TCS Technical & HR interview Feedback by Students 2019

TCS Technical & HR interview Student Feedback: Here student can share your interview experience for any company it’s us full to all the fresher’s candidates those who are attended for the tcs or any other companies interviews. Here we provided the tcs interview feedback by students and they shared the tcs interview experience. Here they shared the tcs interview questions for freshers as they asked on the interview and tcs interview questions for experienced also.

TCS Technical & HR interview Student Feedback

Student Hr & Technical Interview Experience For Tcs company:

Student Feedback -1

Hi. My name is Bilal Khondannavar. I am a fresher and  I attended the Aptitude test and after clearing the aptitude test I got mail regarding the schedule of technical round and HR round

TCS Technical & HR interview Student Feedback – Technical round questions

1. What is a pointer?
2. Difference between C, C++, and Java
3. Why Java is called pure object-oriented language?
4. Use of this keyword in java?
5. Can you execute a program without the main?
6. What is dynamic HTML and is its programming language?
7. They give one small program like prime or not, palindrome, even or odd, basic common programs they will tell to write and explain.
8. If you got selected in the technical round they told to wait for some time we will call you later.
If you not selected then they tell you may leave now.
TCS Technical & HR interview Student Feedback -HR round
If the requirement is in the IT field they will not more focus on your communication. If you manage that is ok.
1. First, they ask to introduce yourself?
2. Are you comfortable with night shifts?
3. Are you ready for working anywhere in India?
4. They ask about your family background.
5. They tell the terms and conditions of the company.
One year agreement that we will not leave the company for one year. If you want to leave according to conditions you have to pay 70000 rupees as a penalty.
Finally, they told we will send you to offer letter within a week.

Student Feedback -2

In both technical and hr rounds our resume plays a crucial role. Because every question they ask is based on your resume only. In my case, I mentioned the Android Studio in my resume. So, he gave me a pen and paper and asked me to explain about the android studio. I Did. Then he asked “How much do you rate yourself in c,c++, java out of 5” I replied- maybe

Then he asked, “What about SQL?” I replied

So he started asking me questions like DML DDL commands, joins, and few questions on queries. I tried to answer all of his questions. Then he asked me what are your technical interests? I said “web development” Then again he gave me a paper and asked me to explain how HTML, CSS, JS are linked together. I explained to him using an example. I think he impressed with my answer. Then he asked me about my personal details, my internship and about the android app that I developed. And Finally, he asked me to leave. That’s it I’m qualified for HR. So my only suggestion is don’t ever put false stuff in your resume. Be confident and be ready to answer anything that is related to your resume.

Student Feedback -3

After the qualification test its only one round which is face to face interview and it consists of three members .they interviewed me first they asked me about personal things and then about my studies at last technical questions.they will asked to write a program in the language which we are familiar.then will ask the questions basically mentioned programming languages from the resume.that’s all.

Student Feedback -3

Anyone have your interview Experience provided in the comment section or mail to [email protected]. I hope its help for freshers. Here you can share Any Company interview Feedback experience. Thanks & regrading jntu fast result 

TCS Walk-In interview

TCS Off-campus drives

What Type of Questions are asked in TCS Technical & HR Interview:

TCS Technical & HR interview Student Feedback: Here you can submit Tcs hr interview questions and answers and tcs hr interview process for tcs hr interview questions and answers. Most of the students are asking the tcs interview questions pdf is also given in this jntufastresults page you can check here.

TCS Technical & HR Interview Student Experience:

Tcs technical interview c programs asked in tcs technical interview questions papers and most of the tcs interview questions on c as shared the students on below. tcs off-campus interview questions is similar to tcs student interview experience in the TCS walking drive. In below shared the student hr & technical interview experience in Tcs company.

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