JNTUH M.Tech Syllabus Books 2022 – R22/R19/R17 Regulation

JNTUH M.Tech Syllabus Books

JNTUH M.Tech R22 Regulation Syllabus Books 2022

University Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-Hyderabad
categories JNTUH M.Tech Syllabus Books
Status Updated
Regulation R22/R19/R17


What is the use of Syllabus Books:

The main Usage of the Syllabus books is to check what are topics and concepts are covered from the examination. Based on the Syllabus books, the exam paper will be prepared. So before start preparing the examination, please use this jntuh mca syllabus copies for all semester and subjects.

Advanced Manufacturing Systems Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence & Data Science CAD / CAM Communication Systems Computer Aided Structural Engineering Computer Networks Computer Networks and Information Security Computer Science Computer Science and Engineering Construction Management Control Engineering Control Systems Cyber Security Data Science Digital Electronics and Communication Engineering Digital Electronics and Communication Systems Design for Manufacturing Design and Manufacturing Digital Systems & Computer Electronics Electronics & Communication Engineering Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Electrical Power Engineering Electrical Power Systems Embedded Systems Embedded Systems & VLSI Design Engineering Design Environmental Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Highway Engineering Industrial Engineering and Management Infrastructure Engineering Information Technology Internet Of Things (IOT) Machine Design Mechatronics Microwave and Radar Engineering Power Electronics Power Electronics and Electric Drives Power Engineering and Energy Systems Production Engineering Software Engineering Structural Engineering Systems & Signal Processing Thermal Engineering Transportation Engineering VLSI VLSI and Embedded Systems VLSI Design VLSI System Design Web Technology Wireless and Mobile Communications

JNTUH M.Tech R22 Syllabus Books 2022 – 2023


R22 M.Tech. Advanced Manufacturing Systems Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. AI Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. CAD-CAM syllabus

R22 M.Tech. CNIS-CN-Cyber Security Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. AI&DS Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. Computer Aided Structural Engg. Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. CSE-CS Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. DSCE Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. Data Science Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. ECE Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. Embedded Systems Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. Engg. Design Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. Environmental Engineering Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. EPE – EPS Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. ES and VLSI Design – VLSI and ES Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. IEM Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. MWRE Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. Power Electronics Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. PEES Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. PEED Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. Structural Engineering Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. Thermal Engineering Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. VLSI-VLSI Design-VLSI System Design Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. WT – IT Syllabus

R22 M.Tech. PEES Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. Power Electronics Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. Structural Engineering Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. Thermal Engineering Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. VLSI Design Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. CS-CSE Course Structure

R22 M.Tech AI & DS Course Structure

R22 M.Tech AI Course Structure

R22 M.Tech CNIS,CN, Cyber Security

R22 M.Tech Environmental Engineering Course Structure

R22 M.Tech WT & IT Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. AMS Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. CAD-CAM Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. CASE Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. PEED Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. MWRE Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. DSCE Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. IOT Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. Embedded Systems Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. IEM Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. Data Science Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. ES and VLSI Design Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. ECE Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. EPE-EPS Course Structure

R22 M.Tech. Engineering Design Course Structure


JNTUH M.Tech R19 Syllabus Books 2020 -2021

R19 M.Tech Systems and Signal Processing Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Systems and Signal Processing Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Transportation Engg. Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. VLSI-VLSI Design-VLSI System Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Web Technology – Information Tech. Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Wireless and Mobile Communications Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. CS-CSE Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. DECE-DECS syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Design for Mfg. – Design & Mfg. Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. DSCE Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. ECE Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. EIE Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Embedded Systems Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Environmental Engg. Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. EPE-EPS Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. ES and VLSI Design-VLSI & ES Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Geotechnical Engg. Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Highway Engineering Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Infrastructure Engg. Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Mechatronics Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Microwave and Radar Engg. Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Structural Engineering Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Software Engineering Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Production Engineering Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Power Engg. & Energy Sys. Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. PE-PEED Syllabus

R19 M.TECH List of Open Electives

R19 M.Tech. CS-CSE Modified Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Machine Design Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Control Engg.- Control Systems Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Construction Management Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Communication Systems Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. CN-CNIS-Cyber Security Syllabus

R19 M.Tech Engineering Design Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. Advanced Manufacturing Systems Syllabus

R19 M.Tech. CAD-CAM Syllabus


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