Anna University WH Codes In Results Marksheet

What does WH mean at Anna University: WH is shown in case of malpractice because of many reasons. so go through the below list of wh codes and find out extract issues And WH also appears when your internal marks have not been updated. Not paying the exam fees also results in the WH status of your results. Sometimes the colleges make mistakes in updating the fees payment status and the results are not shown. and Many Students are asking about Anna university results that came with WH.

Anna University Results WithHeld Problem Explained

Anna University Results

What is WH in Anna University Result?

Anna University WH In Results 2021: In Anna, University Marksheet represents you can see that WH legend. the fact that the Anna result of that particular course has been WITHHELD for certain reasons. If you can the exact reason for your Anna University result has been withheld can be identified via the unique number that is present after WH. You can find those meanings below

Anna University WH Codes & its Details:

  • WHRX – Re-Examination will be conducted
  • WH1 : Withheld for suspected Malpractice
  • WH2 : Withheld for want of approval of admission / re-admission / transfer from DTE & Director, Student Affairs.
  • WH3 : Withheld – Court Case
  • WH4 : Waiting clearance from Director (CEP)
  • WH5 : Waiting clearance from Director (Student Affairs)
  • WH6 : Withheld for want of clarification
  • WH7 : Withheld for want of clarification from the Director (AC) about the additional subjects to be written due to the change of regulation
  • WH8 : Withheld for want of clarification from the Director (AC) about the equivalency of subjects for the students admitted in v and vii semester)
  • WH9 : Withheld for want of clarification from Director, Chairman sports board
  • WH10 : Withheld for non cooperation by the college in central valuation
  • WH11 : Results will be published along with the lower semester results
  • WH12 : Hard copy of Attendance sheets not provided by the College
  • WH13: Examination Fees not paid by the College
  • WH14: Teacher Candidates
  • WH99: Result will be published later
  • WHG10: In-Process
  • WHI : Withheld for want of Internal Mark (Mark not provided by the college)
  • WHE : Withheld for want of Practical Mark (Mark not provided by the college)
  • WHB : Withheld for want of Internal Mark and Practical Mark (Mark not provided by the college)
  • WHV : Withheld for want of Viva-Voce Mark
  • SE : Sports Exemption
  • WD : Withdrawal
  • AB : Absent
  • SA : Shortage of Attendance
  • RA : Re-appearance
  • BRK : Break
  • UA : Absent
  • NR : Not Registered
  • DIS : Discontinued
  • PDEB : Permanently debarred


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