AP SBTET 3 Backlog Exemption Accepted or Not?

Here JntufastResults updated the information regarding State Board of Technical Education & Training (SBTET) Andhra Pradesh 3 Backlog Exemption. Many students are seeking for 3 backlog exemption to get your certificate by leaving max 3 backlog from your academic year of Diploma. But SBTET don’t provide that option to sbtet students till now. If further as per the students request if sbtet will give 3 backlog exemption. Then jntufasturesult is ready to update the information as per the sbtet board updates. So if any status or updates regarding sbtet 3 backlog exemption from sbtet board, you can found it on below on this page..


AP Diploma 3 Backlog Exemption Accepted or Not?

Ap Polycet Results 2019


AP SBTET 3 Backlog Exemption

Board State Board of Technical Education & Training (SBTET) Andhra Pradesh
Exam AP SBTET Diploma 3 Backlog Exemption
Category 3 Backlog Exemption
Official Portal sbtet.ap.gov.in
Status Not Yet Released

AP SBTET Board Clarification on 3 Backlog Exemption:

Ap SBTET Board given for Students with Three or less Than 3 backlogs Subjects can apply for Exemption of Diploma Certificate. similarly, Ap students are asking about 3 Backlog Exemption. Over this AP 3 Backlog Exemption, AP sbtet board don’t give any clarification means AP Diploma Board are giving that chance to students to clear below or less than 3 backlogs by using Exemption.

Further if any information or update regarding State Board of Technical Education & Training (SBTET) Andhra Pradesh 3 Backlog Exemption, we will update in this page, we are always trying to get updated information from SBTET Board, So those who are waiting for 3 Backlog Exemption, please stay on this page for clarification and updates.

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AP SBTET C09/14/16/ER-91 Has No Options To Change Exam Centre



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  1. C90 scheme lo DME course.lo.each year. 1 Subjects.pending. total 3 subjects. Baku.3 back log. Certificates.evadi.sir. M.adarsa kumar. Collage.SVKP polytechnic. CUMBUM. Praksame dest. Pine no.9334-M-106. Branch.mechanical.egg. c90. Course. Please give request.sir. Ap.CUMBUM.pincod.523333.

  2. I have only 1back log sir so pls consider 3backlogs sir pls sir ????????????????????????????????????ooo

  3. ..pls sir 3backlog certificate evvandi ???? intha request chesthunam oka chance evvandi plss???? Srinu

  4. we supporting 3 backlogs , Respected sir please accepting 3 backlogs certificate , think about more than people future depend on govt…….

  5. There Will be no backlog excemption till this year .it’s very sad to listen . Today only announced in meeting . Students have to meet hods and take a meeting on backlog excemption.

  6. good evening sir plz give 3 backlogs certificate for ap diploma students so maney students are waiting for this certificate sir don’t play with student’s life sir

  7. Plss provide 3backlog certificate ….telangana lo echaruga mari ap lo ndhuku evvatledhu ….1,2,3 ela unnavallaki years wast aipothunnai…fail aiyyaru ani pellilu kuda chesesthunaru parents ???? 10th manchi Mark’s tho yedo chadhavali ani diploma thiskuntam…eppudu asalu diploma ndhuku chesama ani anipisthundi????‍♀️..pls sir 3backlog certificate evvandi ???? intha request chesthunam oka chance evvandi plss????

  8. Good evening sir
    Iam c09 student
    please accept 3 backlogs certificate sir. Please

  9. Respected sir,
    Please sir give 3 blacklog certificate sir we unable to keep a part job also sir without certificate and we are doing has daily loabours so please sir give us 3 blacklog certificate for diploma students most of the students are have 3 or less then 3 blacklog sir so please give us 3 blacklog expition sir
    Thanking you sir.
    Your faithfully,
    diploma students.

  10. ts diploma education is very good education system.
    student life is scured in ts diploma
    ts diploma education system is expected my feature but this not responssible for ap diploma

  11. ts diploma is good education but ap diploma education is very very bad and not respond the student life

  12. sir please provied 3 backlog certificate for ap.
    sir meeru kavalam fee kosamaya exams paytuthunaru maa students tho adukuntunaru sariga rasina kavalani fail chaysthunaru ts ki echinapudu ap ki esthaki enti 3 backlog certificate.

  13. Bro….Evaru cmnt cheyakandi bro… endhukante Manam entha cheppina okkaru kuda pattinchukoru…Vallaki kavalsindi mana life bagundatam kadhu…manam supply exam kosam katte money…????
    Chaa… Anavasaram ga diploma chesi life spoil cheskunnanu…????????
    Naku M2 okka subject matrame vundi..????????
    ma intlo revaluation ki money kuda katta leka…ma parents nannu cement paniki pampisthunnaru…????????
    Naku 10th lo 9.0 GPA
    Diploma lo 73%
    But okka subject kosam na life antha spoil cheskunnanu..????????

  14. Sir pls sir meeru 3 backlogs certificate isthe entho mandiki life echhinattu avuthundi this so useful to lot of students so pls give me our 3 backlogs certificate sir

  15. Sir plz ….ardam chesukondi ….
    Me kaalu patukomana patukuntam plz….
    3 back log certificate….ivandi sir….

  16. Sir 26th second counciling kuda start avuthundi pls sir we want 3 backlogs certificate sir. Sir okka subject valla one year waste avuthundi sir. Exam baaga raasanu sir but fail chesaru pls sir reverification pettukunna nenu pass avuthanu sir.Edo okati decision ivvandi sir maaku. ????????????????????????

  17. Due to the backlog in diploma students are facing so many problems, there cannot join in job & future education, if provide the 3 backlog certificate to the students there will be easy to get the jobs & there continue their future education, it’s a request to the government of Andhra Pradesh.

    Because it’s a student’s life, please provide the 3 backlog certificate, to the government of Andhra Pradesh.

  18. Due to the backlog in diploma students are facing so many problems, there cannot join in job & future education, if provide the 3 backlog certificate to the students there will be easy to get the jobs & there continue their future education, it’s a request to the government of Andhra Pradesh.

    Because it’s a student’s life, please provide the 3 backlog certificate, to the government of Andhra Pradesh.

  19. Ap diploma students jeevitatlho addukovadhu 3backlog examption ippinchandi

  20. Please give us 3 backlogs certificate. It will help to some thousands of students.please help us

  21. 3 backlog certificate give me diploma students sir….. ????????????????????????????????????

  22. We want 3backlog certificate dont spoil our future please give the 3backlog certificate

  23. Respected MINISTER sir,
    We are students of diploma we are here by to explain our problems to you sir As you are well educ ated and we’ll known about the problems in education Sir! We are diploma students all over ANDHRA PRADESH As soo many long standing students are suffering and losing lives because of fail in 1 or 2 subjects they even don’t get any certificate even they have only 1 subject so, sir in TELANGANA GOVERNMENT has taken very good descison By issuing certificates to those who have 3 or less backlogs As we are asking This GO has to be passed in ANDHRA PRADESH also sir we Tried our level best by doing protests with STUDENTS UNIONS and finally made (APSBTET COMMISNER Mm.Nayak) To move the file to *government*so sir we are Requesting you to please make this GO pass We are hoping you I’ll help us because we listened about you a lot about your education and Kind hearted so sir please kindly help us behalf of GOVERNMENT

    SBTET number :99123 42198

    Thanking you sir,
    Yours faithfully, *AP DIPLOMA STUDENTS

  24. 3backlogs certificate evvadaniki em noppi raa miku…ma life spoil avthundi…chii Anavasaram ga diploma chesanu thondharaga settile ai family ki support ga vundocchu ani..but nadhi okka subject matrame vundi..???????? telangana lo echaru ga ..mikem maya rogam…miremanna telangana valla kante thopula…prathi na koduku Avineethi vade…thu…monna supply exam entha baga rasina fail chesaru…ma intlo Reverification ki money kuda katta leni situation..????????…Ma lanti valla jeevithalutho aadukoni em sadhistharu raa…Sarva naasanam aipotharu…plz miku ????pedatha C05,09,14,16 vallaki 3backlog certificate evvandi..,.????????????????????

  25. Sir pls give us 3backlog certificate or to conduct instant exam . sir pls notice in our college 2 students died because of exams .so pls give me the certificate or exam

  26. Sir I have 1 backlog in 5th sem and I don’t get in hall ticket 2019-2020 pls give me to write exam or 3 backlog certificate

  27. Sir.
    Do it 3backlog certificate for students sir.
    It’s already to waste the academic year please sir……..

  28. Ecet 2nd round cousnelling is start from 26 November onwards …So kindly slove our 3 backlog exemption problem..So please give us 3backlog exemption certificate.. otherwise 1 year waste for us..

  29. Please give us 3 backlog certificate.it Is very useful for us for higher education and for job purpose. Please help us sir.

  30. Sir I am diploma student I have totally 3backlogs in only fivth semester I am brilliant student but in carona holidays my family are suffering from food so I am not concentrate in last semester exams so please give 3 backlogs certificate for going to BTech

  31. Sir I’m suffering 3 backlogs ????,
    Sir we r middle class family so we choosing diploma because my I complete my diploma speedily then I can do any small job,
    But I have 3 backlogs i don’t why I can complete the subjects ????,
    Please provide 3 backlogs certificate ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  32. To sbtet,
    Sir, please kindly issue the 3 backlog excemption because we ap diploma students are facing a lot of problems we have no option to do anything, please try to understand our critical position and grant us 3 backlogs exception

  33. Sir namesthey maku 3 backlocks certificate kavali sir ma college loe chala memebers vuntaru sir minimum 6000 members vuntaru sir ma seniors thoe kalipi ardham cheysukoendi sir telagana ki icharu kadha sir plz we want justice for diploma backlocks students

  34. Please give three backlogs Exemption certificate it helpfull to a lot of student’s for their future education or future so please give notification for these…

  35. Plz 3 backlogs chance evandi
    Ma clg lo 1000 paina untaru
    Batch batch ga 1 2 3 subject’s undipoyi chala bhada paduthunnaru andhulo nenu okadine meru eh chance esthay chala mandi ki life echina varu avtharu .chala mandi diploma certificate lekha 5000 ki 9000 ki salary ki work chesthunaru plz ap sbtet ki post cheyyandi jaihind….

  36. Is there any update ?
    What was the ap students done wrong
    Please give 3 backlogs exemption

  37. Please give an excemption on 3 backlog exams .
    Due to this many students can get a chance to resume their jobs are further studies .
    In this pandemic it helps a lot.
    What’s wrong ap students done.
    Please ap sbtet make a way for us
    Please give excemption for us

  38. #CancelAPDiplomaExams
    Respected higher officials of Andhra and telangana so please cancel the diploma exams


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