results

  16. Can you please clarify my dout sir, if we pay the fee for 1-1 supply and after the revaluation released and I am passed then what can i do

  17. Our collage is best in everything except 1.
    And THE WORST is, it is connected with you JNTUK.

  18. First release the revaluation results, and then give the notification for supply exams.

  19. How many days for correction of revaluation papers whole jntuk university playing with students life , but when paying fee dates released soon as much possible it’s not good sir

  20. Without release rv results given supply fee date…nice plan to gain money…well played

  21. Sir please release 1-1 revaluation results sir with out knowing those results how we apply the supply exam. Please don’t play the games with students ????????????.

  22. Sir could you please release the revaluation results as soon as possible sir
    But how can we apply to supply sir please grant me to release the results asa soon as possible sir

  23. please release rv results sir please i begging u sir please pass physics sir i request u sir
    ma father ki covid sir please passs r13 bath physics sir
    physics pass ayetha job vastundi vastundi sir naku please pass chyadi resuluts taraga evadi sir

  24. Please realese 1-1 RC/RV results..but how can we apply same supply exam without knowing RC/RV results..iam request you that u shouy realese the result within 1 one day!

  25. Correct ga rasina subjects kuda fail cheste meku em vastado maku taliyadu kani…ekkada matram chala mandi students jeevitalu nasanam ipotunnai..plzzz try to understand sir…

  26. plz sir give clarity about revalution and recounting of papers of R19 already the last date is coming soon for supply payment plz give date

    because of these things only the students are getting fear to do higher studies, and now Andhra will be least in literacy rate (lower than bihar)

  28. Sir ..plse give the information about RC/RV results date ..to apply supplementary …so plse give the results date ..

  29. Sir i hv 2 subject c programming,and chemistry,,,plz pass chayendi sir
    156E1A0310,,,R13 BATCH

  30. Sir dabulu kuda leda leka lockdown lo money effort chese paristiti leka… revaluation kuda petaleka, recounting petukuna Sir.
    Ippatike aa PHYSICS sub chala sarlu rasi fail ai revaluation lu petti aina labam leka malli rasi… lockdown lo paristitulu bagoka recounting petta Sir
    Recounting papers a ga ani neglet cheyakandi sir.. please sir meku punyam untadi..
    Ee sub meda na family life adarapadi undi Sir ????????????
    Kapadandi Sir…peda vidyardulani adukondi

  31. Firstfal send jntuk b.tech 1-1 RC/RV result 2020
    Already jntuk BTech 1-1 supply exam 2020 released

  32. M1 tension n stress is too much. Please save our year from this M1 which is not even our Main Course for civil engineering.

    Please pass all m1 papers. We’ve suffered enough.

  33. When will u release the 1-1 revaluation results?
    65 days completed..No update for it till now..

  34. Sr please understand our situation because of m1 sub we are suffering a lot , we are clearing every semester but this subject was written by us well then also we are having this backlog, please check papers properly sr it was like are death due to this we are facing lot of tensions for 1 subject .pls pass our revaluation .

  35. Whomever is checking our papers for money… Listen… U will also get your KARMA of destroying our career n life.

    I’m from r13 batch n have been giving m1 exam for so long. I do my best but ur stupid money greedy lecture never checks properly n makes us waste our year and future.

    You make us go into depression, make us doubt ourself n stress us.

    Karma will also come to you for destroying our year n life.

  36. How can a University be so Selfish…???
    This university only wants money from their students.
    First of all… Never check our papers properly for the sake of money n now, without releasing the results you are asking us to pay for supply…!??
    Everyone knows u won’t refund when we pass the RV(if a MIRACLE HAPPENS).
    It was my worst decision to be admitted in JNTUK.

  37. Without knowing our revaluation results,how can we apply for supply. If we pay for supply and the revaluation may clear can you give back our money…? No U never give back because you have noo matter how much student suffering.

  38. Sir please understand our problem we facing a lot of stress for the result and we paying the revaluation fee with lot of effort please understand our critical situation sir please and I have prepared my M1 exam very well but the result has disappointed my parents so please give us update about the result releasing data

  39. Please stop torturing our life. Its already so hard being an engineer student.
    I’m passed out n I’ve only m1 backlog. I wrote well but got only single mark. I request the particular lecture who is checking our paper to plis check properly.
    M1 is not even our Main Course subject.
    Making us waste our year n stressing us is not what a good teacher should be.
    Plis check genuinely and release the result.
    Thank you.

  40. Please pass my revaluation subjects(1-1) or quickly release by notification for the updates of revaluation because of 2020 notification are released please sir

  41. Plis pass m1 chestanarru sir. Sir andi…. Students live ko danger. Plis consider cheyandi.

  42. Anna Sir please pass all students who gave RV.
    Please do us Justice and check correctly. We didn’t go for RV just because but we went for RV because we know we wrote well.
    Please don’t disappoint us.

  43. Because of you still, India is a developing country. You people don’t care about students’ life. This is one of the worst university in World. Because of your recklessness students getting suicides. You people are correcting only for money. Definitely you will suffer in future those who are not correcting properly.

  44. University mida letter rasi suicide cheskovali annanta kopam badha vestundi but ma parents kopam alochistunna
    Plz sir dayachesi ???? proper ga papers correction cheyandi ????????

  45. Why are you playing with our emotions and career? No one is evaluating the paper correctly just verifying 10 papers and deciding grades if the handwriting is good you giving good marks or grades, otherwise you even didn’t check thoroughly the end of the paper. This is not at all fare sir/madam so check properly. If you didn’t check properly we will take action at your university. So be careful and evaluate properly.

  46. The whole world is suffering and don’t make it more difficult for your students.

    We believe you will give us Justice and help us save our life and year.

    Plis promote all RV papers n let us all be in peace n harmony.

  47. Save our year and promote us.
    Give us Justice by checking properly n not for timepass n money.

    R13 passed out student sir…. Plis pass us and save our lives.

  48. R13 batch ni pass cheyandi sir please 2yrs waste avtundi please sir konchem alochinchandi

  49. Sir please sir m1 subject pass cheyandi r13 batch sir two years waste sir please sir

  50. Air plis understand chiyalli our condition also. We don’t want to suffer more again. Plis promote us n save our carer.

  51. Sir paper correction sariga cheyatledu dinivalana one year waste avtundi edi chala anyayam, internal marks lekapovadam valana Baga rasina kuda fail avtunnam
    Plsss genuine ga paper correction cheyandi????????????

  52. It’s already past 2 months n still now we didn’t get our RV results. Kindly promote us n save our life n career sir.
    Plis pass us n give us Justice.

  53. Please promote all students. We r suffering equally with the world. Have some sympathy for us.

  54. Seriously…. Students who don’t even study n write only GIVEN in answer paper pass out n those who write genuinely don’t even get marks to apply for reevaluation. This is so sad n sickening that we students waste our year just because of teachers time pass Checking of papers for money.
    Plis this time be genuine and promote us n save us from losing more year of our life.

  55. Why are you earning money by failing the students and enjoying with students’ life. Those who are not attending classes properly are passing the subjects and those are not attempting properly also getting pass marks why you people are not correcting properly. Every professor who is not correcting properly is earning money infraction of seconds by evaluating the papers without seeing properly. This is happening only in JNTUK and earning money from students and constructing buildings. So, from onwards please try to change or else we will take action otherwise.

  56. Sir If u go through the comment section almost 90% of the students r suffering from m1 backlog. Plis care for our lives n future n Promote all reevaluation papers. Please this is our last hope. Don’t make us take unpleasant step. Please….?!!!

  57. Sir please pass my m1 subject revolution I kept sir r13 regulation
    I have only 1 subject only
    sir already 2 years was wasted sir
    Please sir pass me sir my m1 subject revaluation please sir ????????????

  58. PlZ pass all the students sir i hv only one sub frm past 4 years that drawing sub only failed plzz pass mee sir plzz

  59. Sir this is a true hearted request to plis pass all reevaluation papers.
    We request you to plis save our year and future.
    Plis… Save us from this pandemic by promoting the students n not letting them write the exams again n again.

  60. Sir…. When will u release results..?? Plis promote the papers n save us from this pandemic n wasting our one year.

  61. We already have more than 30+ suicide case of students in 2020. Plis don’t let us waste our year n life for m1 subject.
    Plis promote all RV/RC papers. Plis Sir.!!!

  62. Sir its already 48 days after applying RV. Plis pass all students n help us from wasting 1 more year of our precious life.
    I’ve only m1 backlog n I’m passed out student. Plis have pitty n sympathy upon passed out student.

  63. Sir can u plis tell us why m1 teachers hate us so much. Y he never check our papers genuinely n why the heck never give us enough marks to atleast apply for grace marks. We try our best to pass this one subject but still stuck after my passed out. We also write it genuinely n again waste our year for this sub. Plis help us and our future.

  64. Sir plis pass all students of RV. Plis sir our carreer n future is in ur hands alone now. Plis know that we r someone’s children n have to look after our fam too. Plis pass all RV N RC paper.

  65. Sir i got job in Capgemini in hyderabad but i have one backlog that is m1 sir so please pass sir my life changes that subject sir why because my family was poor sir

  66. Sir what we are asking is just give us pass mark n Pass all reevaluation papers. Plis…. Save our lives from this pandemic.

  67. Sir,please release revaluation result sir.I wrote well but I failed sir my I don’t know.I am waiting for this result plsss release sir

  68. Sir plis save our year by passing all the reevaluation papers especially m1. Only m1 backlog vaaa. Plis sir, I’m very far away from college n because of this pandemic we r all suffering the same. Plis understand our situation also.

  69. Sir when release results. Plis pass all reevaluation paper sir.
    We write well that’s y we’re going for reevaluation. Plis pass all n save our year from wasting more. Plis sir we r wasting our time n future of student.

  70. sir, please pass rv papers…….i wrote well but fail ..i can”t understand
    so re correct all papers …our lifes are depending up on your corrrection

  71. Sir plis pass all reevaluation paper. We r suffering the most wasting one year of our life n searcg jobs too. Plis sir only 1 backlog is m1. R13 passed out students ki pass cheyandi sir.

  72. dates are not released from JNTUK Exam Cell, If any information is found, we will inform.

  73. sir please pass physics exam sir i got 16 marks plz add 8 marks i write exam very gud

  74. Sir revaluation results yepudu vadultharo chepandi sir please oka date evadi sir please

  75. Sir most student fail in m1 y…? Plis pass all reevaluation paper. We lost so many years for this one subject only.

  76. Sir i got job in techmahindra in hyderabad but i have one backlog that is m1 sir so please pass sir my life changes that subject sir why because my family was poor sir ????????

  77. Sir I have only one backlog M1 plz correct genuinely and I wrote it well so please pass me and all revolution papers

  78. Sir plis pass all reevaluation papers. Especially m1. I wrote very well but got only 9 marks. I wrote 26 pages n its not a joke. I wrote it genuinely. Plis pass chesturu.
    I’m passed out student. I need to apply for job.

  79. Sir… Plis pass all reevaluation students. This pandemic is getting worse. My dad is a front line n haven’t come home for 3 months now. My brother is positive after coming from Delhi.
    Sir plis our fam is suffering so much now. N Im in my hometown n can’t go to college for writing exams. Sir plis pass all.

  80. Sir I have one backlog 1-1 result’s has been declared, I have got (15marks )in M1 subject (r13 )batch .I want 9 marks more would I applicable for grace marks ..please reply sir

  81. Sir please pass all the revaluation recaounting student who have given ….please sir

  82. Sir I’m passed out student only with 1 backlog In m1. Plis check genuinely n pass all. We’ve been waiting for more than 7 month with already delay of 1 1 exams. Plis pass all reevaluation students in this pandemic. Plis be mercyful for us.


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