JNTUH B.Tech/B.Pharm 4-2 project viva-voce Exam – New Guideline

JNTUH New guidelines & Schedule to conduct online evaluation of B.Tech/B.Pharmacy 4-2 project viva-voce exam:

JNTUH (JNTU-Hyderabad) The Principals are informed to note the following guidelines with regard to conduct of online project evaluation cum viva exams of IV Year B.Tech/B.Pharm II Sem students due to COVID-19 pandemic lockdown :

1) The online project evaluation cum viva examinations of IV BTech / BPharm II Sem. are to be scheduled between 21-05-2020 to 31-05-2020, using online video conferencing mode only..

2) The video conferencing platform should be identified by the college from Cisco WebEx/ Google Meet / Microsoft Teams / BigBlueButton or any other alternative video conferencing platform. The students should be trained to get acquinted with the usage of the same.

3) University shall appoint one external examiner for every batch (section) of around 60 students. The comfort of the external examiner with the (identified) video conferencing platform should also be taken into consideration.

4) The time scheduling of batch-wise project evaluations of the entire section need to be done by the respective heads of the department. The same should be communicated to the students as well as to the external examiners.

5) The students should submit softcopy of their respective project-works (one report for each batch) to the college. The soft-copies of these project reports should be grouped section-wise. All project reports of one section should be mailed to the external examiners of respective sections/branch at least one day before the scheduled date of project viva exam.

6) There must be one internal evaluation of the projects using the same online video conferencing plot form. This internal evaluation should be scheduled at least one day before the external project evaluation date. This online internal project evaluation should carry sufficient weightage in the assessment of internal marks of the project work.

7) The team of project evaluation should comprise of external examiner, guide and other members as specified in academic regulations. All the students of one project batch (who are present) should be evaluated at one time slot.

8) The video mode must be set on at the student terminals while evaluation is being done and all the students must be visible to the evaluation committee at the time of evaluation. The resposibility of identification of the students of project batches lies with the guides of the respective batches during the project work evaluation.

9) The video of all the project-viva proceedigns should be recorded and preserved in the department for future verifications purpose. Necessary applications have to be installed for recording the proceedings of the evaluation.

10) The colleges should instruct students to submit their hard-copy project reports to the colleges on or before the date of issue of hall-tickets (for writing their IV-II sem exams). The bonafide certificates in the project reports should be signed by superviser(s), HOD and the Principal and issue the student copy to the students by retaining the dept. copies.

11) Due to internet bandwidth problems, if any student is unable to attend for online project evaluation, a separate session with the same external examiner shall be scheduled at a later date. The details of all such students should be intimated to this office by the Principals in writing on or before 05-06-2020.

12) This time a new service is added in view of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown for external marks upload. The external project Viva-voce evaluation marks shall be uploaded to the exams registration portal from Principals’s login and take printout of provisional report on the day of Project Viva-voce exam. The external examiner will login to the portal with the JNTUH communicated credentials and will verify the uploaded marks. He can also alter the marks if required.

13) If any student is absent due to internet problems at his/her place of residence, a separate schedule will be issued later for such students. After completion of Viva-voce exam of such students, their marks will also be posted in the provisional award list by the external examiner and freeze the marks. Once the marks are frozen the colleges can download the final marks reports.

14) The titles of the project reports (of the students) must be meaningful and self-explanatory. The project review committees at the department-level should pay sufficient attention to give inputs to the students to incorporate necessary corrections in the titles of the project works. Appropriate titles of the project works shall be made as one parameter for awarding the marks in the external project evaluation

Your cooperation is highly solicited.

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  1. I think no one are interested to attempt the online viva of their project…I think this is not a good idea…


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