JNTUH Approval of Grace Marks for B.Tech/B.Pharm R16 for issue PC

JNTUH R16 Regulation Grace Marks Option

JNTUH Approval of Grace Marks For R16 Regulation

Name of the university Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad
Categories R16 Grace Marks Rules
Regulation R16
Courses UG/PF
Status Released on 2nd Nov 2020


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JNTUH Grace marks benefit to the B.Tech / B.Pharmacy Students of R16 Regulations – Released on 9th Oct 2020

The Principals are informed to note that for the issue of grace marks benefit to the students, the attached format is to be filled up and printed on the principal letter-head, one for each candidate and send to DE office. For other types of letter formats, you are requested to visit the Url https://studentservices.jntuh.ac.in/oss

Further the Principals are informed to note that college – wise lists of students (belonging to R-16 regulations) who are eligible to claim grace marks will be generated and sent to respective college Principals based on the marks the students secured in the failed subject of I-I, I-II, II-I, II-II, IIII, III-II & IV-I semesters. After receiving the lists, the colleges can intimate the students to apply for the grace marks, if the students desire to do so.

Meanwhile the colleges can receive the grace marks requests from the students who do not have any backlog subjects till IV-I semester and by adding grace marks up to 10, students get eligibility to receive their PC & CMM. Such students can enclose the screenshot of IV-II semester results obtained from the results portal. They need not wait for the issue of IV-II original marks memo. The grace marks applicable course – wise for R16 regulation are as follows:

IV-years course III-years course (Lateral entry)
B.Tech 10 marks 7 marks
B.Pharm 10 marks 8 marks


JNTUH Approval of Grace Marks for B.Tech / B.Pharmacy Students of R16 regulations for the issue of PC

JNTUH The first batch students of R16 regulations had been admitted in the AY 2016-17. Some students shall be falling short of a few marks to pass one or two subjects and by adding a specified grace mark (less than the eligible grace marks) these students pass these one or two subjects and secure sufficient credits to obtain their Provisional Degree Certificate (PC). University gives maximum grace marks which are equal to 0.15% of the total aggregate marks of all subjects of all semesters.

As per R16 regulation, the B. Tech. and B. Pharm. students have to acquire 186 credits out of 192 credits (ref.2). Vide Ref 3 cited above, permission has been accorded to extend this grace marks facility to the students of R16 regulations also.

The total marks in each course and grace marks (upper-bound case) of B. Tech. and B. Pharm. courses of R16 regulations are summarized as follows:

Degree Total of max marks in
all eight semesters
Grace-Marks (0.15%) Upper-bound marks
B.Tech 6100 9.15 10
B.Pharm 6600 9.9 10

In the context of credit-based detention, a student has to secure 50% of the total credits offered for the promotion from the first year to the second year and 60% of the total credits for promotion from second to third year as well as third-year to the fourth year. To give benefit to the students. University accorded permission to consider the credits which are obtained by the above-said calculation followed by truncation, instead of rounding (Ref.4) from the year 2018. In a similar manner to give benefit to the students, it is submitted to take the upper-bound marks as the maximum grace marks.

The permission has been accorded to give upper bound marks, after computation of grace marks to the students of R16 regulations as a one-time exemption in view of Covid-19 situation.

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JNTUH B.Tech/B.Pharm R16 -2 Subjects Exemption & Grace Marks 2020

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  1. Sir, we got to know JNTUH revised total required credits to 186 from 192. Is it genuine news?
    It would be great if you can confirm this will help lot of students who are waiting for supplimentary results to join PG courses. If this is confirmed news then we all can opt for it and continue with counselling process. Kindly confirm Sir.

  2. I have given for correction for my Father name which was wrongly published in the JNTUH Hall ticket and already given intimation in old college Aurora Engineering college Bhongir and New College Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College (in 4th Year) also whether they (University Authorities) acted upon or not. Not known to me. Still, I am getting with wrong name VEDHARTHAM GOPAL instead of VEDHARTHAM MADANA GOPAL.
    Now the time has come for issued of PC/CMM. What is the procedure to get the corrected name in the PC/CMM.

  3. I got 17 marks in external exam and in internal 22 marks… Can I apply for the grace marks.. and I am not having any backlogs from 1st year… And if I am eligible for grace marks … How much time will take to get those marks… Can u tell me please

  4. Is it also eligible for R13 regulation. I have scored 16 in internal and 16 in external am I eligible to apply for grace Mark’s of 10 to pass the subject.

  5. Iam only having one backlog subject does University will issue direct certificate without applying for grace marks

  6. I failed in one subject in 4-2 and secured 12 Mark’s in external shall I eligible to get grace marks

  7. I got 21 marks in external can I apply for grace marks and I have one backlog in 4-1 but I will pass that subject I’m very pretty sure about so I’m eligible for applying grace marks for 4-2 SEM exam plz respond

  8. I am having only Maths 2supplementary but in internal marks given 7 so every time iam writing well then result F no marks shown in marks how tp apply grace marks

  9. regular candidate ki 8 marks lateral entry vallaki 7 marks add chestharu
    10 marks antunnaru kani evariki add cheyaru
    no exemption rule for r16 dont hope on grace marks 10 nd exemption process

  10. What about R 15 Regulations Sir
    We Foreigne Students are also facing difficulties I’m asking you to accept R 15 Regulations for this chance of Grace’s marks Sir ????

  11. I got 16 marks in R16 4-2 External Exam and in Internal I got 23 marks….if I apply for Grace marks in Tatkaal scheme then How much time will it take to reflect online and How can I know whether I am eligible for Grace marks or not……I have 1 backlog in 4-1 for which I am pretty sure that I can pass the exam

  12. I cleared all my sub’s except one supply in 3-2 is a core subject.how to check my eligibility for grace& if applied for grace marks how long it take since we had exams from 12 nov onwards only.please respond asap since a lot of studs have this query

  13. Sir I’m cleared in this semister but I have supply in previous sem (I,e 4_1) now how can I apply grace marks sir

  14. Sir my all subjects are cleared but in 4-2 their is one supply their is a chance to leave that one subject

  15. Ippudu meeru 10 marks add chestara sir Grace marks. In exaternal I got 17 . Am I eligible to apply Grace marks please respond sir


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