JNTUK Status of Applications for 0.15% Adjustment of Marks Phase 11- 24-01-2019

JNTUK Status of Applications for 0.15% Adjustment of Marks On 24-01-2019: JNTUK released the Status of application for the grace marks list on 24th Jan 2019 those who are applied for the Grace marks on Dec they check the grace marks status on below. To check all the GRace marks in below till released on the day for more updates follow this page regular manner.

JNTUK Phase 11 Grace marks on 24-01-2019

JNTUK Grace Marks results

JNTUK Grace Marks Results – Info:

Here we give the Check Status of 0.15% Adjustment of Marks for all the applied candidates for the jntuk Results for Grace marks. Those Grace marks is useful to increase they marks.This Inter-base Students= 8 marks (max 2 subject), Diploma base students = 6 marks (max 2 subject) is max marks is added for this Grace Marks.


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How To Check JNTUK Adjustment of Marks Results :

In below we provided all the released JNTUK Grace Marks List Pdf. Once check your number in all previously released Grace Marks list are provided in below. That Grace marks or0.15% Adjustment Marks is released in phases wise. Those students are not Release they result yet please be wait for the Next phase of Grace Marks list. jntuk grace marks status, jntuk 0.15% adjustment of marks, jntuk grace marks results r13

JNTUK Phase-11 Grace Mark Updated 0n 24-01-2019

Following students have applied for 0.15% adjustment of marks to become Eligible for the issue of Provisional Certificate. The Principals are hereby informed that the process is completed and requested to take necessary action. 24-01-2019.

sno HNTO
1 13221A0407
2 132B1A0317
3 13541A0324
4 136K1A0332
5 136K1A0425
6 137C1A0521
7 138H1A0516
8 138X1A0317
9 13901A0401
10 13FF1A0126
11 13FF1A0307
12 13HP1A0233
13 13HT1A0309
14 13HU1A0514
15 13JQ1A0145
16 13JU1A0102
17 13JU1A0315
18 13JU1A0412
19 13K61A0398
20 13KP1A0527
21 13KP1A0535
22 13KR1A0345
23 13MN1A0117
24 13MP1A0304
25 13MP1A0309
26 13NE1A03A3
27 13NG1A0443
28 13NM1A0315
29 13NN1A0521
30 13NP1A0541
31 13NR1A0501
32 13NT1A0328
33 13PA1A0459
34 14351A0435
35 14351A0447
36 14351A0486
37 143B1A0534
38 143C1A0448
39 143J1A0335
40 14471A0301
41 14471A0349
42 14471A04A5
sno HNTO
43 14471A05C2
44 14475A0118
45 146B1A0313
46 146B5A0133
47 146C1A0319
48 146C1A0364
49 146C1A0432
50 146N1A0133
51 146N1A0234
52 146N1A0596
53 146N1A05B6
54 146Q1A0110
55 146Q1A0314
56 146T1A0317
57 147T1A0106
58 147T1A0515
59 147Y1A0318
60 14851A0575
61 148A1A0330
62 148H1A0134
63 148T1A0348
64 148X1A0133
65 148X5A0105
66 14981A0383
67 149H1A0139
68 149P1A0410
69 149P1A0527
70 14A31A04M1
71 14A31A1204
72 14A91A0183
73 14AJ1A0309
74 14AJ1A0482
75 14AP5A0418
76 14B21A0328
77 14B21A03D5
78 14BJ1A0337
79 14BJ1A0446
80 14BQ1A0361
81 14BQ1A05B3
82 14E91A0501
83 14F01A04J1
84 14G61A0114
85 14H71A0407
86 14H71A04G4
87 14HT1A0561
88 14HU1A0335
89 14HU1A0504
90 14JH1A0526
91 14JH1A0574
92 14JK1A0418
93 14JM1A0105
94 14JM1A0311
95 14JM1A0402
96 14JP1A0415
97 14JQ1A3520
98 14K11A0416
99 14K11A0438
100 14K11A0501
101 14K61A0363
102 14K61A0466
103 14KD1A0535
104 14KK1A01A9
105 14KK1A0430
106 14KK1A0478
107 14KN1A0431
108 14KN5A0435
109 14KP1A0306
110 14KP1A0514
111 14KQ1A0173
112 14KQ1A05A4
113 14KR1A0106
114 14L31A0404
115 14L61A0512
116 14MA1A05A2
117 14ME1A0518
118 14MP1A0328
119 14MQ1A0489
120 14MT5A0305
121 14MU1A0504
122 14NA1A0408
123 14ND1A04B9
124 14NE1A04C9
125 14NF1A0108
126 14NH1A0452
sno HNTO
127 14NH1A0536
128 14NP1A0588
129 14PA1A0215
130 14PA1A0337
131 14Q71A03A4
132 14Q71A03D1
133 14R81A0321
134 14S01A0410
135 14W31A0402
136 14W31A0504
137 14W61A0447
138 14X41A0486
139 153B5A0501
140 153B5A0509
141 15495A0302
142 15525A0341
143 156C5A0401
144 156G5A0368
145 157D5A0110
146 15A35A0407
147 15A35A0411
148 15A45A0207
149 15AP5A0401
150 15B25A0336
151 15B45A0104
152 15B45A0127
153 15B45A0137
154 15H45A0203
155 15H45A0211
156 15HU5A0304
157 15JK5A0312
158 15JM5A0303
159 15JQ5A0418
160 15KK5A0124
161 15MD5A0403
162 15MD5A0408
163 15MH5A0408
164 15MQ5A0107
165 15S05A0414
166 15U45A0119

Any one number is not in the list even if they applied for the jntuk grace marks 2018 then comment on below.

JNTUK Phase-12 Status of Applications for 0.15% Adjustment of Marks On 28-01-2019

Check JNTUK Status of Applications for 0.15% Adjustment of Marks Phase 10 List Released on 24-01-2019

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  1. 14221A0207 please release my list I applied in Dec 2018.phase 12 lp kuda na result ledu

  2. sir i have applied for grace marks on jan 2, 2019, for a subject in which i scored 20 in internal and 17 in external, am i eligible for the grace marks addition

  3. dear sir/madam
    i appiled grace marks on octomber 10th 2018 my hall ticket number is 153B5A0418 and my regulation is R13 please tell my application status sir/madam, iam still not get my result could u please find my result and give update sir/madam i hope u can give reply my comment as soon as possible .

  4. Sir I have applied grace marks on August 2018 still no update what is my application status of grace marks my hall ticket no 14jf1a0417 once check release my result pls sir/madam please

  5. Sir nenu apply chesi appude 6months aindi sir applychesetappudu just 3months lo aipotundi annaru eppudu vachchi university lo adigina next month next month antunnaru kani elanti response ledu use ledu subject avvatledu anekada sir eeway choose chesukunnam but ikkada kuda ilacheste ma life enti sir so plsss help us fast sir ippatiki appude 2 and half years aipoindi btech nunchi bayatiki vachchi so please sir
    My hall ticket number 12221A0378

  6. Check all released phases mark’s till now.if you already checked wait for next phase results.

  7. SiR This is Nagarjuna (13kp1a01b7 )
    I’m applied grace marks in January 17th 2019. Please check and my status .
    How to check my grace marks status by me……?

  8. Sir I got 18 marks it’s an last attempt I had in this year and I want to add 8 marks to that subject because I got only 14 marks as average can it possible sir can I add 8 marks and would I pass the subject? Sir

  9. I have a number in above list what does it means marks are added or will be add please reply Mr sir. As soon as possible. Thank you sir for Early response.

  10. Hello sir , roll no:14B21A0376 I applied grace marks on 23rd december 2018 but my results is not coming out..

  11. Sir I had applied on June 6 2018 till now there is no result for my number 12a91a04h5.please check for me

  12. I am ganta AVL NARASIMHA Reddy on 159H5A0405 Applied on 3rd January plz send me results sir , it’s SS sbjuct (RT21044) with 19marks +5 grace marks =24 I will be in getting the provisional certificate plz consider my request with kind heart and sir.

  13. hello sir,roll no 14KK1A01DO i applied grace marks on 17 dec 2018 but my results is not coming out …
    i had only one theory subject with 38 marks without internal marks please check for me

  14. Sir na roll no:143B1A0340 Nenu August lo Grace marks ki apply chesaanu eppati varaku raledu enthaku mundu comment pedite 10th phase varaku wait cheymannaru na number 10th and 11th phase lo kuda ledu plz sir na Grace marks status yento cheppandi.


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