JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Sem Results 2021 -Regular/Supply Exams

JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 results 2021: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-Anantapur has recently conducted the JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 (R15, R13, R09) Regular/Supply Examination On Sept 2021. Now the JNTUA has given another update that the jntua 3-2 results for regulations R15, jntua results R13, jntua 3-2 results 2021 will be updated on JNTUA Fast Results as soon as possible so the students keep checking the upcoming jntua results in the below.

JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Sem (R15/R13/R09) Regular/Supply Results Sept 2021


JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Results Regular/Supply 2021-Updates:

University Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-Anantapur (JNTUA)
Name of the Exam JNTUA 3-2 sem Results 2021
Regulation R15, R13
Exam type Regular/Supply
Course B.Tech
Exam Month September 2021
Result Status Not Yet Released
Official website jntuaresults.azurewebsites.net


JNTUA B.Tech Mid Exam Time Table 2021

JNTUA Acadamic calender 2021-2021

JNTUA B.Tech Syllabus Books


JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Results Sept 2021:

jntua 3-2 regular Results 2021: The Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University- Anantapur will release the JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 results in supply the candidates who are attempting their exams those candidates are eagerly waiting for the JNTUA Results in 2021. the students who are attempting their 3-2 Supply examinations can wait for a few dates because the results are revealed in a few days. The students can be checking this website for further updates.

Exams Starts From: 02-09-2021 (Thursday)

Conclude on: 01-10-2021 (Friday)


How to check the JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Results For Regular/supply Exams 2021: 

  1. Go to the official website”jntuaresults.azurewebsites.net”.
  2. Click on the “JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Results 2021“.
  3. Enter your Hall Ticket Number and Date Of Birth.
  4. Click on the “Get Results”.
  5. Your results will appear on the screen.
  6. Take a printout or save the results.



Step -1: Exams – Completed

Step -2: Exam Paper Valuation – Not Yet Completed

Step -3: Results Upload – Not yet Released


JNTU Anthapuram B.Tech 3-2 Sem Regular & Supply Results Sept  2021:

jntu Anantapur results 2021: This information is from the official JNTUA has March/Aprillared. As soon as possible all the JNTUA 3 year 2 sem results will display all the students are ready to check their results or To know JNTUA results updates 2021 or JNTUA world results or JNTUA fast updates in this page.


JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Semester (R15) Supply Exam Results Sept 2021 – Results Link [ Released Very Soon ]

JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Sem R13 Regulation Supply Exam Results Sept 2021 – Results Link [ Released Very Soon ]

JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Sem R19 Regulation Regular Exam Results Sept 2021 – Results Link [ Released Very Soon ]


RC, CV & PCA Notification: JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Sem RC, CV & PCA Notification 2021

How To Apply for JNTUA 3-2 Results RC/RV/CV Procedure:

Here those students are not satisfied above results you have a chance to get extra marks by applying for any one of those for Recounting/Challenge Valuation/PhotoCopy Answer Scripts. Here you can check full information and procedure on the below links.

  • There is no recounting for laboratory external
  • The processing fee for recounting (non-refundable) for each theory external is Rs.100/-
  • The fee for challenge valuation is Rs. 10,000/- per subject
  • The fee for a photocopy of answer scripts is Rs. 1500/- per subject

Procedure To Apply JNTUA Recounting

How to Apply JNTUA Challenge Valuation

PhotoCopy Answer Scripts Procedure


JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Sem Regular & Supply Results April 2021:

JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Semester (R15) Supply Exam Results April 2021 – – Results Link [ Released on 14th July 2021 ]

JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Sem R13 Regulation Supply Results April 2021 – Results Link [ Released on 14th July 2021 ]

JNTU Anthapuram B.Tech 3-2 Sem Regular & Supply Results October 2020:

JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Semester (R15) Regular & Supply Exam Results Oct 2020 – Results Link ( Released on 5th Jan 2021)

JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Sem R13 Regulation Supply Results Oct 2020 – Results Link ( Released on 5th Jan 2021)

JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Sem R09 Regulation Supply Results Oct/Nov 2020 – Results Link ( Released on 26th Dec 2020 )

JNTUA B.Tech III Year II Semester (R09 – Last Chance) Supplementary Examinations Results Oct 2020 – Results Link ( Released on 28th Jan 2021 )

JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Supply Exams Results December 2019

B.Tech III Year II Semester (R15) Supplementary Examinations Results – December 2019/January 2020  – Results Link

JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Sem (R15) Supply Exams Results Dec 2019 – Results Link

JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Sem (R15) Supply Exams Results Dec 2019 – Results Link


JNTUA 3-2 Sem Regular/Supply Exams Results May/June 2019

B.Tech 3-2 Semester (R15) Regular/Supplementary Examinations Results May/June 2019 -Results Link

B.Tech 3-2 Semester (R13) Supplementary Examinations Results – May/June 2019 – Results Link

B.Tech 3-2 Semester (R09) Supplementary Examinations Results – May/June 2019 – Results Link

If You Have Any Queries/ Suggestions / Doubts/ Complaints, Feel Free To Comment Below.

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  1. When release the release the results today onwards regular exams start 4-2 ……. We are eagerly waiting for the results of supply 3-2 and 2-2 … Almost exams are completed nearly 80 days above…. Please release the results

  2. Release 3_2supply results which is written in April and March eagarly waiting it is very important to us for the job purpose other wise we have to loose this opportunity please release it

  3. Release 3_2supply results which is written in April and March eagarly waiting it is very important to us for the job purpose other wise we have to loose this opportunity please release it

  4. Please release supply exam result which is written on April and March 3_2 R15 regulation

  5. Please release 3-2 supply results as soon as possible. We want them for our Job purpose.

  6. Sir 2 subjects vadile chance evandi sir ee covid situation lo ayena chala mandi students ebandi pedutunaru only subject ala undi so aa Chance Este Chala Mandi bagupadutaru and jntuh kuda echindi ee option meku m sir alochinchandi sir okasari

  7. Iam eagerly waiting for 3_2 supply results please release it sir which written on April and march

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    sava dobbutunaru release cheyakunda

  24. Hello wish you happy new year to all ,any how it’s our fate to join jntua right! They wouldn’t but an update of results, they don’t understand our problems like job seeking,career growth etc, they are in there own world. We will be keep on requesting them sir plz release results plz plz…. say an end for that in this year

  25. Too late sir. Inka appudu R15 3.2 results maa tension Miku artam kavatledu anukuntaa sir. Ledantey 4.1 and 3.2 rendu okasari results vadulutaruu anukuntaa .Maa badhaa artam chesukondi sir..

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  53. please don’t take comments as serious BCS, it is posted by students like you. so many fake or joke news are sharing. if any update from university we will update it on the page. Thanks

  54. Don’t play with students if u don’t know when the results are going to be released then be calm dont send fake msgs

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  56. Sir please release results by today evening
    Student s are eagerly waiting to know their results

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    Distinction poye 😂 first class vasthadhi… ekada na percentage matter kadhu… correction matter.. adhariki same correction aa ayethe.. inka mi correction deniki..

  58. Bro. Jntua will not give reply. Only students replied with JNTUA name. Dont trust that msgs. 26th or 27th 3-2 r15 results will be released.

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  62. Tomorrow morning or evening 3-2 b.tech R15 will be released as per the schedule of jntua

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  68. 3-2 r13 plz release results as soon as possible , joining b.tech did big mistake in life

  69. Hi sir we are waiting for 3-2 R15 regular results ..will you pls inform us sir …when will results will release sir…

  70. Sir.. when will 3-2 R15 results will release sir…we are eagerly waiting for results sir…

  71. Wen we are getting results we have job offer tomorrow is the last date for certificates submission could u please release 😢🤨

  72. Wen we are getting results we have job offer tomorrow is the last date could u please release 😢🤨

  73. Good morning sir results excepted in this week ani status petinaru eroju okate time undhi plz eroju release cheyandi sir

  74. A very good morning sir.😊. .It still showing not yet released …how could I check? Will u suggest any link sir

  75. Take your own time sir,but please pass the students who have written some stuff.. because we had job opportunity if we get failed our lives are spoil

  76. Release 2-1 r15 regulation sir we are eagerly waiting. We have a job offer sir. Please understand our problem

  77. Please release 3-2supply results sar.most of the students have offer letters who are upload documents for background verification

  78. What was the problem sir? We all are waiting for 3-2 supply .I have a job offer. So I want to submit the documents.Can you please release the results very fast??


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