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What is JNTUH Subject Exemption?

If a student has sufficient credits to get the Provisional Certificate as per their academic regulations as given by JNTUH university to all constructed and affiliated colleges and failed in one or two subjects, the student can forego the performance in these failed subjects and can apply for the issue of Provisional Certificate. Here the student has to give an undertaking stating that he/she will never apply for the supplementary exams conducted by the University in the future.

What are JNTUH Grace marks?

If a student fails in one or two subjects, then those subjects have an option to add the internal marks to those subjects to get acquiring the required credits (for the issue of Provisional Certificate) then such grace marks will be added and the Provisional Certificate will be issued to the candidate. If any candidate applies for the grace marks, the Original Marks Memo(s) containing the subject(s) for which the addition of Grace Marks is applicable should be submitted along with the letter.

JNTUH R18 subject exemption and grace marks – Info

A student (i) shall register for all courses/subjects covering 160 credits as specified and listed in the course structure, (ii) fulfill all the attendance and academic requirements for 160 credits, (iii) earn all 160 credits by securing SGPA >= 5.0 (in each semester), and CGPA (at the end of each successive semester) >= 5.0, (iv) passes all the mandatory courses, to successfully complete the undergraduate program. The performance of the student in these 160 credits shall be taken into account for the calculation of ‘the final CGPA (at the end of the undergraduate program), and shall be indicated in the grade card for the IV years II semestera.


JNTUH B.Tech R18 Regulations Grace Marks Eligible list – Released on 15th Sept 2022

College-wise provisional list of B.Tech. R18 Regulations students who are eligible to apply for grace marks have been prepared and made available in the T-Sheets option in the exam portals of the respective Principal logins. For availing grace marks service the students have to fill-up the Form-5 (to be downloaded from students service portal) and the Principals have to sign at the appropriate place in the respective from. The form need to be either printed on the college letter-head / with a separate covering letters from the Principal enclosing the appropriate from and sent to the office of the Director of Evaluaiton. The performance in the examinations for which results are awaited and / or RC, RV & CV, shall be nullified if they apply for the PC & CMM under grace marks service. They shall not be permitted to write any future examinations.

The Applications received by 30-09-2022 forenoon shall be processed on priority basis and efforts will be made to issue PC & CMM at the earliest possible date. The Principals are requested to note the following information with regard to grace marks.

1. A Separate form (Form-5) earmarked for grace marks service need to be filled up.

2. Marks shall be added up to 9 marks for four year B.Tech. course in failed subjects and 7 marks for Lateral entry students of B.Tech. course (maximum of two subjects).

3. All the semester marks/grade memos from the month/year specified in the list uploaded to portal today where the subject(s) have been shown as Fail need to be surrendered along with the Filled-in Form-5 (with the Principal endorsement). The selective new grade memos will be re-issued after processing of grace marks from the University Examination Branch along with PC & CMM.

The cooperation of the Principals is highly solicited.


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