Wipro Technical & HR Interview Tips & Previous Asked Topics

Wipro Technical Interview Pattern and Wipro HR Pattern in below on check all the Important tips and process and also modified your resume before attending the interview for any company and Once check the below process for Wipro Technical & HR Interview Tips & Previous Asked Topics.

Wipro Technical Interview Pattern | Wipro HR Interview Pattern:


Wipro Technical Interview Process:

Wipro Technical Interview Pattern: The interview consists of two rounds—First one is technical and and after completion of Technical interview move to HR. The good thing about the interview is that the questions are generally revolve based or around your CV.

Wipro Elite Nlth Technical & HR interview Dates, Vennu-2018

a) Technical round: Candidates are generally asked questions based on their CV and their area of interest. Sound knowledge of at least one programming language, information about operating systems, and awareness of the latest emerging technologies are some things that could help you notch up a good score in this round.

Sample Technical interview Question

• Mention any two differences between C++ and Java.
• What are the different types of keys in SQL?
• Write a program to swap two numbers without using a temporary variable.
• What are the various advantages of DBMS?

Tip: Try and select an area of interest closely related to a field the company is active in. Also be ready to answer questions revolving around your last project and the role you played in it.

Wipro HR Interview Process:

Wipro HR Interview Pattern: The technical round is followed by the HR interview. The objective here is to assess whether you are a good fit for the company. The scope of questioning is wide, ranging from your background to your hobbies, and even your view of life! Be prepared to face questions intended to gauge your sincerity in applying for the job.

These are some questions you could expect:

• Tell me about yourself.
• Tell us one thing that makes you stand out against all other candidates.
• Describe the toughest moment in your life, and tell us how you managed it.
• Tell me a strength that you also consider a weakness.
• What do you know about our company?

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Wipro bars candidates who have not been selected from re-applying for the next six months, so give it your best shot. Remember, while no one can predict the questions, preparation is often the key. On the whole, the recruitment process at wipro is not too difficult and you should be able to make it with a little bit of luck. Finally, All The Best.

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