JNTUK RV/RC Results – B.Tech/B.Pharm/MBA/MCA/M.Tech/M.Pharm

JNTUK RV/RC Results: JNTUK gives another opportunity to increase the marks by applying the jntuk revaluation, JNTUK Recounting, jntuk Challenge Valuation. So here you can check all jntuk results for jntuk 4-1 advanced supply revaluation results in 2018, jntuk revaluation results, jntuk Recounting results in below.

JNTUK RV/RC Results:

JNTUK B.Tech/B.Pharm/MBA/MCA/M.Tech/M.Pharm RV/RC Results:

Here we provided all the RC, Rv results like jntuk 3-1 revaluation results, jntuk 2-1 revaluation results,jntuk 4-1 revaluation results, jntuk 1-1 revaluation results, jntuk 1-2 revaluation results, jntuk 2-2 revaluation results, jntuk 3-2 revaluation results for all B.Tech/B.Pharm/MBA/MCA/M.Tech/M.Pharm and apply through the online for RC/RV/CV.

JNTUK Academic Calendars

JNTUK Syllabus books

JNTUK Exam Time Table

JNTUK Question Papers

JNTUK Results 2019

Procedure To Apply JNTUK RC/RV/CV

JNTUK Recounting/Revaluation Results:

Here providing you with the list of JNTU Kakinada RC/RV Results in information for All UG/PG courses like B.Tech, B.Pharmacy, MBA, MCA, M.Tech, M.Pharmacy. JNTUK Recounting/Revaluation Results. Those candidates are not satisfied with the released results then they are applied for the jntuk 3-1 revaluation apply online, jntuk 4-1 revaluation apply online, jntuk 1-1 revaluation apply online, jntuk 1-2 revaluation apply online and more jntuk revaluation results 4-1 2018 info. here To check JNTUK RV Results, JNTUK RC Results.


JNTUK B.Tech Recounting/Revaluation Results

Here we provided the Results for the Regulation B.Tech
R19 | R16 | R13 | R10 | R07 | R05 | RR | NR

JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 RC/RV Results
JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 RC/RV Results

JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 RC/RV Results
JNTUK B.Tech 2-2 RC/RV Results

JNTUK B.Tech 3-1 RC/RV Results
JNTUK B.Tech 3-2 RC/RV Results

JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 RC/RV Results
JNTUK B.Tech 4-2 RC/RV Results

JNTUK B.Pharm Recounting/Revaluation Results

B.Pharmacy – R17 | R16 | R13 | R10 | R07 | R05

JNTUK B.Pharm 1-1 RC/RV Results
JNTUK B.Pharm 1-2 RC/RV Results

JNTUK B.Pharm 2-1 RC/RV Results
JNTUK B.Pharm 2-2 RC/RV Results

JNTUK B.Pharm 3-1 RC/RV Results
JNTUK B.Pharm 3-2 RC/RV Results

JNTUK B.Pharm 4-1 RC/RV Results
JNTUK B.Pharm 4-2 RC/RV Results

JNTUK MBA Recounting/Revaluation Results

MBA – R16 | R13 | R09

JNTUK MBA I-sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK MBA II-sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK MBA III – sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK MBA IV-sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK MCA Recounting/Revaluation Results

MCA – R16 | R13 | R09

JNTUK MCA I-sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK MCA II-sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK MCA III – sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK MCA IV-sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK MCA V – sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK MCA VI-sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK M.Tech Recounting/Revaluation Results

M.Tech – R16 | R13 | R09

JNTUK M.Tech I-sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK M.Tech II-sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK M.Tech III – sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK M.Tech IV-sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK M.Pharm Recounting/Revaluation Results

M.Pharmacy- R18-PCI | R16 | R13 | R09

JNTUK M.Pharm I-sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK M.Pharm II-sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK M.Pharm III – sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK M.Pharm IV-sem RC/RV Results

JNTUK RC/RV Updates 2019

To Check all jntuk fast updates RC/ RV results for in this page. Those results are used for the candidates to help to increase their mark and increases their percentages. These results are mainly for the pass marks students. Those who are expected to get more marks but in the general results they don’t get they expected marks in that tie this jntuk RC, jntuk RV process is used for to apply again and get more marks.


  1. sir /madam
    when will release special supplyment revalution results
    already 3 months completed

  2. Could you please send me my M. Tech 2-1 supplementary revaluation results of regulation r16. My reg number is: 17P1D5801. My cleared subject is Advanced Unix Programming language.

  3. As we’re paying for the genuine Checking of our paper. Plis check our reevaluation paper accurately n genuinely. We don’t want to waste 1 more year to clear the subject.

  4. when will release the m.tech 1-1 revaluation results , project vivo -viva notification is released please give me as early as possible sir.


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