Anna University Practical Exams Schedule Dec 2020

Anna University has released the Practical Exams Schedule Fro All UG/PG Degree Programme is going to conduted on this months. In JNTUFASTRESULT provided the Anna University Practical Exams Dates information.

Anna University UG/PG Practical Exams Schedule

Anna University Results

ANNA University Practical Exams Schedule

University Anna University, Tamil Nadu
Examination Anna University UG/PG Exam Notification
Category Exam Notification
Status Released on 22nd Nov 2020


Anna University UG/PG Practical Exams Dates 2020:

It is informed that the Government have granted permission, in the reference cited, to conduct the practical and theory semester examinations for Nov/Dec 2020 through ‘Proctored online’ mode for the currently enrolled UG/PG students of higher semesters.

Accordingly, you are requested to conduct the practical examinations for UG/PG higher semester students from 17.12 2020 to 30.12.2020 for those registered by your institution in this semester. The modalities to be followed for the conduct of the online practical examinations is enclosed herewith. You are requested to get in touch with the Zonal Coordinator/Zonal Officer of your zone for any additional necessary support.

Anna University Practical Exams Dates 2020:

Anna University Practical Examinations Schedule or Anna University Practical Timetable for UG/PG on Nov/Dec 2020 Examinations – All UG/PG Degree Programme has been published.

Dates of Practical Examination: 17th Dec to 30th Dec 2020 (For all higher semester candidates)

Anna University UG/PG Exams Timetable 2020 – Released

Procedure for the conduct of University end-semester examinations for practical/laboratory Courses through online proctored mode during the Nov/Dec 2020 examinations

1. The laboratory course examination shall be conducted online through any suitable popular online video communication services.

2. The laboratory examination shall be conducted using the usual procedure of appointing internal and external examiners prescribed by the University.

3. The duration of the examination shall be 3 Hrs.

4. The college principals shall create necessary weblink for the conduct of the online laboratory course examination and publish/post the same in the university web portal along with other necessary details such as list of students’ registered, internal examiner appointed, session and date.

5. The college principal shall coordinate with the internal examiners of the laboratory course and communicate the weblink to all the eligible students who have registered for the laboratory examinations.

6. The examination shall be conducted using any suitable open source platform/ scientific software packages/ Simulation software/Modelling tools/ Design software/ loT enabled/ loT assisted/ Comprehensive Assessment Method in the online made.

7. Any suitable open source platform/ scientific software packages/ simulation software/Modelling tools/ Design software can be used for IT/CSE/ Design/ Programming laboratory courses.

8. For courses other than IT/CSE/ programming laboratory, if possible, it is recommended to use any suitable open source platform/ scientific software packages/ Simulation software/Modelling tools/ Design software/ loT enabled/ loT assisted approaches for the online laboratory courses examination.

9. If usage of open source platform/ scientific software packages/ Simulation software/Modelling tools/ Design software/ loT enabled/ loT assisted approaches is not possible, for certain lab courses, then a comprehensive assessment method as follows may be adopted. The external examiner shall assess the students’ performance orally online based on the complete understanding of the lab courses and the particular experiment. The following points shall be taking into account: objectives/ theory/concepts/ laws/ procedure/ design steps/ methods/ techniques/ Algorithms/ methodologies need to be used for the experiment, inference/observations, significant outcome of the experiments, advantages/ disadvantages, Applications, etc.

10. Objective type (MCQ) questions shall be set by the external examiner based on the syllabus of the laboratory course. The MCQ test may be conducted for all the students of the class/college using any open source platform such as Google forms/ Microsoft teams, etc. and the copies of the responses of the same must be forwarded to the concerned Zonal Office.

11. The external examiner shall set the questions based on the prescribed university syllabus jointly with internal examiner for the conduct of the laboratory examinations. The relevant and the usual procedure of the University is to be followed for the conduction of the exams.

12. Students shall use plain A4 sheets for answering the lab examinations questions
posed to them.

13. At the end of the laboratory examination, each student has to send the scanned copies of the lab course write-up-answer-sheet to the email IDs of the external examiner and internal examiners. The write-up answer shall contain the Aim, equipment / apparatus/ software / software suites/ hardware/ tools/ components/ accessories required to carry out the experiments, theory/concepts/ laws/procedure/design steps/ methods/ techniques/ Algorithms/ methodologies /calculations, circuit diagrams/ schematic diagrams/ flow chart/ process  diagrams, graph/plot/ model plot/ model graph, tables/model tables,
inference/observation and results.

14. The external examiner shall evaluate the scanned copies of the answer sheet of the individual students and award the marks based on the prescribed mark split up given in point 17. The consolidated mark statement of the laboratory course, bearing the details of all the students’ those who have attended the online lab examinations must be prepared and signed by the external examiner. The scanned copy of the same must be communicated to the internal examiner. The internal examiner shall enter the marks of the students in the university web portal strictly based on the consolidated mark statement given by the external examiner. Usual procedures are to be followed for Mark entry and for other examination related activities.

15. The scanned copies of the answers sheets and soft copies of the MCQ test documents of all the students of the courses must be forwarded to the zonal office by the examiners and in turn, the zonal office shall consolidate all the soft copies of the different lab courses and keep all the files college-wise in a separate folder for each course and submit the same jn a CD to the office of the COE for further action.

16. The Zonal Coordinator/Zonal Officer shall appoint Vigilance Squad members for proctoring the laboratory courses. You are advised to inform the internal examiners to permit the Vigilance Squad to log in during the examination period.

17. The evaluation scheme and awarding of marks may be carried out as given

1 Online test (MCQ with 4 options / Objective type questions – 15 Questions- for all the students)  – 15 marks 

2 Aim, equipment / apparatus/ software / software suites/hardware/tools/ components/ accessories required for carrying out the experiments, theory/concepts/ laws/ procedure/ design steps/methods/techniques/ Algorithms/ methodologies/calculations, circuit diagrams/schematic diagrams/ flow chart/ process diagrams, graph/plot/ model
plot/ model graph, tables/model tables, Record/observation books – 65 marks 

3. Results/inference /observations 10 marks

4. Viva-voce 10 marks – 100 marks

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