JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 Sem Results Sept/Oct 2022 (OUT)- Supply Exams

JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 Results 2022: JNTU Anthapur Conducted the 1st year 1st semester Regular & Supply Examination on Sept/Oct 2022 For R19, R15, R13 Regulation, So Students those who are taken the JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 Sem R19, R15, R13 Regulation Regular/Supply Examination are waiting for JNTUA B.tech 1-1 Sem R20 Results 2022 or JNTUA B.tech 1-1 Sem R19, R15, R13 Supply Exam Results 2022 updated as soon as possible. So below we provided the JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 Results 2022 For R19, R15, R13 Regulation which is conducted on Sept/Oct 2022 Month. Here we updated the JNTUA B.tech R19/R15, R13 Regulation Regular and Supply exam Results 2022 for 3rd Year 1st-semester Exams. jntua 1-1 results 2022 or jntua B.Tech 1-1 semester results 2022 or jntua B.Tech 1-1 semester Regular Exam results 2022 or jntua B.Tech 1-1 semester Supply Exam results 2022 or jntua 1-1 Regular Exam results 2022 or jntua 1-1 semester R20 Regulation Regular Exam results 2022


JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 Sem Results Sept/Oct 2022


JNTUA B.Tech 1st Year 1st Regular /Supply Exam Results 2022:

University Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anathapuram (JNTUA)
Course B.Tech
Categories JNTUA 1-1 Semester Results
Year 1st year 1st semester
Regulation 1-1 Sem (R20, R19, R15)
Exam type Supply Examinations
Exam Month Sept/Oct 2022
Status Updated on 7th Dec 2022

JNTUA 1-1 Sem Results 2022 – Eligibility Regulations:

JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 Sem (R20, R19, R15) Supply Exam Time Tables Sept/Oct 2022 – Revised

  • JNTUA B.Tech I year I semester (R20, R19, R15) Supplementary Examinations, Sept/Oct 2022


When Can I Expected JNTUA 1-1 Results For B.Tech Sept/Oct 2022 Exams:

JNTUA 1-1 Sem B.Tech Regular exam results 2022: JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 Exams are conducted on Sept/Oct 2022, So Students who attempted JNTUA B.tech 1-1 Exams then need to wait at least 40 to 60 days to get JNTUA 1-1 Sem R19 Results 2022 or JNTUA 1-1 Sem R15, R13 Results 2022. But Some times JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 Sem exam results will Be released Fast or delayed due to some issues, So in below, we provided the Direct JNTUA University 1-1 Results Official links as per the JNTUA Results Updates.

Step -1: Exams – Completed

Step -2: Exam Paper Valuation – Complete

Step -3: Results Upload – Released For R15


How to check the JNTUA 1-1 Exam Results 2022: 

  1. Go to the Official Website For JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 Sem Regular & Supply exam results 2022 or JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 Semester Supply exam results 2022 are also provided Direct links For JNTUA 1-1 Results
  2. look around for the JNTUA B.tech 1-1 Regular/Supply Results 2022.
  3. Click on the link provided for the jntua 1-1 Results September 2022.
  4. Enter your Credentials i.e., HALL TICKET NUMBER, DATE OF BIRTH.
  5. Enter the Correct Verification Code/Captcha.
  6. JNTUA 1-1 Sem R19 Results 2022 or JNTUA 1-1 Sem R15, R13 Results 2022 will appear on that page.
  7. Take a print out or else you can download that marks in a Pdf format until you get the original marks memo.

JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 Sem [R20/ R19/R15] Supply Exam Results Sept/Oct 2022

JNTUA B.Pharm 1-1 Sem Exam Results – Released



JNTUA B.Tech I Year I Semester (R15) Supplementary Examinations Results Sept/Oct 2022 — Result Link ( Released On 29th Nov 2022)

JNTUA B.Tech I Year (R13) (2014 Batch) Supplementary Examinations Results – September 2022 — Result Link ( Released On 7th Dec 2022)

JNTUA B.Tech I Year I Semester (R19) Supplementary Examinations Results Sept/Oct 2022 — Result Link ( Not Yet Released)

JNTUA B.Tech I Year I Semester (R20) Supplementary Examinations Results Sept/Oct 2022 — Result Link ( Not Yet Released)

Last Date to Apply for RC, CV & PCA: Not Yet Issued


Apply for JNTUA 1-1 Sem Recounting / Revaluation / challenge valuation Procedure:

If the students are not satisfied with the marks obtained by the JNTUA can go for the Recounting, Revaluation and Challenge Valuation process to increase their marks. This process is done through the ONLINE payment method. The notification will be given to applying for RC/RV/CV then the students of B.Tech 1-1 can apply for this. This complete information on how to apply is given in the link below.

Procedure To Apply JNTUA Recounting

How to Apply JNTUA Challenge Valuation

PhotoCopy Answer Scripts Procedure

Old Results:

JNTUA B.Tech I Year I Semester (R15) Supplementary Examinations Results April & May 2022 —https://jntuaresults.ac.in/view-results?resultSetId=5f7cd2e8-bcbb-4d3b-91db-6762d5eec20c

JNTUA B.Tech I Year I Semester (R19) Supplementary Examinations Results April & May 2022 —https://jntuaresults.ac.in/view-results?resultSetId=68a3c4b6-96a0-4b25-84de-ada1f07d7eb2

JNTUA B.Tech I Year I Semester (R20) Regular & Supplementary Examinations Results April & May 2022 —https://jntuaresults.ac.in/view-results?resultSetId=fb1924a4-494e-41ba-a9ad-0aff49cc0064

JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 Semester (R20) (For 2020 Admitted Batch) Supplementary Examinations Results – February/March 2022 – Results Link (Released on 8th April 2022) 

For more Updates on JNTUA follow us on the jntufastresult.com If You Have Any Queries/ Suggestions / Doubts/ Complaints, Feel Free To Comment Below.

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