JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Sem RC/RV Results July 2022 -Info

JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 RC/RV Results 2022: JNTUK has conducted the Regular or Supply semester examination for 2nd years 1st semester for R16 and R13 & R10 Regulation. This JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 result is announced on July 2022 and the Last date to apply Recounting and Revaluation and challenge valuation those results are updated below. Those candidates are applied for the JNTUK 2-1 RC Results 2022 & JNTUK 2-1 RV Results 2022 are announced below.


JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Sem RC/RV Results 2022:



JNTUK 2-1 Regular/Supply RC/RV Results July 2022 | JNTUK 2-1 RC/RV Result 2022 Information:

JNTUK Results: Here we updated the jntuk R10 revaluation results 2022 and jntuk R13 recounting results 2022 in below. Check all jntuk fast updates results for RC/RV information on below and You may also check the jntuk results for regular/supply results for B.tech results 2022.


University Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada.
Examination JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 RC/ RV Regular/Supply Results July 2022.
Category RC/RV Results
Status Not Yet Released


JNTUK 2-1 Revaluation Results | JNTUK 2-1 Recounting Results 2022:

JNTUK 2-1 RC/RV Result 2022: We Updated all notifications about the jntuk Results and Jntutimetableses and jntuk Exam notification, Jntuk 2-1 Exam centers list and jntuk Mid Online bits, Jntuk Previous question papers for all the streams with regulation wise below we provided the direct link to download the results and syllabus and exam timetables.

  • JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Semester (R20) Regular Examination July 2022
  • JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Semester (R19) Supply Examination July 2022
  • JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Semester (R16) Supply Examination July 2022
  • JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Semester (R13) Supply Examination July 2022
  • JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Semester (R10) Supply Examination July 2022

JNTUK Academic Calenders

JNTUK Syllabus books

JNTUK Exam Time Table

JNTUK Question Papers

JNTUK Results 2022


JNTUK 2-1 Semester B.Tech Results for RC/RV 2022:

JNTUK RV/RC Results: Those students who are checked they JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Regular and Supply results 2022 then they are not satisfied for the 2-1 results then Applied for the JNTUK RV, JNTUK RC process then Now time to check those results for JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Rv/Rc results for R16, R13, R10 Regular/ supply 2022.



How To Check JNTUK 2-1 RC/RV Result 2022:

  • Candidates can check the JNTUK 2-1 RC (recounting) /RV (R16, R13, R10) Results link from the official website or from the link which we are given in below.
  • Click on the Download Link.
  • Now save or take the printout of the PDF.



JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 RC/RV Results 2022 Links:


JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Sem R13 supply RC/RV results 2022 – Results Link (Released)


JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Sem R16 supply RC/RV results 2022 – Results Link (Released)

JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Sem R10 Regular RC/RV results 2022 – Results Link (Released)


JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Semester RC/RV Results February 2022:

JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Semester (R20, R19, R16, R13, R10) Regular/Supplementary Examinations Recounting/Revaluation Results February 2022” are declared on 13th June 2022. The result sheets have been sent to respective college principals. Students concerned are requested to contact their college principals/exam cell staff for knowing the results.

JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Semester RC/RV Results March 2021:

JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Semester (R19, R16, R13, R10) Regular/Supplementary Examinations Recounting/Revaluation Results for March 2021” are declared on 21st July 2021. The jntuk 2-1 Rc/Rv result sheets have been sent to respective college principals. Students concerned are requested to contact their college principals/exam cell staff for knowing the results.



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    Plzz sir nannu pass cheyandi one subject tdy last date exam fee td pass cheyandi sir plzzz

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  5. Sir plz sir edc okkate undhhi pass cheyyandii sir,, certificates kavali twaraga vache jobs pothunnayi chala financial problems unnayi sir

  6. Can u release results as early as if possible because I am a job holder I want to apply the pC CM certificates

  7. Tomorrow is the last date to apply 2-1 supply, but revaluation results still not released, will it be released or not.

  8. Sir r16 2_1,sir pass cheyyandi chusi okka subject undhi please sir jobs ki eligibility undatledhu ee okka subject valla..chaala financial problems unnayi sir please sir chusi yela ina pass cheyyandu edc mek🙏🙏🙏sir.

  9. Please release the revaluation results of 2-1 Before the supply last date everytime u release revaluation results after last date of supply to get money and colleges didn’t respond to give the supply money back plz give the results as soon as possible

  10. sir please 2_1 supply revaluation results……..as soon as possible……i need to apply for supply exam if u release results 21 dec is the last date for applying supply exams…..please release results before 21 december…..please release very soon….sir🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  17. Sir miru revaluation results evvakunda exam fee ala pay chesthamu kuncham ma side nunchi think cheyandhi….???

  18. Sir pls release 2-1 revolution results sir tomorrow is last date to apply for supply pls sir

  19. Sir.. Saturday last date for supply fee.. Please release result sir.. Please… Oka subject unnavallani pass cheyandi sir..please sir.. Please🙏

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  22. Resprcted sir / madam
    As tomorrow is the last date for the supply fee so we request you to extend the date for all supply fee .
    And we request to release tha all revaluation results as soon before the supply fee .

  23. Sir, please upgrade the 2-1 r16 rv/rc results.. I failed again in rv/rc. But, I’m pretty sure that I’ll pass the Exam

  24. please release 2-1 revalution result sir last date for pay fee is complted sir release sir

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  26. Sir plz release jntuk btech 2-1 revaluation results because tomorrow is the last date for paying examination fees.

  27. Sir r16 batch ki atleast one subject exemption ivvandi sir. Intha varuku vachi last lo Oka subject daggara life antha spoil avtundi please

  28. Sir I failed in every subject how is that possible I wrote everything nice how is that even possible

  29. Please release R16( 2-1, 3-1,3-2) 2020rc/rv results . Please release. Exam fee pay from last date tomorrow (4-2-2021)

  30. Sir
    Please 2-1 results
    Exam date time last tomorrow

    Please release to 2-1 revaluation results

  31. Sir plz release jntuk btech 2-1 revaluation results. Plz sir tomorrow is the last date for paying the supply fee. Plz release sir

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  34. Sir only 2-1 sub there 1 sub this will pass apply od sir ji plz pass to a chance of r16 reguler students sir becoz r13 2 subject grace marks will be added thair regulations my super serniours 2 sub gone b tech degree will issue only r16 regultions plz do support any benifit r16 also sir ji.

  35. JNTU-K,. Please release 2-1 Oct/Nov-2020 RV/RC Results, As as possible, because of 2-1 sem exam notification is released, no more extra days for we are waiting,,,,,,, #JNTU-K

  36. Sir, we are requesting u 2 release r16 2-1 revaluation results.2-1 Supply exam fee notification also released sir… Plzz…

  37. Sir in 2-1 supplementary rv result was passed(Mos-mechanical) but it doesn’t show in the link will plz update …. As soon as possible…..

  38. Sir r16, 2_1 revalution results plz
    Supply time table also released still results r not come yet

  39. sir
    inka results link update chayaladu exams nov-2019 results release feb-2020 link update chayaladu when you will update this link too late sir this is very bad

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  45. Sir 2-1 revaluation results sir please release fast 3-1 2-2 3-2 vachayi Mari 2-1 appudu fee kati 2 months ayai chapandi

  46. sir pls release the date of
    Revaluation sir. In our class out 80 members 42 only cleared the exam sir we wrote well but we don’t why it happens,so please check the papers correctly give the results sir this my humble request to all who ever going to correct our papers.

  47. Hall ticket number :-19905A0503
    Subject code:-R1621051
    Plss tell the result of it plss sirr….

  48. sir 2-1 and 3-1 revaluation results yappudu relaese chesatru sir
    40 days avutundiii revaluation kii apply chesii

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    Pass……… Cheyandi

  51. How many days will u take to release just revaluation result for 2-1 it has cmpltd more than 40 days

  52. When we will get 2_1( r16 )rv/rc result sir ..
    Please release littel fast sir..

  53. It’s mar1 when u will release RV results respected organization I need to apply supply we you please take me consider and release RV results as faster then as please R16 nov2018 2-1 RV results as possible as I need to study for supply if it has been went wrong please

  54. its been so long applied for revaluation results. please release quickly. taking a lot lot lot time

  55. Please Can you even update the page.. that how many days you still need to revaluate the papers


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