JNTUA B.Tech 1-2 Sem Results Sept 2022 (OUT)- Regular/Supply Exams

JNTUA B.Tech 1-2 Sem Results 2022: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-Anantapur has recently conducted the JNTUA B.Tech 1-2 (R15, R19) Supply Examination On September 2022 & JNTUA B.Tech 1-2 (R20) Regular Examination 2022. Now the JNTUA has given another update that the jntua b.tech 1-2 results for the R15 and R19 regulations. So, jntua b.tech 1-2 Sem R19 results 2022 and JNTUA b.tech 1-2 Sem R15 Supply results 2022 will be updated as soon as possible on JNTUA Fast Results Updates. So the students keep checking the upcoming jntua 1-2 Exam results as provided on below.


JNTUA B.Tech 1-2 Sem Results 2022:


JNTUA B.Tech 1-2 Sem Results 2022:

jntu Anantapur results 2022: This information is from the official JNTUA has declared. As soon as possible all the JNTUA 1 year 2 sem results will display all the students are ready to check their results or To know JNTUA results updates 2022 or JNTUA world results or JNTUA fast updates in this page.


University Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-Anantapur (JNTUA)
Name of the Exam JNTUA 1-2 sem Results 2022
Regulation R20, R19, R15
Exam type Regular/Supply
Course B.Tech
Exam Month September 2022
Result Status [ Released on 30th Dec 2022 ]
Official website jntuaresults.azurewebsites.net


JNTUA B.Tech Mid Exam Time Table 2022

JNTUA Acadamic calender 2022-2022

JNTUA B.Tech Syllabus Books

JNTUA B.Tech 1-2 Sem Exam Results September 2022:

jntua 1-2 Results 2022: The Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University- Anantapur Has recently conducted the JNTUA B.Tech 1-2 results to supply the candidates who are attempting their exams those candidates are eagerly waiting for the JNTUA Results in 2022. the students who are attempting their jntua 1-2 supply examinations can wait for the few dates because the results are revealed in a few days. The students can be checking this website for further jntua updates.


JNTUA 1-2 Sem Results September 2022 For Regular/Supply Exams

All 2022 pursing students are taken the jntua exams and now waiting for the jntua B.tech 1-2 sem results 2022 and jntua B.tech 1-2 sem Supply results 2022. Here on Below, we updated the jntua 1-2 Results 2022 for supply students can bookmark this jntua results page to get results in a fast manner.


  • jntua B.tech 1-2 sem R19 Regulation Regular & supply Exam results 2022
  • jntua B.tech 1-2 sem R15 Regulation Supply Exam results 2022


How to check the JNTUA 1-2 Results 2022: 

  1. Go to the official website”jntuaresults.azurewebsites.net”.
  2. click on the “JNTUA B.Tech 1-2 Results 2022”.
  3. Enter your Hall Ticket Number and Date Of Birth.
  4. Click on the “Get Results”.
  5. Your results will appear on the screen.
  6. Take a printout or save the results.


Step -1: Exams – Completed

Step -2: Exam Paper Valuation – Completed

Step -3: Results Upload – [ Released on 30th Dec 2022 ]


JNTUA B Tech 1-2 Semester Supply Exam Results September 2022

Now the students are eagerly waiting for the jntua 1-2 result. After the results check they have one more option to update your marks by applying JNTUA RV Procedure and JNTU RC Process. so keep checking for the official website for further updates.



JNTUA B.Tech 1-2 Sem Regular/Supply Results September 2022

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Last Date to Apply RC/RV/PC-JNTUA 1-2 Semester (R19) RC/PC/CV Fee Notification 2022

How To Apply for JNTUA 1-2 Sem RC/RV/CV Process:

Here those students are not satisfied above results you have a chance to get extra marks by applying for any one of those for Recounting/Challenge Valuation/PhotoCopy Answer Scripts. Here you can check the full information and procedure for applying.

Procedure To Apply JNTUA Recounting

How to Apply JNTUA Challenge Valuation

PhotoCopy Answer Scripts Procedure

JNTUA B.Tech 1-2 Sem Regular/Supply Results 2022 – Old Results

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    Nadhi complete ayipothundhi
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    Endukanta ahh sem network analysis
    Subject undhi anduka dayachasi ahh
    Subject pass chaiandi please please

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    I’ve written almost 6times chemistry sub
    Plz release 1-2 supply results R15 April 2021
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  43. Please accept grace marks rule for R15 regulation 2020 pass out. Normal ga april lo one time and September lo one time exams pattaru but due to corona one time pattaru. So please sir please accept grace marks rule.i fail in one subject with 16 marks with the 9 marks difference year of passing btech certificate will change sir . Please sir

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