JNTUA Notification on Mid/End Exams, Class Work, Attendance, Viva-Voce Exams 2020

JNTUA Released Notification on Mid Examination for Ug and Pg courses and End Exams semester, Class Work, Attendance, Viva-Voce Exams 2020 for all Affiliated and constructed colleges under the junta. Below we provided the information as per the JNTUA Offical Notification. Please go through the below points and if any confusion please comment on below.

JNTUA Offical Notification 2020 – Conduct Examinations

JNTUA Released – Notification on Mid/End Exams, Class Work, Attendance, Viva-Voce Exams 2020

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantapur expresses its greetings to all the Management members, Principal, Faculty members, and students of this University. Stay safe and Healthy. This University in tune with UGC and AICTE has contemplated conducting class work and examinations for the students studying in Constituent, Autonomous, and Affiliated institutions. Accordingly, the guidelines are given as follows.

1. Internal examinations for I, II and III years (II Mid exams)

  • Internal examination (II Mid exams) will be conducted along with End exams.
  • Students will be promoted to next year giving the credit exemptions for this year only.
  • Internal marks will be awarded for these years at later time, after conducting the II Mid exam.

2. Internal examination for the IV year students

Internal examination (II Mid) will be conducted along with End exams from September onwards based on the COVID-19 scenario. Internal marks will be awarded for these years at later time, after conducting the II Mid exam.

3. JNTUA End exams for I, II & III years

Examinations may be conducted at later time, when normalcy is restored. However, students may be promoted to the next corresponding years by giving exemptions to the credits as on the date of the promotion.

4. JNTUA End exams for the IV year students

  • Final term and also Mid-term examinations will be conducted in the month of September onwards.
  • No jumbling system and students can opt for nearby places near to their residents to write examinations.
  • Examinations for different disciplines will be given different dates All affiliated institutions and autonomous institutions will take care of conducting the examinations as per the precautionary steps given by JNTUA and UGC.

5. Viva-voce Exams for B.Tech / M.Tech / B.Pharm / M.Pharm / M.B.A / M.C.A & Ph.D. & Comprehensive Viva-voce

Viva Voce will be conducted online with the necessary recording facility by the concerned institutions as per the norms of the University (Item 8.3 (b)).

6. JNTUA Backlog subjects Exams

  • The students of the terminal semester having backlogs will be examined as per the norms of the University from the month of September onwards. No credit exemptions for the terminal semester students.
  • However, students having backlogs for I, 11 & III years will be conducted when normalcy is restored.

7. JNTUA classwork For Affiliated and constructed colleges.

As per AICTE guidelines, online classes will be commenced for existing students from 17-08-2020 onwards.

8. JNTUA Attendance for theory classes

Attendance for online classes as per the UGC guidelines will be added to offline attendance.

9. JNTUA Attendance for the laboratory classes

Cumulative attendance will be considered based on a number of practical classes attended before lockdown.

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JNTUA Guidelines For Examination 2020 During Covid19

Registrations of the students attending final Year Regular examinations should be as per norms of the University. Registration for backlog subjects of final year students will be informed at the earliest.

The above guidelines are given in view of the COVID-19 crisis. However, these guidelines are applicable only for this academic year only. Any changes will be communicated to you through the JNTUA Web portal. This University should conduct all examinations by taking all safe and precautionary steps. The guidelines given by this University and UGC as well are enclosed to follow strictly.

The examination scheduled will be given such that not more than 2 or 3 branches of Engineering students to write the final Semester examinations. Precautionary steps to be taken to maintain social distance. All classrooms should be sanitized.

Final semester students near to any of the places may opt for writing the end semester and mid-semester examinations. Thereby, the mid examination question papers should be communicated to the colleges, where students are writing the examinations.

All other precautionary steps as enclosed in the Annexure have to be strictly followed. All transport facilities with necessary sanitization may be given to avoid the corona problem. All hostels should be sanitized and necessary precautionary steps to be taken for food preparations. Each room may be given to only one student. Students nearby to opted places to write the examination need not be given any hostel rooms.

Necessary care should be taken in the Library also. Hope all the Constituent, Autonomous, and Affiliated institutions to conduct the examinations smoothly with the necessary care.

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UGC Terminal Semester(s)/Final Year Exams for the Universities

UGC Guidelines For Engineering colleges Exams

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  1. If the online classes for next semester going to start from 17 aug. But we didnt know when previous semester exam is going to conduct. How the students are going to study for both the semester which is not clear yet.

  2. Sir, we didn’t understand the concepts through online classes and moreover we do not have any reference books. Please don’t conduct exams.

  3. Sir 2rd year diploma 4th sem exams are cancelled or not
    Please give reply sir

  4. Our college already conducted the online comprehensive viva for subjects

    It is concerned or not

  5. Good morning sir
    what about diploma students they are prompted are not plz give me some convey Sir


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