JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Sem Results 2021- Supply Exams

JNTUH 4-1 Results 2021: JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Regular / Supply exams was conducted in September 2021. The examination and results of JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Result for Regular / Supplementary (R16, R13, R10 Regulation) are conducted and announced by the JNTU Hyderabad University. Students who are applied for the JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 resuts 2021All the candidates are who have attended JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 semester R15 Supply Exam Results September 2021, JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 semester R13 Supply Exam Results September 2021 and JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 semester R09 Supply Exam Results 2021 or jntuh 4-1 supply results 2021 or jntuh b.tech 4-1 Semester supply Exam results 2021 are conducted the jntuh in March 2021 those results are released.




JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Results 2021

JNTUH Results


JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Results 2021 – Important Details:

University Name  Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad ( JNTUH )
Result For JNTUH 4-1 Sem Exam Results 2021
Course B.Tech
year & Semester 4th year & 1st Semester
Exam Type Supply Exams
Regulation R18, R16, R15, R13, R09
Exam Month September 2021
Official Website: www.jntuh.ac.in
Result Status: Released Soon

JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Sem Exam Result 2021 Release Date:

jntuh b.tech 4-1 Semester supply results 2021: Many students were present in these examinations for their R16, R15, R13, R9 regulation for regular or supplementary examinations. All the students involved in these examinations are Marchlaring JNTUH 4-1 results 2021. So here we have provided other updates about the latest updates, evaluation information and JNTUH 4-1 Results 2021. Scroll down and check for further updates, and take advantage of the current location evaluation information and the status of the other relevant news and results announced with the date and information.

JNTUH B.Pharm 4-1 Sem (R16, R15, R13, R09) Exam Results 2021 – Info

JNTUH 4th year 1st Semester Result for R16, R15, R13, R9 Information:

jntuh b.tech 4-1 supply results 2021: B.Tech 4-1 Semester Supply Examinations – March 2021 Spot Valuation to commence. In each spell answer scripts of various Years/Semesters will be evaluated for JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Results.



JNTUH 4-1 results 2021 – Grade Indications:

% of Marks Secured in a Subject / Course (Class Intervals) Letter Grade (UGC Guide Lines) Grade Points(G)
Greater than or equal to 90 % O (Outstanding) 10
80 and Less than 90 % A+ (Excellent) 9
70 and Less than 80 % A (Very Good) 8
60 and Less than 70 % B+ (Good) 7
50 and Less than 60 % B (Average) 6
40 and Less than 50 % C (Pass) 5
Below 40 % F (Fail) 0
Absent Ab 0

JNTUH 4-1 Exam results 2021 – Result Indications:

  • P indicates PASS
  • F indicates FAIL
  • -1 in External Marks indicates ABSENT
  • -2 in External Marks indicates WITHHELD


How to Check JNTUH 4-1 Results 2021?

  • Candidates can check the JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Sem Exam results from the official website or from the link which we are given in PDF Format.
  • Enter your “Hall Ticket Number“.
  • Click on the “Download Link”.
  • Now save or take the printout of PDF.

Exams Starts from 04-09-2021 SATURDAY

Conclude on 25-09-2021 SATURDAY

Examination Time 09:45 AM TO 12:45 PM

JNTUH B.Pharm 4-1 Regular/supply exam results 2021

Step-1: Exams –> Completed

Step-2: Spot Valuation Spell-1 –> Completed

Step-3: Results Upload –> Not Yet Released


JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Sem Supply Exam Results Sept 2021

The Following Examination Results to be Announced by JNTU-Hyderabad

JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Semester (R13) Supplementary Examinations Results Sept 2021 – Results Link ( Not Yet Released )

JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Semester (R16) Supplementary Examinations Results Sept 2021 – Results Link ( Not Yet Released )

JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Semester (R15) Supplementary Examinations Results Sept 2021 – Results Link ( Not Yet Released )

JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Semester (R09) Supplementary Examinations Results Sept 2021 – Results Link ( Not Yet Released )

Note :

  • Last Date for Recounting / Revaluation : __-__-2021
  • As per prevailing practice since 2012, if difference of marks after revaluation and first valuation is more than or equal to 15% of maximum external marks then revaluation marks will be retained. If the change is less than 15% or marks secured in revaluation is less than first valuation marks, the first valuation marks shall be retained.

How to apply for JNTUH 4-1 RC/RV/CV Procedure:

Here we provided all the information about jntuh Recounting,jntuh Revaluation,jntuh Challenge Valuation. In below check the response link and apply for them as per you.

Procedure to apply for JNTUH Recounting

JNTUH Revaluation procedure

Procedure to Apply For JNTUH Challenge Valuation


  • Last Date for Recounting /Revaluation: Not Yet Issued.
  • P indicates PASS
  • F indicates FAIL
  • -1 in External Marks indicates ABSENT
  • -2 in External Marks indicates WITHHELD

JNTUH 4-1 Semester Regular/Supply Examination Results March 2021 For R16/R15/R13 Regulation

JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Semester (R13) Supplementary Examinations Results – March 2021
Result Link 1 | Result Link 2

JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Semester (R16) Regular/Supplementary Examinations Results – March 2021 — Result Link 1 | Result Link 2

JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Semester (R15) Supplementary Examinations Results – March 2021
Result Link 1 | Result Link 2

JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Semester (R09) Supplementary Examinations Results – March 2021
Result Link 1 | Result Link 2

Note :

  • Last Date for Recounting / Revaluation : 05-08-2021

JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Semester Exams Results – October 2020

JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Semester (R16) Supplementary Exams Results – October 2020
Result Link 1 | Result Link 2

JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Semester (R15) Supplementary Exams Results – October 2020
Result Link 1 | Result Link 2

JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Semester (R13) Supplementary Exams Results – October 2020
Result Link 1 | Result Link 2

JNTUH B.Tech 4-1 Semester (R09) Supplementary Exams Results – October 2020
Result Link 1 | Result Link 2

JNTUH Results 2021 | JNTU-Hyderabad Results | JNTU 4-1 Results Info:

If you have to face a problem or have any questions, you can contact us at any time except under the comments section below. For now, scroll down and expect the JNTUH 4-1 R15 result 2021, check spot valuation information and with all other relevant information, the expected release date of this result is expected. You can also see all other JNTUH result information on this website and more previous papers and also placement updates.

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  1. when can we expect R16 September 4-1 Btech results? Waiting for the results.. Atleast let us know the expected date to be released

  2. When will be 4.1 r16 supply will be conducted for those who fail in oct 2020 supply exams.. please rply me

  3. Results release cheyyi raa jntuh tagunnava…..anta release chesaru 4-1 ki em ayindi ra bai….iroju release cheyyi students ki oka favour cheyyi ra nenu hands join chesi cheptunnaru plz release cheyyi result👉👌👏

  4. Results enduku release cheyadam ledu sir 4-2 Vii release chesaru mari 4-1 enduku release cheyaledu sir daily chala msg vastunayi iyina meru daniki respond avaru e roju release cheyandi sir plz Maa life spoil avutunayi plzz ardam chesukondi Meku dandam pedutam e roju release cheyandi ma situation meku ardam avadam ledu inko 6 months 2021 batch passed out avutaru apudu 2020 batch vallaki jobs preference ivaru plz understand it & release it sir today itself

  5. Sir actually we got certificates July /Aug 2020 due covid we wrote exams on Sept/oct/nov 2020 .we think we will get certificate on March 2021 ,but up to now results r not released &take time to get certificates ,sir plz try understand our situation u r not releasing results then wt about adv supply for 1-1 1-2 2-1 2-2 3-1 3-2 4-1 . Sir these exams r not adv supply exams keep in mind sir . If u delay results we will get certificates on Aug /Sept 2021 that means 1yr lose , certificate after adv supply then nearly nov/dec 2021 we got certificates


  6. Still how many days we should wait for 4-1 results 2 months completed try to understand our pain sir y u people delaying results release 4-1 results all universities released their results but y jntuh playing with students life we dont understand

  7. Eroju kuda rava results 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 release cheyandi please

  8. 2020 la pass kavalisina memu results delay valla 2021 la pass.. I mean certificate la 2021 mention chestaru… 😠 e roju aina release chestara…🙏

  9. Humble request from our side plz release 4-1 results almost 2 months completed u have released 4-2 advance supply results u have just in 24 days then y u r not releasing results of 4-1 i think u people are doing again correct to fail students & playing with students life y u people are not responding for comments just say particular date about results & we have losed our confirm jobs

  10. Sir 4_2 advance supply results release chesaru .vallu rasi 10 days kuda kaledu but release chesru mari memu rasi three months itundi mavi enduku sir delay chesar mavi kuda release cheyandi sir pls 🙏🙏

  11. Sir memu m chesam sir 4-2 advance supply results release chesaru dec loo rasina vallavi release chesaru October loo rasina vallavi release cheyaledu memu m chesam sir 4-1 results release cheyandi sir

  12. Asal 4-2 advance supply results vachai recent ga rasinavi kaani 2 months mundhu rasina 4-1 emo raledhuuu

  13. Expecting within a week annaru…..miku inka week aipoledha…..4-1 supply results eppudu inka…..kanisam eppudu release chestharo update aina cheyandi…..

  14. Sir, plz release 4-1 supply result.we are facing lot of pressure for holding our exam results.plz don’t delay on the exam results.plz,try to understand our situation.

  15. Sir we r eagerly waiting for our results release 4-1 results yaar how much time do u need really we wrote exams in pandemic situation but u people are not releasing results is this correct way release results because we have losed our counselling MTech & our jobs plz release we need pc & cmm urgente again u will 2500 rs for Tatkal process we need our certificates

  16. Sir in this pandemic ..in this tough situation also you asked us to come and write exams. Max all of us wrote for our future sake which is dependent on those exams. In spite of all problems we risked our lives to write those exams. Now what you are doing is not at all correct. Please release results or else notify the date when you want to release or atleast let us know your decision … Dont wait and watch till any student takes wrong decision or anything wrong happen. Because this is too much . You are making us to wait from last month. If any problem is there regarding exams or papers take right decisions and let everyone know. Still how many days will you lag like this sir. Do we have to wait till next semister?? For payment of exam fee dates will be exact fines will be exact then why not this why are you ppl not taking this seriously??

  17. Requesting you people ( sir/mam ) from bottom of my heart, plz release the 4-1 results as soon as possible. it’s already too late. OU , JNTUA, JNTUK universities released their results.

  18. Sir pls results release cheyandi. Meru enduku delay chestunaru .ippatike one month late indi sir.ma badani ardam cheskondi.meku dandam pedatam pls release them.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  19. Plz release results of 4-1 we have seeing mental torture try to understand students problems sir & release results today eagerly waiting for results since 2 months y u people couldn’t understand our sir no.of comments are coming to u & no rply from ur side remove that tagline expect in week release today itself sir

  20. Sir u have released info about 4-1 results on dec 1st today jan 3 2021 still how time u need to release results we wrote exams in the month of October just think about students sir release 4-1 results try undersrand we have losed our placements jobs & pgecet counselling plz release 4-1 results or give particular on website & first u remove that tagline expext in week we have seeing that from last 2 weeks

  21. Expected in this week anthunaru but results evadhamledu…try to understand over prblm sir..

  22. Y u people are not releasing results almost 2months completed all universities has released their but only jntuh are torturing students just think about passed out students & release results this is the only help we are asking u we r not any money or job just release results give our certificates to our hand

  23. In one of the jntu post i have seen that results will be released after sankranti!!!!! is that true ??

  24. imp update….scrutiny of papers has not done properly so results will take 5 to 15 days to release so be patience 🤣

  25. Today in one of the jntu post i have seen that paper correction was not done properly so they are again going to correct the papers and release the result after sankranti !!! I don’t know what these people are upto and what kind of administration is this !!!

  26. Week ipoyindi sir’s/ madam’s one week annaru week ipoyindi 🙄🙄😂😂🙏🙏
    Requesting you people plz results release ceyyandi inka ma valla kaadhu ma career effect ithunnayi , ochina job offer poyindi me valla, me okka result kosam konni thousands of people are waiting jaldi release ceyyandi results..

  27. Sir please release results today it self ….
    We are facing lot of pressure
    If you don’t release results so many students are going to lose there confirmed jobs please sir release it today .
    Sir 60 days complete ipoindhi meru nduk late chesthunar asalu oka subject fail avadam valla mak ochina jobs anni pothunai..
    Exam rasaka 40 days lopu joining vasthe adhi ma tappu kani epudu 60 days ithundhi epadki results rakapothe mem m chepali evartho chepali daya chesi ma badha Ni ardam cheskondi eroju night varki release cheyandi.

  28. Sir Are u thinking that students are fool …we r waiting for results sir ….Y can’t u understand ….

  29. Bro They Release Every Time After JNTUK Results Within 2-5Days JNTUH Results Also Release. So Be Ready For a Results. Now Our Count-Down Starts Guys From Now Onwards.
    So it Will Not Release Today Maybe But I Am Sure About Tomorrow Or Sunday Is Holiday. So Maybe Or May Not Be Release On Sunday And Monday Will Be Sure

  30. University close ceyyandi meeru, meeku nadipey layak kaadhu, intha ayina siggu undha meeku December annaru eroju last day of December ra. Ntha sepu paisal nokkodu kaadhu ra students deggra nunchi nokkina paisal ki nyayam ceyyandi ra meeru, expected within week annaru, week ipoyindi eda ra results, firstly December annaru meeku inka December kaleda maaku ithey December la 31 days unnayi meeku inka extra unnaya ah ra?

  31. Sir release 4-1 results plz we have very angry on u but we r not showing angry u because we know our limits today is the last day of December kindly release results sir & try to understand our problem & remove first that tag line expectinginweek almost 2 weeks completed sir u r not understanding student situation we have seeing torture

  32. Sir release 4-1 results plz we have very angry on u but we r not showing angry u because we know our limits today is the last day of December kindly release results sir & try to understand our problem & remove first that tag line expectinginweek almost 2 weeks completed sir u r not understanding student situation we have seeing torture

  33. Please release results week is completed please release 4-1 result today and now it self

  34. Good Morning sir please release jntuh supply result of 4-1, 3-1, 2-1 results now it self it’s a humble request from all students, expected week also completed …it’s show time

  35. Sir within week lo results release chestam ani chepi one week aipoyindi nka apudu release chestaru sir…

  36. Inka epudu release chestaru sir 4-1 results okasari rply ivandi sir comments ki konchem comments chudandi sir entaaa mandi torture chustunaru very soon nunchi expecting in week annaru inka Meku week complete Avaledaa sir very soon ante idenaa sir

  37. Sir please sir I’ve never been so desperate about the results sir. Release them today please im literally waiting for the results since 2 to 3 weeks sir. Please I hope you understand the pressure we’re going through and please Release them today sir. Please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏life sir miru kuda e phase chuse untar kada sir life lo chala tough time. Please on behalf of all the students sir Ivana ivandi sir🙏🙏🥲

  38. Sir please results eroju release cheyandi…please sir maa situation ardham cheskondi…please 🙏🙏🙏

  39. When you people are going to release results most of us having job joinings with in this week. Why you people are neglecting . Why you are not giving proper information regarding results.please relese as soon as possible . Our careers are in hands of jntuh why can’t you open ur eyes because of this so many people are facing lot of pressure plz try to understand our situation ….plzz release results. Every student who is waiting for results is begging you …….daya chesi release cheyandi.🙏🏻🙏🏻

  40. Sir me problem enti sir results release cheyadaniki torture chustunam sir meru enduku 4-1 results release cheyadam ledu jntua vallu 3-2 regular results kuda release chesaru meru matram 4-1 results kuda release cheyadam ledu info matram 1st dec release chesaru Meku inka December raleda sir release cheyadaniki e roju release cheyandi sir plz Meku 👏🏻👏🏻 Release cheyandi

  41. Sir meru supply dates kuda release chesaru ma results cheyaniki m itundi sir. Mak ardam katledu okasari chadavandi comments ni ma parisdithi ardam itadi .pandemic time lo rqsam kastapadi.meru release cheyaniko enduki intha alochistunnaru .memu m cheyalanna maku results teriyali kada

  42. Sir u r taking these much time for 4-1results wt about other results sir
    Supplies started on October now december 29 but still results are not released

  43. Sir still how much time we should wait sir plz release 4-1 results we are unable to apply for any jobs we got rank in pgecet but due to not release results we didn’t attend the counselling try to understand our problem still how many days u need sir for results plz release 4-1 results

  44. Sir wt is ur problem y u people r not releasing 4-1 results sir plz release results we are unable to apply for any job plz release it today itself sir humble request for jntuh

  45. Sir meru juniors andariki first mid time table kuda announce chesaru kada .inka ma results release cheyaniki enduku sir late avutundi .pls release them today .this is our request. I

  46. I will say to all my friends,neighborhood,relatives even in my state also not to study in JNTUH and in my childs also Because JNTUH is not good.They are showing out their negligence by their deeds….good bye Jntuh..😀😀In this time clearly shows their actions is good or bad…wish you all the best.

  47. This is a matter of Negligence and a height of Shame that you need 80 days to release the results ! Unfortunately, With this rubbish attitude, Very soon jntuh will collapse

  48. Sir inka enni days wait cheyali sir .two months nundi chesi alasipoinam.backlogs unte interviews lo consider cheyatleduu.results emo release cheyatledy .december first week lo cheyalsina results inka January first week ostunna release cheyaledu.ma careers agam itunnay.intlo valla pressure ,me pressure tattukoleka potunnam ,pls sir jaldi release cheyandi .ma students bada ardam cheskondi .

  49. Today I saw a post that JNTUH is planning to conduct exams for people who missed the exams because of covid and the exams are from Jan 20 in that case when will we get the results ??? Why the university is operating in this way !! Such a disappointment to students

  50. Sir jaldhi release cheyandi sir. Please chustunara sir mir aslaki e msgs. Students asalki entha suffer avutunaro chustunara sir asalki miru🥺🥺🥺 ivala cheyandi sir plz sir. Aslaki mem edho kashtamayinadhi kids adagtalem sir. Ma result eh kada sir. Asalki full pandemic la rashnam masks petkoni ah 2hrs paper. Ah 2hrs paper lo malli 10questions kashtapadi rashnam fast fast ga. Deniki wh kada em result adugedhi result sir. Ivala ivandi sir. Ni8 ivadam mik alvat eh kada sir. Ivala ivandi sir

  51. Sir what is this sir. Please release it today sir 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ waiting sir. Asalki eni days sir. Jobs potunai sir mi result vala. Intha late istunar anti sir. Please sir ivandi ivala release cheyandi sir🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  52. Inka expecting a week endanna …ippatike late ayindi asal em anukuntaru. Anni update ayitunay Oka jntuh thappa …asal late cheyadam Valla mi intention entanna…asal em chedam anukuntunnaru….asal itla late chesthe mikem profit …asal idem happiness miku … technical issues ani chepakandi pls adi oka saku anthe.

  53. We literally lost our peace to be honest I am checking this page atleast 30 times a day !! JNTUA has released advance supplementary results also I don’t know why JNTUH is taking this long to release the results if you only take this much time to release 4-1 results when will you people release 2-1 results will you again take more 3 months for it ???

  54. Sir please release it today sir please sir. I might loose my job sir. I need this job. Please sir. It’s not like we are asking for early results also know sir. Please release it. We’ve been checking from 2 weeks.

  55. More how many days are you going to take sir. In two websites it’s updated to within week and results will be in December. Please release it soon sir. We are waiting sir. And once we get the result we have to apply for tatkal also that’s again a big process. Plz release it today sir don’t go to next week release it today or within 31st.

  56. Sir, plz don’t worry about money, it’s already too late. so,everyone will apply for PC and CMM in tatkal only.

  57. Sir two months dating datindhi exams ipoi still release Cheyaledhu results. 40 days lo Cheyalsinavi 60 days ina cheyaledu .inka enni days wait chevali sir .please release them.🙏

  58. when i see my pgecet rank card, I remind myself i don’t have a eligibility for registration.God, it’s killing me a lot. JNTUH people should have to take the responsibility about us. we wrote exam in pandemic situation as per your schedule only. but where as coming to results, still not yet released. we want justice about pgecet.we also wrote exam and you people only gave us ranks as per our marks. Jntuh people don’t have a concern even a little bit about students lifes. but, we don’t know who will save us from this pathatic situation.

  59. Sir now that u kept within this week plz release it today or tomorrow. Don’t say it’s going to be next week. We are waiting since 15 days sir. This is the peak time of our careers plz be responsible.

  60. Sir please results release cheyandi…second counselling registration kuda close chesaru..please sir I got 463 rank in pgecet sir we are very poor plz sir naa life spoil avuthundhi…results meedhe depend ayi undhi…please sir I’m begging you please sir eroju release cheyandi plzzzzzzz sir.

  61. Sir we request u to release 4-1 results & kindly extend pgecet counselling sir I got below 500 rank sir we are very poor plz try to extend pgecet counselling sir understand our problem sir

  62. guys, don’t trust comments dates. if any genuine information or date from university we update it on above. please stay on thanks

  63. Sir when will you release the 41 supply results sir. Please release it sir. So much tension is happening and I need this result for my job sir. Seriously I’m checking 50times this page daily.

  64. I’m not sure the one who kept JNTUH DEPT. and commented was really jntuh or someone pranking. Because how can someone working in the university say it’ll be out tomorrow and then they won’t release the results. Like what are you upto. Next three days are holidays. Should we wait for another 3 days. What is this university. Please release them fast🙃🙃🙃🙃🙏

  65. Sir wt about 4-1 results just give any information or msg in the comments & plz sir just remove very soon tag line Meku 👏🏻👏🏻 Me correction 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Results release cheyandaniki torture ki 👏🏻👏🏻

  66. Don’t release results.i don’t want your results.Do whatever you want.we will not angry….

  67. Ayya inkenppudu ayya results release cesedhi repu elundi University Christmas holidays malli Sunday varaki aagali try to understand please release the results..🙏🙏🙏

  68. Sir where is the results at what time u will be released so many students life depend on this results plz sir release today daily wr are asking uu sir

  69. i hope jntuh people are also humans.i hope you have sense, to release the results.we are waiting since 2 months about our higher studies. plz try to understand our situation sir. we can’t say more than this.

  70. Why is it so difficult for jntuh to release the results of 4-1 where as jntua has released their 4-2 adv supply results too.
    You guys must be thinking of students as your puppets, one day you suddenly say exams are offline but still we have to write even in the pandemic situation. Now when we wrote the exam what is stopping you from releasing it. Like yesterday was the last day for pgcet counselling so many students were counting on these results, many are waiting for their jobs, as no matter how many interviews you clear this one little piece of paper is going to be our damn future.

    When you’re running a university you better be capable of doing things and releasing the results on time.

    With all due respect a frustrated student waiting for result

  71. Sir how much time do you need to release the results? We have been waiting since two months .you just kept updated as very soon .but results will not be released. Pls think about sir .release the results by today.

  72. Sir u r doing ur job properly as per academic calendar like conducting mid exams,pgeset counciling , advance supply exams
    But wt happen to our results sir technical issues never effect all but it will effect final yrs exam results only know ???
    mtech is also a part in jntuh only know then y can’t think about it sir ???

  73. Jntua has released 4-2 advance supply results but y jntuh people has not released 4-1 supply results also we r requesting u sir plz extend pgecet counselling & release 4-1 results sir just extend 1week pgecet counselling release today itself sir results

  74. First ah very soon aney tag line teseyandi meeru ah okka tagline petti picholani cestunnaru mamalni.😤😤

  75. Sorry for the inconvenience due to delay in results.expect result before tommorow evening.
    GOOD LUCK to you all

  76. Sir its Already too late …. We Cant Wait More Than This…JNTUH is simply playing with students life…JNTUH Always Bother About their earning counters by failing Students Despite of writing good Exams.. JNTUH is Destroying our lives For their benifits

  77. I think they were playing politics. If results is release late than student should not go to the other university than automatically M tech also in jntuh same.that why they were try to release lately….please release today

  78. I loose all my hopes….one thing shame on your part….💦jntuh 😡 ur playing with students life 😡

  79. Still how much time we should wait for 4-1 results pgecet 2nd phase counselling today is last date sir plz extend counselling of pgecet sir release today itself sir 4-1 results

  80. Sir, exams results are normal release in between 45 to 50 chestharu but miru matram epudu late chestharu andhuku two months nunchi wait chesthunam kadhu….. maa time waste chepisthunaru

  81. Sir, today is a last date for applying pgcet please please please please please please please please please please please please release 4-1 results please understand students situation

  82. ivala last day counseling inka release cheyara what is the use of jntuh, just playing with students future

  83. Please release 4_1 result….we are waiting for many days tomorrow is last date for pgecet plx release result

  84. Results are not updating in jntuh official website since 2 months. but, where in pgecet official website, is updating very well about counselling with time to time.

  85. Sir kindly extend the pgecet 2nd phase counselling think about students future kindly release 4-1 results u have told that Tuesday results will be released almost Tuesday has been completed wr are unable take any step forward by pending this results

  86. Sir when u want to release results then u will release sir however we lose our pgeset counciling ,but we make a hope on jntuh ,but no use jntuh doesn’t care about students here it is proved again . Sir at covid pandemic situation also we wrote exams ,&we understood ur problems but the opertunities & counciling for higher education they won’t understand about student situations .Sir without certificate we are not able to apply for any job profile it may be private or government 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏we can’t say more than that sir

  87. Sir when u want to release results then u will release sir however we lose our pgeset counciling ,but we make a hope on jntuh ,but no use jntuh doesn’t care about students here it is proved again .
    Sir at covid pandemic situation also we wrote exams ,&we understood ur problems but the opertunities & counciling for higher education they won’t understand about student situations .Sir without certificate we are not able to apply for any job profile it may be private or government 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏we can’t say more than that sir

  88. Sir please release the results today please sir…….please sir tommorow is the last date for verification of second phase counselling please sir

  89. Sir why you people will do delay in releasing results everytime, when you people give update regarding exams results saying it will be released soon , since you people kept this update it has come a long way it’s been 23 days till date you people gave update by saying releasing soon , is this the soon way..🙄🙄. When you people are not ready fully please don’t release any update please 🙏🙏

  90. Release the results today itself please we are getting late , we are not able to take any further step in carrier please try to understand the situation of us and release the results today only….

  91. Sir repatitho pgcet certificate verification last date sir, inka 4.1 results release cheyatledhu and you know very well that this is the last date for pgcet councelling, please sir release 4.1 results and extend pgcet certificate verification date sir please sir or else we will be losing one year sir. Only students who have attended phase 1 are now currently eligible for phase 2. Due the late of supply results others are unable to attend phase 2 in pgcet web councelling. Please sir think about us also sir

  92. Tuesday annaru inka results release cheyaledu plz release 4-1 results & extend pgecet 2nd phase counselling sir humble request from students

  93. Inkeppudu 4_1 results release chestaru .two months datindi conduct chesi. Further studies ki velakunda struck ipotunnam.pls ma situation ardam cheskondi .twaraga release cheyandi.idi ma request.

  94. Okasari passed out students gurinchi alochinchandi plz release 4-1 results inka 2 days aa vunayi sir pgecet 2nd phase counselling ki plz ma gurinchi alochinchandi sir

  95. Sorry to make you wait longer students.it was due to technical failure.result will be out by tuesday.stay updated.wish you all the very good luck.

  96. When will be 4_1 result release 2 phase pgecet caunseling will be started…plz release result today

  97. I need one information from u jntuh unnecessary y u released info about 4-1 results almost 19 days completed but in updates it will be release very soon & pgecet 2nd phase counselling is started & ending at 23rd dec & wt is the use of qualifying for pgecet exam wt is this education system yaar unnecessary doesn’t release all supply results how can u start counselling of 2nd phase pgecet wt about students life

  98. jntuh people when was the 2-1 result so manys days over still you people not release result i am jntuh convenior management standing D.O office will we respect me also jntuh my branch Phd Consolidated manager H.R Telling

  99. Nasl-e-haram nasl-e-suvvar…ghaarat ho jntu par….nasl-e-shayateen….meri maashuka ke harami aulaad result jald release karo….tum bhosdiwale tumhare wLid bhosdiwale tumare dada bhosdiwale tumare nana bhosdiwale

  100. Okasari students gurinchi alochinchandi sir results release cheyandi & few days pgecet 2ndphase counselling extend cheyandi plz release 4-1 results & plz show some concern on students & if ur son or daughter is in our place u do same like this plz think about us

  101. Please 🙏…….we can’t say more than this…u ppl don’t have concern about students life.. after 23rd we don’t have any source to study higher studies….1yr will be wasted…so pls release results today itself….these many comments are there but u ppl are not at all responding to any of one

  102. Plz release the results of 4-1 sir try to understand our problem again we have attend pgecet counselling 23rd is last date sir plz release results sir

  103. Correction sakkaga jeyaru
    Result Ayina time ki odalaru
    deniki Andi Veeellu

  104. plz sir, release the 4-1 results by today itself. some people got a good rank in TS pgecet but there is no use because of results.

  105. Plz release the results of 4-1 2ndphase counselling of pgecet has been started try to understand our problem sir

  106. Plz……we r begging u …PLZZ release the results 🙏🙏 2nd phase pgecet councilling dates r released

  107. Please release the results sir pgecet 2nd phase counselling dates icharu sir plz release the results of 4-1

  108. When u r going to release results ,y r u playing with every one student life,if u don’t want to release results then don’t keep the status as very soon, do u know what is the meaning of very soon 😏 .It has been completed 10 days from the status of very soon.u people however students wright good also ,u people with you personal problems u r falling the students .u the people of jntuh knows how much these results are important for pgcet counseling and even to job cadets,even to the people who want to study in abroad, because of these results many r waiting.Dont request guys to these bloody jntuh ,they won’t respond to the messages even ,I don’t know y they kept that number to contact when we r quiries,that number will always be switch off ,don’t play with the students ,release it fast ,how many days will u take to release such results.

  109. Ma 4-1 results epudu release chestaru Maa PC cmm epudu release chestaru sir its not any game show so many students life dnt play with our life’s plz release results

  110. Please keep a notice to jntuh to release r16 jntuh 4-1 advance supply results
    It’s really very urgent and important to me job purpose

  111. Mitrooon!! Release the result!!
    Sabke vikas me aap sabka saath chahiye!!
    Student ka vikaas hi hamari apeksha hai
    Abki baar modi sarkar!!
    Result release karna hoga warna surgical strike karwayenge jntu pe

  112. Sir please release 4_1 supply results as soon as possible bcz pgecet councling is there so please try to understand our problem sir

  113. If u doesn’t like to release ……then y u keep very soon from many days…….just release immediately…….. don’t play games with our futures……

  114. Still how much time do u need to release 4-1 results plz release the results info was released on dec 1st but today date is 14 dec 13 days completed but in updates it will release very soon

  115. It’s already too late. most of the people are not alloted even in 1st phase also,then what about us?

  116. Release 4-1 results sir & we should attend for pgecet 2nd phase counselling plz release the results daily we are checking but their is no change

  117. Sir plz release the result soonnn
    We are eagerly waiting for pgcet counselling
    Plzz by this Sunday, release it
    Requesting you

  118. Wt happen sir still 4-1 results has not released on 1st dec the results will be released very soon today date 10dec wt happen to u sir kindly release results sir

  119. If we failed in 4-2 then we understand.but what the hell is going on with 4-1 results, still not released but another side PGECET seats will allot today @2pm.

  120. Sir when u release 4-1 results already pgecet 1st counselling is completed kindly release results sir today

  121. Sir plz….iam eagerly waiting for this 4-1 supply result I have to upload my provisional certificate in pgecet councilling plz speed up the process Daily….iam checking but there is no change So many people are here with pending works

  122. Atleast mention the date or week sir, daily i am checking about 10 to 20 times. But there is no change in the results status. PGECET 1st counselling is also over, without releasing the 4-1 results.

  123. Sir plz….iam eagerly waiting for this 4-1 supply result I have to upload my provisional certificate in pgecet councilling plz speed up the process
    Daily….iam checking but there is no change
    So many people are here with pending works

  124. when will be the 4-1 result sir, Already pgecet 1st phase is completed.Did you know that.

  125. Wt happen sir 4-1 results jntua has released 2-1 results but jntuh has not released 4-1 also but in updates it will be very soon u told so many students life’s depend on 4-1 results plz release today sir

  126. Sir 4-1 results inka epudu release chestaru advance supply iyaka release chesta evariki use vundadu sir plz before 6 dec release cheyandi sir

  127. bagavat geetha says ..”not 2 worry or desire for the result but put perform one’s karma…:)

  128. When you will release please dud make it happen today for god sake please I request you guys. Hope you do and please make an acknowledge to this post. Do not ignore.

  129. How many days we will wait for the results.Already 50 days complete .we are eagerly waiting for the results . Please release.How lazy jntuh about releasing result.please release atleast by tommorow .

  130. B.tech 1st year r09,r15 release sir we beg u already 50 days complete d..atleast reply sir.. Update this page spell’s completed or not Some link regulation not there not opening

  131. Sir please release r15 b.tech 1st year results sir.
    50 days completed sir,
    Within 40 days results should be released sir…
    Sir reply sir please as soon as possible…

  132. Hello sir when u release our 4-1 supply results we are still waiting for results sir can you give the information us …

  133. Sir please release 4 1 supply results soon sir..there are many works pending for us we need to submit them.


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