TS SBTET Online Services To Apply Certificates

TS SBTET Providing online services for students to apply certificates

It is further to inform you that, for all the above Services, provision has been made for filling of online application through SBTET Portal at “exams.sbtet.telangana.gov.in” for all schemes except C90, C96, COO & NC schemes, however, all schemes students should submit Transcripts application online. Students or Agencies should apply for the above certificates/ services by paying the requisite fee through online only as the manual applications in respect of the above services will not be accepted from the hereafter. (This has the approval of the Chairman, SBTET)

It is to inform that, vide reference cited, the following Student Services are made online.
Services,  Recommending Authority hierarchy, Approval Authority
1 Migration Certificate, Assistant Secretary, Joint Secretary/Controller of
Deputy Secretary Examinations
2 Interim Certificate,  Assistant Secretary, Controller of Examinations
Deputy Secretary
3 Transcripts Deputy,  Secretany Controller of Examinations
Assistant Secretary
4 Partial Name Correction, Complete Name Correction, — Assistant Secretary/ Deputy Secretary, Controller of Examinations (as per the Committee Recommendations)
5 Genuineness Verification – Assistant Secretary,  Dy. Secretary
6 Transfer Certificate,  Office Superintendent A. O Head of Section, Principal


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