Telangana Guidelines for Reopening of Junior Colleges

TS Guidelines for Reopening of Junior Colleges: All the Educational institutions have been closed since March due to Corona pandemic and the Lockdown announced by the Government of India.

The colleges could not be re-opened from 1st Feb 2022 and are continuing to be closed till date. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India has issued certain Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on 1st Feb 2022 itself for reopening of the Schools and Colleges for the students 9th to 12th classes on a voluntary basis.

Telangana Education: Guidelines for Reopening of Junior Colleges

Accordingly, the Government of Telangana has decided to reopen 9th, 10th, Intermediate, Degree and other Higher Educational institutions from 1st February onwards.

In view of the above the following instructions are issued to the DIE0s and Principals for strict implementation of all Covid Safety Protocols, Sanitation, Physical distancing, cleanliness, etc., in the Colleges.

1. Reopening of Junior Colleges

All the Junior Colleges will reopen from 1st Feb 2022

2. Consent of Parents

As per SOP issued by Government of India, no student will be permitted to attend the college unless he/she produces an express written and signed consent from the parents to attend the college. It clearly indicates that the parents are aware of prevailing Covid situation and has no objection to send their ward to the college

3. Entry into College

No person including Lecturers, Staff and students will be permitted to enter the college without masks.

4. a) Sanitation Plan

All the Principals are instructed to arrange for cleaning of the college premises by taking assistance of local bodies before the reopening of the colleges on February 1st, 2021. Report shall be submitted to HODS on a weekly basis on sanitation measures. The HOD will prescribe uniform formats for furnishing periodical reports.

b) Daily Sanitation

The college principal shall arrange for daily sanitation cleaning of each class room, tables and chairs, boards, door handles every day with soap water or sanitizer. Every person who enters the college shall be screened by Thermal Screener. No person having symptoms of cold, cough, fever or any other Covid symptoms will be permitted to enter the college and any person with such symptoms should be referred to the local PHC. No outsider except Students/Lecturers/Administrative staff to be allowed into the premises. At least two isolation rooms should be kept ready with emergency supplies. DIED must ensure a dedicated tie up with local government medical agencies to advise during emergencies.

5. (a) Shift System Logistic Plan

All colleges having strength of students below 300 and having sufficient accommodation shall be permitted to run in the regular shift i.e., 9.30 AM to 4.00 PM. All colleges having strength above 300will be run in two shifts namely morning shift 8.30 AM to 12.30 PM.Afternoon shift – 1.30 PM to 5.30 PM.

The principals should make a local customized logistic plan for teaching based upon available accommodation and number of students which in turn shall be approved by the District Committee. The second year can be run in first shift and the first year in afternoon shift otherwise classes can be arranged optional -wise in the morning and afternoon shifts.

The Principal is permitted to take a decision and implement the same duly informing the concerned DIED and District Commitee. All Principals are directed to submit their preferred program  by 16″ January.

(b) Physical Distancing:- All the Principals are informed that six feet physical distancing shall be ensured in all the class rooms and One Bench One Student rule shall be applied to ensure physical distancing. Normally not more than 30 students shall be allowed in single class. If necessary, the sanctioned section may be broken up and run in different class rooms. However No. of students class may change based on size of the lecture hall.

6. Academic Calendar and Curriculum:

The Board of Intermediate has notified the Academic Calendar from 1st September, 2020 to 30th April, 2021. Online classes by way of Audio Visual Lecturers have been arranged from 1st September and the major portion of the syllabus is already completed.The Principals are instructed to complete the balance syllabus by utilizing the regular physical classes.

7. Syllabus

It is informed that the Intermediate Annual Exams will be conducted by utilizing the 70% of the syllabus. The balance 30% of the syllabus will be imparted to students by way of assignments/projects by the concerned lecturers.

8. Examinations

There will be no change in Pattern of exams. However, considering the difficulties faced by the students, it is decided to give vast and additional choices in the relevant sections of the question paper to make them more simple.

9. Telecast of Lectures

The colleges are reopening for physical classes for the benefit of the students. The audio visual lectures will continue to be telecasted at suitable revised timings till March 31st.

10. Computer Lab

All the colleges will be equipped with computer lab having Internet connectivity and containing all the audio visual lectures which have been telecasted till date for benefit of the students who are not having connectivity or Smart Phones. The students can utilize the computer lab for accessing Digital Lesson Content etc,.

11. Hostels/Residential Colleges

Where there are Residential colleges/Hostels, it shall be the responsibility of the concerned Department Principals/Hostel Warden to ensure physical distancing, cleanliness/sanitation and Covid safety protocols in their premises.

12. District Level Monitoring Committee (DLMC)

The District Level Monitoring Committee constituted under the chairmanship of the District Collector will consists of Municipal Commissioner , DIEO, DEO, DMHO, DPO and identified Principal of the college of the concerned District. The DIED will report all action taken including customized action plan of Principals to the DLMC for their perusal and review.

13. All the above instructions which are issued for the Government Junior Colleges shall also apply in toto to the private colleges too. The Private College Managements shall be personally responsible for implementing the above instructions for the safety, security and health of their students.

14. Annual Examinations

The Time Table for the 2nd year Intermediate Annual exam will be issued separately.



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