TS SBTET Diploma Bio metric Attendance Information Nov 2019

TS SBTET Biometric Attendance: In this connection, it is informed that the last working day for the odd semester is 02-11-2019 as per the academic calendar. The examinations scheduled to be commenced from 04-11-2019

TS SBTET-Implement Biometric Attendance for staff & students for all colleges:

The attendance for this odd semester 2019 shall be considered from the date of
commencement of classwork i.e, 19-06-2019 to till the last working day i.e, 02-11-2019
(90 working days)

In the letter under reference cited above, in the para 2 (ii) certain instructions issued and
the same is applicable for all the students of the odd semester to compensate for the shortfall in the attendance.

The attendance for this semester shall be considered from the date of commencement of
classwork from 19-06-2019 to till the last working day i.e. 02-11-2019 as per TS SBET Academic Calendar

There are 22 holidays from 5thSeptember-2019 to till last working day, including public
holidays, Batukamma holidays (excluding the days on which Mid sem examinations were
conducted). If a candidate attends the institution on the above 22 days and gives the
biometric attendance on these days for a minimum of 6 hours per day it shall be treated as
working day.

Only successful attempts to be taken into consideration for calculating attendance, in
view of improved in BMA technology.

Candidates who possess 75% of attendance only will be permitted to appear for the
Regular Examination. However, the Principals are empowered to condone the shortage of
attendance up to 10% based on Medical Grounds only, on the production of supporting
material of such claim. For such candidates the Head of Section of the concerned Branch
has recommended for condonation online at college login of sbtet.telangana.gov.in and
forward to the Principal, the Principal has to approve online all such condonation cases
before 13-10-2019 so as to enable the student to make the examination fee payment along
with condonation fees online. Principals are requested NOT to take any DDs towards
condonation fee.

The attendance % will be calculated with total attended days by the candidate plus the
Presumptive Attendance of 18 days (from 14-10-2019 to 02-11-2019) against the total
working of 90 for the semester. On the last working day 2-11-2019, the actually attended
days will be calculated if any candidate secures less then 75% attendance he has to pay
condonation fee to download the hall ticket. If any candidate secures less than 65%
attendance as on 2-11-2019 he will be detained even if he pays the examination fees and
hall ticket will be generated for such students fee to download the hall ticket.

Attendance fee payment and Hall Ticket generation criteria will be as below:

Attendance % as on
commencement of exam
fee date:14-10-2019
Hall ticket (H.T.) generation date
1 (TAD/90) ≥ 75% 550 H.T. can be downloaded once examination
fee is paid
2 (TAD+PAD)/90≥ 75% 550 a) HT can be downloaded the date on which
TAD/90 reaches 75%
b) If TAD/90 does not reach 75% but is
more then 65% as on Semester last
working day 2-11-2019, the candidates
has to pay condonation fee additionally
and download H.T.
c) If TAD/90 does not reach 65% as on
Semester last working day 2-11-2019, the
candidates will be detained and no H.T.
will be generated and fee will not be
refunded or adjusted
3 (TAD+PAD)/90≥ 65%
&< 75%
a) H.T. can downloaded if TAD/90 reaches
65% before Semester last working day 2-
b) If TAD/90 does not reach 65% as on
Semester last working day 2-11-2019, the
candidates will be detained and no H.T.
will be generated and fee will not be
refunded or adjusted
4 (TAD+ PAD)/90< 65% Not eligible The candidate is detained
  • TAD= Total Attended Days as on 13-10-2019by the student.
  • PAD= Presumptive Attended Days as 2-11-2019 will be taken as 18 days

The System Analyst of SBTET shall give the attendance of eligible candidates as per the above conditions on or before 13-10-2019 from the data of attendance furnished by TSTS.

  • The examination section shall generate hall tickets to only those candidates basing
    on the eligibility list furnished by System Analyst of SBTET basing on the biometric
    attendance of TSTS.

Under no circumstances, candidates having less than 65% of attendance shall not
be permitted to pay the fee for the above-said examination.

  • Under no circumstances, the manual attendance shall not be considered, as the
    manual attendance is dispensed.

The Principals are requested to follow the above instructions scrupulously and any
deviations will be viewed seriously.

TS Diploma SBTET Exam Time Table 2019

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  1. Sir in our collage hole 1 year and 2 year Polytechnic only 20 or 30 members are having above 65%to75% and remaining are having below 65% so sir all students are detained who are having below 65% attendance

  2. I have less attendance after cumulative of both summer classes and sem I got only 53% of attendance am I eligible to write June 2019 exams for detained students?? Please help

  3. Sir I want to know my attendance for every month but how is still didn’t understand

  4. Sir I have an health problem in this semester from few days I didn’t attend clg nearly one month is there any chance to increase the attendance

  5. Sir i an have health problem i did not attend clg for 1 month any way to chance to increase attendence or to get to not detained

  6. How many days did a semester have and how many minimum days should we attend to get eligible for exams

  7. Sir how we know about our supply results already our SEM exam dates are issued these attendance percentage are also clear now how we can prepare for our exams ,
    Which subjects we are cleared what we want to read ,and how we prepare for exams ??????

  8. How much % decrease..if we didn’t give biometric in one day…plz give me reply sir……this is my honourable request…..

  9. Sir I got in this 3rd semester 72.85% upto 19/9/2019 again from 20 igave biometric upto 27 it will be increase upto 75% or shall I give biometric in dusshera hldys alsoo

  10. Sir /mam please give us attendance linkthat we can know our attendance percentage and when you will update it to us sir /mam.

  11. Sir my attendance is 66% till September month I have not gone in dusshera holidays. Attendance decrease or increase sir

  12. Before bhatukamma holiday my attendance is 78%.it will be decrease or not sir.when i not attend after holiday .plz give rply sir plz sir

  13. Sir due to health issue I have missed my class now I have 51 % . Does it can be increased to 65% in 18days .
    Please reply sir


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