JNTUK 3-1 Sem Regular/Supply Results 2023- Released

JNTUK 3-1 Results 2023: All students write JNTUK 3-1 semester Examination 2023. Here jntufastresult are informed that JNTUK B.Tech 3-1 Sem Regular/Supply Exam 2023 Results are being updated soon. Below we provided step by step procedure to check JNTUK 3-1 Results and also provided how to download JNTUK 3-1 Results in pdf format. 


JNTUK 3-1 Results 2023

jntuk results


JNTUK 3-1 Regular/Supply Results 2023 | JNTUK 3-1 Result 2023 Information:

University Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada.
Examination JNTUK 3-1 Regular/Supply Results 2023.
Category jntuK Results
Status OUT


JNTUK B.Tech 3-1 Sem (R16, R13, R10)  Supply Results 2023:

The Following JNTUK B.Tech 3-1 Regular / Supplementary Examination Results 2023 Has Been Released By The JNTUK University is conducted on March & March :


JNTUK 3-1 Results 2023 Released Date | JNTUK 3-1 Results 2023:

JNTUK Procedure to Check JNTUK 3-1 Results Through Online – Accordingly, the JNTUK 3-1 Results is expected to release in Marchember month. Check below jntu results release dates.

How to Check JNTUK 3-1 Results:

  • Below we provided Official website @ jntukresults.edu.in
  • Click on below “JNTUK 3-1 Results” link to check jntuk Results
  • Submit your Hall Ticket Number in the box and click on the “Submit” button
  • Finally, you got JNTUK 3-1 Sem Results will be displayed on the screen.
  • You may take a printout of jntuk 3-1 results using “CTRL+P” for the further important purpose
  • If you are not satisfied the display results then apply for jntuk Re-evaluation / Recounting / Challenge valuation through online.

JNTUK 3-1 Results For R16, R13, R10 March 2023:

In below we provide jntuk 3 years 1-semester exam results. here we provided all fast and updated results. This jntuk all results are check for jntuk all results R13 and jntuk all results R10 regulation, jntuk all results R16.

JNTUK B. Tech 3-1 Sem Results March 2023 Link Updated 

JNTUK B.Pharm 3-1 Sem Results 2023 Link Updated 

To Apply for JNTUK Revaluation/Recounting/Challenge valuation.

  • “-1” in the filed of externals indicates student ABSENT for the respective subject.
  • “-2” in the filed of externals indicates student WITHHELD for the respective subject.
  • “-3” in the filed of externals indicates student MALPRACTICE for the respective subject.

Apply for jntuk 3-1 Re-evaluation.

Click here for Apply for jntuk 3-1 Recounting.

Apply for jntuk 3-1 Challenge valuation.

JNTUK Fast Updates Results | Manabadi JNTUK Results | JNTUK 3-1 results | Manabadi Results:

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  1. Good all of u faculty members 3_1&2_1 supply results in r16 release cheyandi sir

  2. Sir please update the links sir ..20 is revaluation date till now we don’t have links… We don’t know even our result also.. College lo portal open avvatledu antunnaru sir..please update sir

  3. Oyyyy link update cheyyaraa chii Konchemanna buddi vundali sir recounting last day 20 annaru pdfs inkaa rala links open cheyyala ela asalu ento me bathuku evadayyameku jobs ichhindii

  4. Sir,
    Who will send results PDF because my college is in holidays so please update 3-1 results link.

  5. Sure within 48 hours annaru edhi sir … Results link plz update sir ma clg lo portal problem antunnaru

  6. Annna matameda vundaali evaraina with in 48 hours annaru 60 hours ayindiii chiiii

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  12. Sir naadi r13 batch
    3-1 lo oka sub poyi 6month again rasaa certificate kosam
    Miru results vadaladsnikee 6month thisukunelaa unaru

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  14. Gd evening all, sir 3_1 result isthara ivvara edo okkati cheppandi buddivunna eh University iana inni rojulu vuntara konchem mere alochinchani please ????????????????????

  15. Dear jntuk staff members great job.3-1 results meeda verakthii kalugutundii sir.maku results after pogal release chayandii kanisam pandagaina happy ga chesukonivandii sir…

  16. Jntuk please dont tell the lies. wether surely you know about that and then update the comment box!

  17. 3 1 results ippatidhaaka ivvakapovadaniki karanam emaina vunte mundhu students ki theliyajeyandi excepted December and first week Ani cheppoddhu miricchina date kuda dhaaatesaaaay

  18. Do you have any sense .what are you doing there..plz when will you release 3-1 results ,and we have very suffer plzzz straight to understand our problem sir

  19. As per the university updated we inform. We try to update as soon as possible. Thankyou ma

  20. Ee roju tho Jan 1st week completed..,. When will u release 3-1 sem(R16) results…..plzz….tell….me…..or….else…. update….the… results…. quickly…as…. soon.. as… possible….!!!!!!Thnqq…. sir.

  21. Dear JNTUK Please release the 3-1 results as soon as possible… We are eagarly waiting for the results… Please sir????

  22. Excuse me….amukuntunnaru asalu ma juniors ki already vacchasay results…atleast updates be mentioned for 3-1 results.

  23. zindhagi manchidhi kadhu thammi , utthi geethalu matrame mana daggara untayi , raathalu JNTUK daggara untay

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    please release the 3-1 results as soon as possible.
    Sir please announce the results tommorow

  27. Sir we eagerly waiting for 3-1 results .
    please release the 3-1 results as soon as possible.

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  30. Sir antii..
    today I contacted your jntuk official numbers they are saying again take 1 week to release 3-1 results but website time shows remaining 1 days please release as soon as possible..

  31. Inka results endukule…. Anni okesaari final year tho paatu vadhalandi..but pass cheytam marchpokandi

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  34. Exam fee ani cheppi time ki dabbulu dobbutharu ga…. okavela fee kattadam one day late aithe fine lu vestaru… kani meeku time ki panicheyadam chetha kadhu pachi ga cheppali ante miku kavalsindi prajala sommu dobbeyatam…. 3-2 exam fee release cheyandi katti pada dobbutham adhi alago maku tappadhu ga…. inko nalugu building lepukovachu meeru……

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  39. we are eagerly waiting for our 3-1 results. chali vesthundhi ani duppati kappukoni padukunnara!!

  40. we are eagerly waiting for our 3-1 results.why you are not releasing,what is your problem?

  41. Guys… who are waiting for 3-1 results are releasing to take one week today I contacted jntuk staff they are Said. waiting for results iam also one. i expecting Jan 7 before…

  42. Sir Meru results late chestunaru Kasim students ki msg ki replay Evandhi sir plsee.
    Daily Updates post cheyindhi sir plsee jntuk

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    ……..there is no responsibility about students it seems very bad
    its been 18 days since the 4 1 results

    release asap

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    Please realize 3-1 results immediately as possible ????

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  60. You are telling that only sir,
    Please atleast announce release date sir please


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