JNTUH B.Pharmacy R22 Regulation Mid Exam Pattern

JNTU-Hyderabad ( JNTUH ) In CIE, for theory subjects, during a semester, there shall be two mid-term examinations. Each MidTerm examination consists of two parts with a total duration of 2 hours as follows:


Mid Term Examination for 30 marks:
a. Part – A : 10 Multiple Choice/ Objective Questions paper for 10 marks.
b. Part – B : Descriptive paper for 10 marks. Long Answer Questions for 5 marks (answer 1 out of 2). Short Answer Questions for 5 marks (answer 2 out of 3, each carries 2.5 marks).

Important Points to be noted :

  • The performance of a student in every subject/course will be evaluated with 25 marks allotted for CIE (Continuous Internal Evaluation). 20 Marks for Mid Exams & The remaining 5 marks for Assignment
  • The first mid-term examination shall be conducted on 50% of the syllabus, the second midterm examination shall be conducted on the remaining 50% of the syllabus
  • Five (5) marks are allocated for assignments (as specified by the subject teacher concerned). The first assignment should be submitted before the conduct of the first mid-term examination, and the second assignment should be submitted before the conduct of the second mid-term examination. The average of the two assignments shall be taken as the final marks for assignment (for 5 marks).
  • The average of marks secured in the Two Mid-term examinations, along with the average marks secured in the two assignments will be considered as the final marks secured by a student in the CIE.


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