JNTUK Phase-7 [0.15%] Grace Marks list – Released

check jntuk application status for 0.15% grace marks list: Here check jntuk application status for  0.15% grace marks list is released by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada. Who applies for jntuk 0.15% of grace mark list are announced by the official site of jntuk jntuk.edu.in


check jntuk application status for 0.15% grace marks list

Students who are following B.Tech course from various JNTU Kakinada affiliated engineering colleges and who have joined their final semester exams and are eligible for the application of 0.15% mark adjustment of JNTUK and qualify for the degree award for their applications. And the University has released the status of 0.15% points adjustment applications of JNTUK through the notice given below.

How to check JNTUK Grace Marks list Results:

There are some students who are not eligible for application for 0.15% Mark Adjustment of JNTUK according to the eligibility criteria previously provided. Students who have successfully processed the application and have made 0.15% mark adjustments of JNTUK, their Hall ticket number has been attached to the file given below. Students can submit their applications now, check their JNTUK 0.15% points adjustment status and can proceed accordingly.

JNTUK Grace Marks Application Status Online:

click on the below link to download the grace marks application status for applied students and also provide jntuk fast updates on our webpage. Students who joined R10, R13 regulations are applied for grace marks are given in the below click the below link to see there grace marks list.

JNTUK Phase-6 0.15% Grace Marks list | JNTUK Adjustment of marks 5th November 2018 

Following students have applied for 0.15% adjustment of marks to become Eligible for the issue of Provisional Certificate. The Principals are hereby informed that the process is completed and requested to take necessary action.

Status of Applications for 0.15% Adjustment of Marks Dated on 5th November 2018 [Phase 6] – click here

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  1. Sir my self indraja my regi no. 14NR1A0427
    grace marks applied date . 11-2-2021
    Already result came but my register no not there what can i do sir pls help me

  2. Sir please up date the grace marks list after 21 SEP 2020 phase 6 results as soon as possible……..!

  3. Hi Team,
    This is Ajay kumar Reddy Naru with hall ticket no:15A71A0212.
    I have applied grace marks for two subjects, even after multiple times results was came my HALL TICKET number is MISSED in the results.

    So, could you please check once. And give me suggestion to what i have to do.


  4. Sir iam vamsi Krishna my pin is 15901a0503,i taken my PC and cmm in tatkal but my 4-2 individual memo was not send by u and my gracemarking adding subject memo also came in fail result what can i do now. It will be emergency. So plz help me

  5. Sir, I have applied for my Grace marks on 8th july 2020 and the list has been released today I.e on 29th august 2020 and my roll number was not there in the list. Please help me with that.

  6. Sir/madam , I am student in a JNTUK affiliated college with Regd no: 12KK1A03A1
    I have applied for Jntuk 0.15% adjustment grace marks on January 2020
    My number is not there in any of the two result lists ( released till now) . So, I want to know whether there are pending candidates to be added or this is the final list ? Please, can you inform me whether my application is received or not ?
    Thanking you sir/madam

  7. Sir when will release FEB 28 grece Mark’s list we are waiting allmost may is going

  8. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Why Grace Marks are not applicable for R16 (MCA) Batch. It is very useful for who are having backlogs 1 or 2 subject. Please give chance for all Regulations or else Remove to all batches …I hope it will be happen very soon…
    Thanks You Sir/Madam.

  9. Sir i applied for Grace Mark’s in 2017 still I dnt gt my Mark’s Sir please gv reply Sir once please check Sir my num. 13Dr1R0057

  10. I applied for grace marks on July month and yesterday check pdf results but there is no my number plz. Help me sir my no. 149H1A0352

  11. Sir i applied for marks in the month of july 29th 2019 plz give the status of my application

  12. I absent so many Companies Interview

    Reason behind PC
    PC behind GM(Grace Marks)
    Plz Release Grace Marks Results

  13. Sir nenu july 17 apply chesanu sir naku inka result raledu. Naku councelling vundi urgent ga PC ki apply cheyali sir. Result date apudu release chestaru ani chepandi sir pls sir, 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. Sir i applied for grace marks…which i submitted my application on 13-08-2019 in jntuk….when will i expect the result…?

  15. Sir pls release the grace result I had appiled on July 18.I have counselling on August 10 pls release the result Fast because I should have PC certificate at the time of counselling pls release the grace result


  17. Sir my grace marks results released sir please I am apply to grmma schvalyam please sir 15nf1a0128. Please released sir

  18. Sir I have 5 subjects
    one subject got 38 which i want to apply grace marks
    but i need 2 more credits
    so can apply for grace marks after clearing my 2 credits subject with out writing 38 marks exam?

  19. Sir I have one back lock with in 14 marks.. it is possible to apply Grace mark right now .. please help me sirr…

  20. I applied for grace marks on June 6 2019 results are released i cleared my subject but when did i get mark memos of grace marks ..Without them i can’t apply for pc and. Cmm.Please tell me sir

  21. Sir am Ramesh pin 16JU5A0302 iam lateral entry i got 17 marks iam eligible are not to add grace marks pls reply

  22. Sir i applied a grace marks for M1 igot 17 marks in external and 18 marks in internal .i applied in online for grace marks on 8th june 2019..can u please tell me the current status and how much time it will take my regd no is 15FE1A03C3

  23. Sir i applied grace marks for M1 on 8th june 2019 i got 17 in external and 18 in internals..but how to the current status of that

  24. I got 19marks in external exam am lateral entey student after revaluation process if any case no change then After can i apply for grace marks …can i eligibile plz tell me sir

  25. Dear sir/madam,
    I got a job in campus placement and my joining date is 27/5/2019. But two days before the 4-2 results are announced and I got a backlog. Company management told me to clear the backlog without writing supplementary exams or else the offer will be cancelled. So, I want to apply for grace marks. And this process should be completed in 1 month. So, can I apply for grace marks and get the result in 1 month from now.
    Please suggest me a way to get the result within 1 month by adding grace marks.

  26. Sir, I have one backlock with 19 marks….it is possible to apply for grace marks right now….?

  27. Sir I got internal 15 and external 18 can I apply for grace marks I have only one sub sir plz rply me

  28. Sir,, I applied grace marks in March 13 2018..but we didn’t get any updates.. Already 45 days completed.. When will update this list.. Plzzz we need certificate urgently.. Try to understand..

  29. sir i appplied grace marks on 19- feb-2019… na number recent ga relesae chesina (2-4-2019) result lo raledhu sir… next phase appudu relesae chestaru sir plzz rply.. my number is reg id is 14MD1A0547….

  30. Sir I applied grace marks in the date of 9-1-2019. When will I get results

  31. Sir I applied chemistry grace mark’sR13 1-2 on 28-11-2017 so memo yepudu vastdhi
    4-2 kuda memo Kuda submit chesanu sir

  32. Helo sir, I applied R13 1-2 chemistry on 27-11-2017 so sir memo yepudu vastdhi sir plz tell me nd my number is 13NT1A0445
    Nd 4-1memo Kuda submit chesanu

  33. Sir, I applied for grace marks on 13th December. When can I expect the results?
    On 2/1/2019 we have one result but I didn’t find my number. So generally how long will it take for the results once we apply?

  34. how many marks will added for grace marks i got 15 remaining 9 can be added or not

  35. Good morning sir i applied grace marks on 28-10-2018.when results will be released sir?

  36. Sir,i am saiteja R13 i have applied for grace marks on 16-07-2018 when will the results will be released pls tell me iam waiting for results

  37. as soon as possible released we noticed in jntufastresult.com check regular updates

  38. I applied for grace marks on 28-04-2018
    With the number 12BQ1A0251
    results plzzz sir

  39. Sir…… Na application today complete iyyindhi…… Yeppudu update chestharu…. 14HR1A0111 my hall ticket number

  40. Sir i am waiting for my grace marks result applying date 24-9-18 waiting phase 6 list not given my Hallticket no when was result coming in phase 7 th result

  41. as soon as possible we will update and we informed through notification

  42. It’s humble request from all the students,
    To jntuk university,

    Respected to all. si notification has released application closing date is december 7th .

    It’s very important to me and all the young star based on this notification
    please release the this month grace marks list as soon as possible .

    You’rs faithfully

    Kiran jarajapu

  43. follow our updates we will inform as soon as possible once check all released grace marks

  44. Sir I am from R13 regulation I applied for grace marks July 28 ,14f01a0132 when do I expect my results plz tell me sir

  45. Sir I am from R13 regulation I applied for grace marks July 28 ,14f01a0132 when do I expect my results

  46. Sir I am from R13 regulation and I applied for grace marks in the month of July .When do I expect my results

  47. I am from R10 regulation and I applied for grace marks in the month of August .When do I expect my result

  48. I applied grace marks on July 2018 for engineering mechanics which I got failed my latest marks was 24- external and 9 -internal total 33 ! So How will I get to know the status of it will I be getting marks or not


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