AP SBTET Jnanabhumi Application Renewal Dec 2020

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AP DIploma Jagananna Vasthi Deevena and Vidya Deevena applications Renewal Procedure

Sub: SBTET-AP-Jnanabhumi- Jagananna Vasthi Deevena and Vidya Deevena- Renewal of applications for A.Y. 2020-21-Guidelines issued by the Social Welfare Department- Forwarded-reg

All the Principals of Government, Aided, Private Polytechnics including 2nd Shift Polytechnics in Engineering Colleges and Private Pharmacy Institutes, are hereby informed that the Guidelines have been issued by the Social Welfare Department for renewal of the applications for the A.Y. 2020-21. Guidelines are herewith attached for necessary action immediately.

This may be treated as most urgent and requested the Principals to bestow their special attention and see that the registration process will be completed before the last date.

AP SBTET Jnanabhumi Application Renewal Dec 2020 & AP SBTET Fee reimbursed Renewal Dates

Sub: SWD – Jagananna Vasathi Deevena and Vidya Deevena – Renewal of applications for 2020-21 – Enabled in Jnanabhumi portal in college login — Guidelines – Issued.

The service to enable renewal applications of students for the Jagananna Vasathi Deevena and Jagananna Vidya Deevena schemes for 2020-21 is enabled in the login of the colleges/institutions for 2020-21.

The Principais/Heads of the Educational Institutions which are enrolled in Jnanabhumi portal shall renew the applications of the students in their login by following the instructions given below.

1. The application can be renewed in the college login, duly mentioning the following details in the portal for each student

a. Previous year Hall Ticket (Not mandatory in case of non-issue of H.T due to covid for the previous academic year).

b. Aadhar number of the mother and Student Roll section Date of renewal admission for 2020-21 in the college Scholarship Type (Day scholar or CAH or Government hostel/DAH)

2. In case the student is not attending the classes physically due to COVID exemptions given for 2020-21, then such student shall report to the college at least once and give a letter requesting for renewal of his application for JVD scheme. Only after taking such a letter, the application has to be renewed by the college. Such a letter from a student opting not to attend physical classes (countersigned by the mother) is mandatory, as it is essential to confirm that the student is not a dropout or migrated and is continuing to attend the course by studying from home or by attending online classes, as the case may be, as permitted by the government. Draft format of the letter is attached for ready reference.

3. In case the student is attending the classes physically for 2020-21, then there is no need to take such a letter. And marking of attendance for such students in the college login in Jnanabhumi module is mandatory for the record.

4. After renewing the application in online by the college, the biometric authentication of the student shall be taken, preferably on the same day, or as early as possible, duly following the preventive measures of sanitising the finger of the student before taking bio metric authentication on the device.

5. After completion of biometric authentication of the student, the Principal shall complete the One Time Authentication (OTA) within a maximum of seven days, so that the application gets pushed to the login of the concerned Head of the welfare department for sanction.

6. The eligibility of applications will be verified with reference to the conditions prescribed in G.O Ms No.115 SW Dept dated 30-11-2019 and release of the eligible amounts will be subject to such eligibility.

7. All applications which were filed during 2019-20, but which are not processed in time (till Oct 2020) by the students/colleges and hence rejected for 2019-20 can also renew their application for 2020-21.

8. The last date for registration of renewal applications in the college login will be Dec 20, 2020.

All the JDs/DDs are requested to communicate the above guidelines to all the colleges in the district and ensure that the renewal applications are filed at the earliest, so that the eligible amounts under the JVD schemes can be released the Vasathi Deevena and Vidya Deevena as per the schedule to be fixed by the government for 2020-21.

Director, Ws Encl: Draft undertaking letter from students opting no: to attend physical
classes due to COVID-19

To the Joint Director/Deputy Directors of all the districts. They are instructed to communicate the circular to all the colleges through the Area Welfare Officers assigned to those colleges and monitor renewals registration on daily basis. A press note may also be issued for the information of the renewal students.

Copy to the Director, BC Welfare/Tribal Welfare/ Minority Welfare/Differently Abled Welfare for information and with a request to instruct their district heads to follow up with the colleges in the districts through their Area Welfare Officers.

Copy submitted to the Principal Secretary to Government (FAC), Social Welfare Department for information.


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