JNTUK B.Pharmacy R16, R13 Syllabus Books PDF -ALL Streams

JNTUK B.Pharmacy Syllabus Books PDF: Here we have provided JNTUK B.PHARMACY R16 & R13 SYLLABUS COPY new Release 1-1 Semester and 1-2 sem and 2-1 sem and 2-2 sem and 3-1 sem and 3-2 sem, 4-1 sem, 4-2 sem for R16 and r13 Regulation of JNTUK B.pham syllabus Copy. Jntuk is organizing two semesters for each B.pham academic year. Below we have provided JNTUK B.pham R16 1-1 semester course according to the subject. Previously we have the syllabus Books for R13 and R10 regulations. Newly JNTU Kakinada started the course book for R16 Regulation. Under JNTUK, students who are waiting for JNTUK B.pham 1-1 SEM R16 Syllabus can download jntu Syllabus copy from the link given below.

JNTUK B.Pharmacy Syllabus Books PDF


JNTUK R16, R13  Syllabus Books for B.Pharmacy

Find that syllabus for every branch under JNTUK colleges. In this page, students can get a clear idea about JNTUK B.PHARMACY R16 & R13 SYLLABUS COPY. Students can examine all the subjects for better preparation for the exam. Every year JNTUK B.pham large number of candidates are participating in the B.pham 1-1 semester exam. The curriculum plays an important role in preparing the exam. More JNTUK Fast Updates and jntuworld and injntu to visit our website frequently. Therefore, jntuk r16 syllabus book-download B.pham 1-1 sem for all branches for getting good marks in semester exam. Students should start preparing according to the syllabus.

JNTUK B.Pharmacy Syllabus Books for R16, R13 Regulation

Download B.pharm R13 Syllabus copies – here

Download B.pharm R16 Syllabus copies – here

Download B.pharm Syllabus copies 2020 – 2021 – Download Now


B.PHAM (R16) Question paper pattern for End examination:

>The end of every semester examination is conducted 70 marks by covering all topics as per they syllabus copy. End examination paper
>Part-A and Part-B put together for 70 marks.
>Part-A: The first question is mandatory in which all semesters and all syllabus are included, which includes seven 2marks questions for 14 marks with at least 2 marks for each of the six units.
>Part-B: 4 questions out of 6 Questions should be answered with 14 marks each.

JNTUK Syllabus Books for R16, R13 Regulation

JNTUK was established in 1946. B. Pharmacy regulation happens once every three years. In 2016 there is a three-year regulation R16. For every change in regulation, there must be a compulsory revision of the curriculum, concepts, and topics should be changed and there should be changes in the semester exam pattern. There are several rules before R16, which are R13, R10, R07 etc., so there is a modification in the curriculum for each regulation. All the above syllabus is taken form jntuk official site jntuk.edu.in

JNTUK Syllabus Books for B. Pharmacy

Here you can download jntuk 1-1 syllabus for B. Pharmacy, jntuk 1-2 syllabus for B. Pharmacy, jntuk 2-1 syllabus for B. Pharmacy, jntuk 2-2 syllabus for B. Pharmacy, jntuk 3-1 syllabus for B. Pharmacy, jntuk 3-2 syllabus for B. Pharmacy, jntuk 4-1 syllabus for B. Pharmacy, jntuk 4-2 syllabus for B. Pharmacy


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