JNTUH Information No Payment To Faculty During Lockdown Period


JNTUH Information No Salary To faculty During Lock Down Period

The University is in receipt of grievances / representations from some of the faculty members working in various Affiliated Colleges of JNTUH, wherein they have mentioned that the Managements / Principals of the Affiliated Colleges have resorted to the following during the lock down period in the wake of the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 (Novel Corona Virus):

(i) Issuance of termination orders to the faculty members without a valid reason during the lockdown period OR

(ii) Non-payment/ Partial payment of salaries to the faculty members.

The University is strictly following the directions of the State Government by observing the lockdown for all the Constituent and Affiliated (Autonomous and Non-Autonomous) Colleges wherein classes have been suspended in the college premises till 14th April, 2020 in view of the COVID-19 (Novel Corona Virus) and the Managements / Principals also have to strictly adhere to the same. The Managements / Principals are directed not to recruit (without duly constituted Selection Committee / without University permission) or terminate any faculty member during this lockdown period. However, in case of any emergency, if the College / Institute wants to terminate the services of faculty member(s), it shall be through the mutual consent (i.e., between the College and faculty member(s)) as per the established Service Rules of the Institute and with due intimation of the same to the University in advance. The University may consider the termination / appointment of such faculty member(s) to be valid then only as per the affiliation norms, failing which, the College shall be liable for the consequences during the affiliation process for the ensuing A.Y.2020-21.

Hence, the Colleges / Institutes are informed that they shall take care of the welfare of the faculty members during the lockdown period with regard to payment of full salaries regularly to the faculty members and not terminating the faculty members.

Further, the Managements / Administration of the Colleges / Institutes are informed to be proactive and take responsibility to resolve such grievances raised by their faculty members or the students at the College / Institute level itself and ensure that they do not raise any complaint to the University in this regard, failing which the University shall initiate stern and stringent action against the erring Colleges / Institutes as per the University Affiliation norms. This is for your information and necessary action.


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