JNTUH Grace Marks Rules, Fee, Apply Process, Status, Eligibility

JNTUH Grace marks: This information is useful for Students of jntuh university those who are failed in any particular external examination theory subject due to lack of few marks. In this article, we have provided complete details about the jntuh 0.15% of Adjustment Grace marks process and how to apply for this Jntuh Grace marks and what is the process for applying JNTUH 0.15% adjustment of Marks.


How to Apply for JNTUH Grace Marks Eligibility & Rules – Step by Step Procedure:

Are/Is there any last dates to apply For grace Marks?

no last date, go to your respected colleges and apply

How Many Subjects Can apply for JNTUH Grace Marks

  • A student can add university grace marks for the Max of 2 Subjects.

JNTUH Grace marks are applicable for internal or external exams.

  • The addition of the Grace Marks is Valid Only for the External Theory Exams. This marks are not applicable to the internal exams and only for the external exams.

How many Grace Marks added for JNTU Hyderabad Grace Marks:

  • For intermedia Students, Totally add 8 marks is added as Grace Marks. Whether all 8 marks in just one subject or divide 8 for two Subjects.
  • For Lateral Entry Students, Total Grace Marks Available is 7. Add a total of 7 in Single Subject or divide 7 for two Subjects.

When we applied for JNTUH University Grace Marks

  • A Student can apply for the grace marks only after receiving the Original marks memo.

What are the Documents for JNTUH Grace Marks Application Procedure:

  1. Take a photocopy of SSC Marks Memo
  2. Also, take the photocopy of the semester marks memo in which you are looking to apply
  3. Obtain the undertaking form and fill it correctly
  4. Submit these documents to the examination branch/principal of your respective colleges

JNTUH Grace Marks Application Fee Details – Normal & Tatkal Process:

  • Normal applying Proces fee – Free
  • Tatkal applying Proces fee – 1,000/-

What is difference Bettewen Normal & Tatkal Process:

when you applied for the normal process it takes more time to release your number for JNTUH Grace Marks Status. And you applied for JNTUH Grace Marks Tatkal Process take less time and fast way to add the marks to your Respected subjects.

Procedure To Apply for JNTUH Change of Class:

The students can submit their application to the examination branch or through Principal of their respective college. Students can also submit their request directly to the Controller of the examinations, JNTU HYDERABAD University Examination Branch.

  • Change of Class from 49.85 % to 50 % (Pass Class To Second Class)
  • Change of Class from 59.85 % to 60 % (Second Class To First Class)
  • Change of Class from 69.85 % to 70 % (First Class To First Class With Distinction)

How to check JNTUH Grace Marks Application Status:

Those who are applied for the jntuh grace marks ether through normal process or tatkal Process. Application status is updated on this website jntufastresult.com. We relate the results in Phase wise for all the applied candidates can bookmark this page or check daily updates to know your Grace Marks eligibility List.



  1. I got total 33 marks in operation research 17 in internal and 16 in external can i add grace marks in total? Pass marks are 26 in external, so am confused, where the marks are added, in total or external marks?

  2. Hello sir .
    Iam a pharmD student. Completed my internship, i have only 6 marks less only in one subject and all my subjects are cleared . Can i apply for grace marks .. waitng for your quick reply sir…!

  3. Respected sir,
    I am R07 batch i have M1 and PDC…
    Both exam external marks just 10 …. Internals 12 am I eligible

  4. Dear sir I am from r13.got external 30 and internal 3..can i apply for 8 marks grace?

  5. Sir I got 24 marks in external exam but after that result iam written same exam in supply.. that time I don’t know about grace marks… Am i eligible now to apply grace marks R13 batch….

  6. yes, you can apply but I think Internal marks need min 16. Any way to apply first

  7. I got 15 internal marks and 18 external marks
    Can am i eligible to apply for grace marks to pass? Kindly reply ASAP

  8. Not Possible Becs Grace marks is only added for External So you have at least Pass marks in Internal

  9. Namasthae sir, I am from R05 regulation 2009 pass out batch I have backlogs in 2 subjects M-1 (6 credits) M-III (4 credits).In 2009 In M-I Subject I got external marks 32 am I eligible for adding grace marks and leaving M-III subject for excemption of subject. And getting my degree.

  10. Sir I got 20 in internal and 13 in external in 4-2 subject
    Iam ro9 batch can I add grace marks

  11. Sir i got 25 marks in external and 7 in internal, can i add 8 grace marks to external and pass the subject?

  12. Sir i got 25 marks in external and 7 in internal, can i add the 8 grace marks to external and pass the subject?

  13. Sir i Have cleared all my subjects in B.pharmacy except 4-1M.c in Which I have got 25 marks in Revaluation for which can I apply for Grace marks and is there any last dates to apply For garce Marks

  14. Sir ,
    Am R15 b.Pharmacy student I have one cology supply I got 30 marks.
    Internal 11 and external 19
    If any possibility to passing apply the Grace marks

    I want 10 marks to passing the subject

  15. DEar sir/madam,
    I’ve clear all the subjects till 3-2
    i have one clog in 4-1 and two back logs in 4-2 namely
    STM internal 13 external 19
    ASN internal 14 external 20
    MRIA internal 17 external 2
    i want to apply grace marks for asn and apply foor exception fro remaing two subjects .
    CAn I do THAT??

  16. Respected sir I am from an r13 batch I have a backlog of radar systems from 4th year i got 16 marks in internal and 17marks in external can i apply for grace marks

  17. Respected sir I am from an r15 batch I have a backlog of M1 from 1st year i got 20 marks in internal and 12 marks in external can i apply for grace marks.

  18. Sir can I apply for both grace mark option ane skipping 2 sub option .is it applicable ???

  19. Respected sir
    I am from r15 batch
    I have a backlog of M1 from 1st year and Ms from 4-2
    So can i drop M1 and apply grace marks for Ms?

  20. Respected Sir
    I am r-15 batch student
    I having two backlogs & i got 18 marks in one subject
    Can i aplly for grace marks & skipping of two subject at a time


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